The Sochi You Won't See: Toxic Dumps, Demolished Homes

The costliest Olympics yet comes with an unfortunate price tag for some residents in Russia.
3:00 | 12/05/13

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Transcript for The Sochi You Won't See: Toxic Dumps, Demolished Homes
Anger at the Sochi Olympics is boiling over in this village if you look at those good idea we have hundreds. If any place is born the brunt of the abuse leading up to the games it's here. The village of -- here is located in the hills between the opening ceremony stadium in the mountains where the skiing events will take place. Day and night dump trucks -- past carrying stones from a nearby quarry for Olympic construction. Locals say the constant dust is starting to cause health problems. -- equipment -- The children he says have developed a strange call local activist named -- shows us how they have to get water trucked in once a week. The town's wells were contaminated and the water lines cut off as the Olympic construction began what. He's saying that they haven't had any water here for three years nearby in the issues that stone -- you know being used as an illegal dump for toxic materials. That they have lasting consequences. So what he's saying is that this is the old -- that they were taking stones out of and they dumped a lot of Olympic construction wasted here. And then covered it up. And then all of this is going down into the -- the water that's going to go to Sochi and to his village and the other -- around here. I steer is just one example of the many abuses surrounding the Sochi Olympics. Vladimir Putin has made the games the personal priority. He won't -- around the world and spared that -- spent. Over fifty billion dollars so far the most expensive Olympics ever. The call for a massive corruption and -- Middle local residents and those most vulnerable. Migrant workers -- the Olympic venues told they'd been exploited. We haven't been paid this man says it. Svetlana -- of tinker with the local investigative journalist she's been pressured by authorities after exposing the Olympic corruption. She took -- to visit the -- money on family in what's left of their home. The two bedrooms hair back from over there in the continues to be over there in October police seized the house removing everyone by force citing a new -- Olympic project. There's is the only -- -- the law to be demolished the family calls it a corrupt land grab you -- yet. You begin -- -- -- where we gonna live. Other families have suffered similar -- but the Kremlin has dismissed criticism. The human and environmental told being felt here adding to an already -- Olympics. -- -- ABC news Simpson.

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{"id":21113823,"title":"The Sochi You Won't See: Toxic Dumps, Demolished Homes","duration":"3:00","description":"The costliest Olympics yet comes with an unfortunate price tag for some residents in Russia.","url":"/International/video/sochi-olympics-corruption-alleged-russia-21113823","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}