Situation For Stranded Yazidis On Mount Sinjar Worsens

U.S. accelerates arming Kurdish forces in fight against ISIS.
6:20 | 08/11/14

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Transcript for Situation For Stranded Yazidis On Mount Sinjar Worsens
-- -- Stranded on a mountain disease in Iraq trying desperately to hang out of the helicopters that provide aid. Tens of thousands of -- trapped by extremist Sunni militants and that US senate armed Kurdish forces. In the fight against -- right now national hot spot Iraq. Look what I'm -- The US is going to step up its army at the Kurdish -- murder forces against crisis the extremist group that started in Syria. The group was actually called. By multiple names most referred to as ice or the Islamic state of -- -- and Syria. The White House is officials refer to it as -- which stands for the Islamic state of Iraq and a low bond and now. The group refers to itself just as the Islamic state presumably as they have set their -- a larger area. Of control but right now do they control the majority of the Northern Iraq causing religious minorities to flee for their lives the situation of the UCDs. Straight -- -- -- jar has been getting worse though both the US the UK have had multiple humanitarian airdrops. The BBC's nick Childs has more on the situation. The full moon and desperate trek continues to some kind of safety. Some of the thousands of members of Iraq's new CD minority fleeing the -- bones and the brutality. Of the Sunni militant fighters known -- as the Islamic state. -- Actual Coughlin Himalayan I have three children insulin is with -- can have just said -- I haven't seen then pull my husband's. I'm wolf. Romney. And John Walton through Syria. -- -- Just how they'll put them -- Puerto. Sometime you'll think it normal. In their anxiety to escape the militants some -- -- perilously into the Kurdish rebel held areas of neighboring Syria. Itself for war -- country where the Islamic state has a powerful hold. Says this camp may -- relative sanctuary for some but certainly not real safety or long term future. With the help of US air strikes and there was another major 1 late last evening. Kurdish forces in Iraq have retaken some ground from the militants in the north. And Washington says it's now providing -- Iraqi Kurds with weapons directly to try to turn the militant time it. But in their own -- the militants have been celebrating and parading their success is. And there's would they also made a new advance further south closer to the Iraqi capital Baghdad. It's -- humanitarian crisis of tens of thousands of UCDs and other threatened Iraqi minorities. It's refocused international concern and alarm on the threat posed by the Sunni militants in Iraq -- -- And western governments are still trying to grapple with and understand the scale of the challenge nick Childs BBC news. As the USC is revving up its efforts of arming Kurdish forces in the north of that country -- political crisis in the merchant in Baghdad but the stand up between the country's prime minister and president. The BBC's Bridget Kendall has more on that side of the story. Much needed aids being dropped from US military planes to help -- Iraqi civilians. As well as US and strikes on the militants from Islamic state and threaten them. But this crisis seems to be drawing the Americans -- now they decided to all of the Kurdish forces directly. In Syria supplying -- allies with weapons something the Americans wouldn't do. In case -- -- into the hands of extremists. But not those same extremists sweeping through Iraq to put the hands on American heavy weaponry anyway. You -- from fleeing Iraqi soldiers. They -- won't stand war spoils she evidently. And the kind of safe -- this state get more outside military support they'll be helpless to stop them. -- we've been outgunned by the Islamic state so this will help us to match up. And frankly if this is being done in Syria. If they had been an intervention many in Syria we wouldn't be seeing what we're seeing now in Iraq. From their original stronghold in northern Syria Islamic fighters not controlled forms waves of Northern Iraq. After capturing Mosul in the north -- -- south. To -- like to treat another -- boost towards -- chariots. Its -- one way -- yesterday Kadish -- mega fight just me took two times but more and whack. But today Islamic fighters reportedly seized the town of Jalal not. Most at risk of -- non Muslims they've threatened to destroy like the Iraqi Christians who affect current -- And the ancient community is -- -- -- -- stranded on my passengers barren slopes. But the biggest strategic -- come if they claim they've seized the muzzle down it is confirmed. With the -- withhold water or not whole region's. -- they succeed in taking the Kurdish capital of and build a key western ally and center of your security operations. I'm no time the biggest danger of -- if they could claim control of the country's capital by darned. Opponents. As tensions there are rising the city paralyzed by a row over who should lead the country's new government. This morning the old prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki put his troops on the streets to -- up his claim to stay -- It -- to move to -- to news the new president invited the deputy speaker of parliament to form a government instead. The news welcomed in London and Washington. Mr. Al-Maliki and his supporters have to credit illegal. And while the bickering continues. The threat from Islamic state extremists. Edges closer. Bridget Kendall BBC news. In. And keep up in the story in real time by downloading ABC news -- and store in store for exclusive updates on the go. Even watching international hotspots and then that's their New York.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"U.S. accelerates arming Kurdish forces in fight against ISIS. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"24934680","title":"Situation For Stranded Yazidis On Mount Sinjar Worsens","url":"/International/video/situation-stranded-yazidis-mount-sinjar-worsens-24934680"}