4 shot, 3 dead in attack near Jerusalem

Palestian gunman shoots four Israelis, killing three, outside the West Bank Israeli settlement of Har Adar.
3:16 | 09/26/17

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Transcript for 4 shot, 3 dead in attack near Jerusalem
I'm Stuart and are aware today of Palestinian attack unfolded. I want to keep you seen here at the scene. What exactly happened. You can see hear and act the actual check points. Where the Palestinian. Attacker we're told by police with standing in line just behind that yellow. Waiting to come into work here in that your settlement. IKEA wrap suspicion of them and the Israeli soldiers here and they pulled out of line and that is when he brandished. A fire arm and start here at close range. Security officers. That's why he was able to kill so quickly. One out quarter. Please man and security guard. Now this company it's after with on the scene very quickly by the security personnel you can see even right now there's still a lot of security personnel here now Vincent with an unusual attack because. In this area there's a lot of cooperation between the Jewish settlers and work. Not a typical athletes where this attack with. Palestinian attacker just hit the model that once that we've seen the last few years. That is he wasn't young man and he went with at night he he didn't we deal with Nike used her arm. As the fact that he actually happened now work permit it is experience mutual. The majority of the attackers from the West Bank that's in. Now this attack has REE spoke to a lot of pretty responses from the Israeli government. We thought that the prime minister and in Kenya called this. A murderous act. And one that he blamed on the Palestinian. Authority saying it isn't part of their systematic. Incitement the system and excitement now. The Palestinian. Of course. I came back and leaned is don't think that this attack but like many others has really an outlet that the occupation. Meals to sell US officials responding and the US ambassador to treatment. Leading calling this an unprovoked attack. Just minutes yes and see. And the truth consulate out. A statement also saying that this horrific attack in more than they were condemning anybody with them now we the fight this attack. That of course is the reference from Islamic terrorist group which poverty breeze this attack from Vermont now. All of this happening. Just out is really out. President's senior international negotiator to ice cream plant right here in the region. He's here try to advance. On those peace and today he got a stark reminder of just how difficult that process could be help. Quickly violence here can break out and leave mourning family. Think entertaining NC BC news centered on the Miller hear it that the settlement of a dark answers.

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{"id":50102789,"title":"4 shot, 3 dead in attack near Jerusalem","duration":"3:16","description":"Palestian gunman shoots four Israelis, killing three, outside the West Bank Israeli settlement of Har Adar.","url":"/International/video/shot-dead-attack-jerusalem-50102789","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}