Sochi Warmer Than Expected During Winter Olympic Games

Weather causes Russian officials to work harder to maintain competitive conditions for the athletes.
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Transcript for Sochi Warmer Than Expected During Winter Olympic Games
Everyone I'm down Cutler -- New York with -- ABC news digital Olympic special report it is day three. Of this 22 Olympic Winter Games of the United States has a new golden girl. From the heroes and heartbreak when it first opening weekend of the Winter Olympics but for now like a lot to Sochi where ABC's -- -- a standing by. Is prime time there in the left 8 o'clock local time -- Thanks for joining us today we appreciate it still a little bit of a heat wave going on over -- right average temperatures what about sixty right now. Yes at this just show actually -- I thought I its prewar Downey. It's pretty warm down here because have been up in the not until they were a little bit colder but you know I got to snowboard today and it was really slushy not that I'm such an expert but it was. Pretty obvious to tell that -- -- out there especially in the downhill events in this loans. They have a tough time maneuvering in this -- because the snow is getting so heavy so yes a bit -- heat wave back. Yesterday at a -- today it was warmer in Atlanta that it was here in Sochi -- winter games are being held so ethical thing at an even. Isn't the -- reserves over there I mean us -- backed that up and come stockpiled I just think cases kind of situation is gonna take -- -- even those I've been reading about have been having difficulty trying to actually get them to the list get into the slopes in the mountains. Right logistically it's a problem they have I think it's a million and a half tons of snow -- that that would Dylan a sizeable part of the superdome -- -- picture that exit realty eight mound of snow but getting it. To where it needs to go is not that easy takes a lot of trucks a lot autistic. And that's not always easy -- it spreading it out in smoothing it out in the -- is not easy so there's a lot of work to be done here it's warmer than expected. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain making things a little bit worse. And that's what's -- -- -- which will then though the snow again so. Not the most ideal conditions for skiing. A lot of -- events or held behind me skating ice hockey things like that which -- require it to be too cold outside so. A little luck there but yeah we enjoyed it you know I've I've been outside for the past week it's been sunny and nice you know we -- -- police -- and that's pretty much all you need so. -- of a bomb or its ears and and -- Simon a rough assignment mr. government. So -- obviously aside from the competition you've had a chance to around associates of the area some of the resort -- there that actually. Look a little bit like ghost house right we've got -- got some video of you walking through some of them. -- They were built to. -- Tourists. Here the buildings. Out. So this big elaborate Olympic village being set up there and yet expect -- other where other people. We don't know they certainly aren't Americans -- haven't managed to find to almost any of them and yesterday -- around talking to Russians because that's all you find it. It's just one resort in his or multiple resorts you go to their ability and great splendor and extravagance. At the cost of many billions of dollars. And there's nobody there. It really does look like that talent and blazing saddles it is just you know that the sides of the building and behind and -- just a couple of a place that's what it looks like so. I'm sure this to some extent is a great disappointment on the other hand. What President -- has been trying to do by creating. Ski industry here is to build these. Resort towns and hopefully populate them a little bit later may be to create a little bit of awareness about this. Exquisite spot in the caucus mountains and it really is it is absolutely gorgeous when you go up there and I'm sure most people appreciated. But they're not that many people there -- so yesterday and today talking to people you know you -- -- to Russians and say. Have you seen any Americans Benny begin make -- -- It's my Russian. And you know couple people -- -- -- -- one you know within three weeks -- we -- Koppel you know there are Americans -- at the -- is largely. But they're not in the resort areas they're not in -- -- areas where they were expected to be. Because many things don't feel secure enough. They don't Wear their American flags that were there American garb when -- -- -- and there's still certain amount of insecurity for American torture even though there have been. No security problems whatsoever. And there's been as we've. Reported many times so far there's been a tremendous amount of security -- that so called steel ring around Sochi has been lock solid. Nothing so far has penetrated it in their tens and tens of thousands of security you see them everywhere but still. Americans don't quite feel good enough and safe enough to just walk around. Everywhere everywhere looking to -- -- -- they -- clearly obviously -- been paid attention to field of dreams of studying the whole line if you build it they will come. Perhaps we'll have to wait and see if that second part of the equation -- both on us. But you mention -- Vladimir Putin and what the -- as the a lot of play here the United States is with the president meeting with the first openly gay gold medalist of the Sochi games -- speed skater Irene west. -- -- on this unique meeting at the Heineken house. It's they -- -- Heineken house and worst apparently is is bisexual she's. Apparently dating a man right now so the details of that are not that important what is important is that President Putin showed up. In a red jumpsuit with fur collar to the Heineken house to have -- -- with a Dutch athletes celebrate the victory of the speed skater. Who I guess you must've known as bisexual or gay and -- it's a little bit odd because Russia's anti gay policies are very strict. And they have been shown -- been reporting about it it -- a tremendous amount of -- have been essentially. Daily protests in Moscow condemning the anti gay policies -- -- you have the president of this very conservative country making. A public visit. Two the Heineken house drinking with openly gay or bisexual or athletes. And have a good time so maybe President -- is trying to say something maybe this is a message that he may be. The more liberal than we think or more open. Then other people would consider him we don't know very unusual scene with some very interesting pictures. I love that red jumpsuit. Maybe the temperatures are not the only thing that is -- over there in Sochi right I thought hey this that I you mention the fact that you're out snowboarding yesterday and it's that you pick up some of the lingo from the borders because clearly. If you're -- lakers' skier like Diane and -- snow -- like I am not there is a world of difference between the two. Give us a -- some of the quest of -- that the legal that you picked up. Butter badly what is that. -- -- Is when you spit out on your board. And that's actually performing tricks I didn't do much of that ism I'm relieved that -- actually today. In the slush which was great because as a softer landing for my multiple -- but there is moderated. There's -- which is what I was doing a lot of -- is -- out. There -- score -- which I happen to be very adept at that's what you. Face plant and and the board comes back behind your head like a scorpion pockets of those when he -- Whitney stump. A job you live it really well and we talked it sits cots and -- tonight Olympic gold medalist the first winner in eight games. In slopes down snowboarding. And that's literally how he speaks. -- -- under center right now send it means and -- give it everything I had decided to send it and then he ended up stopping that last jump the double though the whole week rail. Double 1460. Japan is the name of the jump that he invented -- -- -- which meant that landed it. And he's really stoked about that I -- I was. August and -- a translation -- it will be looking forward to you very much on that no more space plane that went no no no more face plants right. The insurance policy with ABC I don't -- of its recovery thing like that. Look at the details that governor -- days stuff I couldn't think but that race -- governor -- they're have a good night we'll -- -- -- Let's go to the big board now leading the way in a total medal count those nordic masters Norway -- seven total medals two gold. Americans that are Russia and already with five pieces of hardware and the gold medal count just -- -- with mostly usual suspects in the top five Germans who there around. Not host Russian down a bit of a -- there that -- America's best. The skier Julia Mancuso spokes of the media after her bronze medal finish in the women's super combined this. This is Mancuso is fourth medal she won three including gold in Vancouver 2010 and she is how she felt winning a medal. In her third consecutive Olympics. Crossing the finish line after the second -- and I mean. I really I had a long sought after the -- Islam is not my strength and and you just taxes. Ski it and go for -- and crossing the finish line I was quite surprised that is -- one of those happy moments where. Use I was surprised by. My name with the three next to it but also just super happy and just a real testament believing in your dreams and so is an entry in the minds -- Olympic medals. Well that fourth medal means Mancuso is not only the most decorated American female skier she has doubled up the past leaders -- -- street and on who each. 12. Now I want to bring some under tonight with the ins and outs of the Olympics two time gold medal winner and author of the figure skating -- -- -- -- button Dick Button. I love the title of this mr. button I appreciate this -- if you ever play a little earlier the three stages of life I would even go into the Thursday's we're talking about but I wanna get your thoughts. On the US performance in the games. On the on the which performance. On the you I was the US acting look. They're doing the best they can and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't in that book there's a whole question a -- chapter devoted to. To wilt or not to wilt and that the whole point there is which. Athlete and which skater will not wilt not fall down. By the way there's still another point about falling down you know that if you do a quadruple jump. And you get all the revolutions done but to -- -- in other words you don't landed you don't do it. You will still get points. Mark from twelve something rather down to eight something rather so it's a rewarding of failure now that's a very interesting concept and that's what you'll see so many jumpsuits gave it -- many faults in skating. For the simple reason that. If you try it. And you miss it and you do all the revolutions you'll still get points for a triple -- so why not why not go ahead. They're going for the going for the effort obviously not -- that's reward arts won a deterrent to some places that cannot report for French magazine about some sort of collusion. Between the American and Russian ice dancing judges you any credence to this story. Well I I I liked the operative words that you said was some sort. Now that's a pretty intriguing comment about different ideas on this whole report number one anybody can say anything they want. And you can turn around and and believe it or not believe it that's up to you the second that the other pointed the direction is is that. Number one I I don't think there's any value to it percent with simple reason. Nobody in the United States is crafty enough or Smart enough to be able to make this kind of attack we have a country that is this wide. And it includes both the east in the west and there is no collusion between the two. I don't know anybody in US figure skating. That would have the -- two go ahead and try to do that sort of thing is just not in there nature. I've -- I said in in my book also that. American judges Canadian judges and Japanese judges are probably the cleanest in the end of of the world for the simple reason the Americans won't do it. They're not crafty enough the Canadians won't listen to anything -- yes anyway and the Japanese are too far away and have a language barrier when you're in Europe and and in places like -- and the Ukraine and all of these smaller countries where for hundreds of years they have had collusion and chicanery going on. And -- diplomatic. Fancy jobs. So. I think it's much more possible -- -- I don't think there was anything that but I will tell you one thing. And that is that why was it late -- That released this news why wasn't it any other newspaper in the world -- if you remember back in 2002. The scandal of the pair's skating scandal which was the most atrocious. Event -- it was created by the president of the French it's. Figure skating and speed skating federation a Didier guy -- -- Now Didier guy AK was all around on top DOJ and -- when he got a late John -- there. -- award whether he arranged it or not I don't know but he was certainly there making speeches and wandering around it -- and he will be running. For a new presidency. Now why did it come from France why didn't come from some. Paper in Germany or some other place so that always amuses me to find out that the it was late -- which started this. Why why have you not been in any kind of an international ambassador I think it was that you've got this wealth of knowledge right -- that you've taken from the eyes that you -- easily applied and the country in the world. I mean listen if you're caught candidate for not being -- out and out. I think that that's -- sad though are I didn't say Canada was not -- I think -- it won't do anything else BP America can suggest I love it that level look at what I would talk to each about the American ice dancing team Merrill Davis Charlie White. Their performance on the ice so far what are your thoughts. Well first of all let me just start off by saying. I am there. Most ardent fan I think they are brilliant I think -- Today they suddenly make your heart -- beating when they did programs to. It did to music that we all understand and it's -- I want a rise out of my seat and cheer for -- I love their work I think they are simply. Incredible I also think that they suffer slightly because the rules. Are so complicated and so demanding of different kinds of dance steps and things that sometimes. They the choreography is is a problem and -- when they do they're great performances and they can rise above that I mean they are so brilliant I can't stand what they. So in -- in of course everyone always has asked the question are they together -- a couple now. They had set off the ice that they are not white quietly gave a former Olympian and it -- Think is that. As a benefit if you're not romantically involved with the person that you are. -- to be so intricately relied upon on the ice what. I think the problem would be is if you were involved with them -- -- -- -- how many husbands and wives do nothing but. -- -- -- to each other and yell at each other. That's not fair that's not fun and that is not a -- -- -- level so don't ask me he. If if it would be better I think it probably better that they're not romantically. Involved. I love it are educated Miliband then for this time are on the American team took -- bronze medal in the team ice dancing. We get our first look at Olympic newcomers Jason brown and -- -- what are your thoughts on the new event. What number number one it's not a real team event it's a country team event. At all the skaters are doing the same numbers that they will do else who. Elsewhere in the competition. There's no individual. -- Team working together in the sense that. Synchronized skating he has. It's just -- but it does allow us to see what they're doing to get -- second chance at it and it also tells us. What we have to look forward to when they do there. There individual. Singles and men and ladies singles events. -- it it's. I think it's an interesting event and I think it gives us another chance to see. Other skaters and I also think it allows more people to win -- gold medals and I'm delighted of the -- Let's let's talk about the -- for a minute because they clinched the gold with their team figures you know -- fifteen year old -- it -- -- -- admits -- now. Let knit sky lit knit sky -- but thank you OK all right to add that's what I need -- -- honest I need it spelled out in the most. Fanatically comfortable way possible. Maybe -- the first break -- start against what do you think of her performance. Well. I think she's wonderfully talented -- my god she's just beautiful number one. She has extraordinary. Quality in her jumps number two. He has the ability to act number three -- skated a program that I I thought was just delightful. I'm very impressed where there. She's only fifteen. So you have to worry about. What's going to happen when she seventeen. And I would hope that her handlers -- there. Teacher her choreographer whatever would get her to do other kinds of moves other kinds of totally different in character. May be classical may be almost -- -- and so forth I think that I'd love to see her stretched in in the quality of created -- that she brings to -- she is marvelous and she is so limber. If you look at that last spin that she doesn't -- competition she it's -- -- catch for. And she pulls the leg up and she gets an up and up and up. And then she pulls her body and the only criticism I have -- is that if you look at it closely. You'll see that her shoulders are rounded sports -- they're like this and she's not straight up and the free leg is not pointed. In the same sense that other skaters who have been able to reach almost that point that level that. That numbered as have been able to do. -- -- marvelous idea to just simply. 11 of the greats. At the age fifty -- about -- a lot of pressure to take on it such a very young -- than be encouraged him to push the boundaries us. -- -- -- -- -- US -- Ashley Wagner famous now and not necessarily for her performance -- those. Her performance but that this face right here. As she made as those scores revealed what did you think of the reaction as -- -- too much being made over this. -- -- Kiss and cry is there. Because you want to have a chance at -- television -- want to have a chance to get in and see the personality of this -- there reaction. This is real this is not hyper. What you're getting your mark something like this it is not an act. It is not an act so that was her reaction she felt that that march -- have been higher. -- think she was probably right. And. What can I tell you that's what kissing prize for our right exact I think the name of -- by the way. If you're right it re runs the spectrum of emotions that we thank you so much -- it's the book is called push sticks -- and -- Thank you so much we really appreciate your time and -- inside my pleasure. I whatever and now Yahoo! Sports that are JR findings on exports war room in California -- -- being with us on the phone. Slopes style snowboarding other X games import any surprise that the Americans that are so well. Well we look at me in case cap -- way I don't think Clinton was expected in Munich -- Two win gold but I think you know -- Expect American to probably -- on the medal stand. Mom yet sweeping gold. I don't think anybody. Expected that. In percent -- -- that but in the Olympics. -- pretty good -- you start. Not a -- not take up. Jamie Anderson also an -- to lot of folks out there was she the favorite going in. She was one of -- absolutely epic that. Is it sort of self acknowledged it -- from -- That it -- -- -- -- they still are when she talked about her preparation. Or or run it she. -- polite to say on page a bird but -- some say agent. And -- added -- income yield. Which is cheaper. -- report -- run. You know certainly. -- -- that there is -- -- statement -- at a typical college which opened. I think people probably thought Shaun White will demand outlook for. In the men. Obviously withdrew -- and faced accurate like -- order decried the -- and it surprised but I don't think it should win there. Skiing ski skiing now Julia Mancuso always fighting out of -- -- shadow there but have things changed -- issue really kind of taken spotlight. The great question -- of water and there -- murderers one more battle in Atlanta body yet when Egypt -- You know I think it just one of those things it's a certain people have -- are certain people don't -- -- winning is that what makes you. I'm Lindsey -- certainly has sort of appealed it sort of them that mass audience -- -- lot of people even know who. I'm joining Kato it is. But you know look at you look at the record certainly. On the -- and you know hand -- -- Mankato. You don't end and but that in the question here living -- very happy. A and yet we're still talking about her -- you look back at Vancouver when -- -- Alter to a 92 that didn't. -- -- so you know. You'd like to think it should keep it out -- the shadow but I think -- -- -- -- is the start she probably is going to be. You -- what what you never know it could be leaving with another date with another name at the end of -- there -- talk hockey before we -- together the Americans undefeated so far preliminary round matchup with Canada up ahead. Why are they planes so early now -- may house Americans -- shaping up. What kind enough today again. Early you know an overmatched. -- -- but you know it it is. They've got a lot of talent -- on the team led by an Atlantic capital -- a hat trick today in our. It's silly I think it probably shake up probably in the my expertise -- -- -- I -- but it certainly shaping up to be sort of -- showdown between the American. Eight NHL players though immunity -- I'm proud -- there that are spent a lot of time object Serena -- to their kid. You know. -- -- -- Olympic trains -- critical. That was gonna have a very good dental plan I'm guessing that. Of course the Olympics have a lot of athletes tweeting and sharing things on social media and it is also had a fair share of means that from one that want to -- in raw hubris of Yahoo!'s training now -- -- little malfunction on the opening ceremony. -- not quite opening up and that. Open up a whole -- the possibility earnings. I -- exactly you know apparently these past -- -- problems -- limited to just the hotel conditions over in Russia because he had during the opening ceremony right from the get go. We see that the fifth ring which is the red one in the Olympic rings. Does not completely open up and people immediately took to the Internet to have a ton of fun with this we -- -- -- such as still loading. And we saw another one that's on stage fright -- -- people just had so much on this graphic and you know -- leading up into the ceremony you were wondering. You know what were these Olympics going to go off without a hitch and obviously as we saw from the get go not some. -- yeah excited by -- adding I think also as we -- that there is today T shirt designer in Brooklyn has now come up. With that very design as well there it is right there. Look I think -- the immediacy of people can jump on these things start turning a profit -- always impressive what else -- been -- Ashley Wagner space clearly that's been gaining some traction. She's like the McCalebb Mulroney now of the Winter Olympics more or less but you don't like ridiculous she's taking it in -- which is really -- -- been. Re tweeting some of the different photos in the different means that people than making -- honestly you can't blame her either because they they placed her fourth in in this competition. Behind -- Japanese figure skater that fell during her routine so. You can understand why she was a little upset of course a moment that was captured. On camera and will live on forever and ever figure skating by the way the most searched for Olympic sport on Yahoo!. Interest -- mariachi suits that they now. -- -- -- was going on. Apparently if you're from Mexico I mean what I say Mexico I don't immediately think Winter Olympic powerhouse apparently. His name is -- tells -- Poland Poland lol -- and he is. -- Mexico's only qualifier for the finalists for the Olympics. It is going to Wear this skin tight suit as he skis. On the. It wouldn't be my first ticket apparently to he's he's he's known to Wear different outlets like this but I -- and it took me a little back but. Gotta represent her country -- -- evening Wear on a slope and -- letter Johnny Quinn trapped again. Yeah in his bathroom and he basically was in there for I I think almost an hour at least some of his -- -- saying he was gone for an hour and they started to wonder what happened but. After they didn't hear him pounding on the walls he just busted right through the -- Quinn the former football player he was on the practice squad for both the Packers and the bills. And you see that we haven't a lot of follow this to granting a number of interviews about it. But -- and I know you're wondering he has fessed up to the front desk. And they have since replaced the door. Well I guess if -- kind of tough to avoid that one city in of Obama that you booked it was. Response of that -- the most volatile Libyans there. I want number one is is Shaun White of course which really should be no surprise one point three million followers on Twitter he is also the most searched for Olympic athlete. On Yahoo! searches for him spiking. Almost 400%. Since the beginning of the games movement along you have unit can be South Korean figure skater -- the favorite to win gold this year she hasn't tweeted since November 12 -- she has 713 thousand followers at number three. Alex Ovechkin of course from the lost -- capitals but all Sobel. Hope to lead his Russia hockey team to gold and then rounding out the list we have a Patrick -- of course from the US and the Blackhawks Robert Jones the US -- -- and PK Siobhan who uplift of the -- Montreal Canadians and also as on Canada's national hockey team. All right goes to follow right there Yahoo!'s roughly Everett's always want to follow is -- rocket thank you so much appreciate that with all that's trending now in the early days of the Olympic Games. It is day three in Sochi already -- American gold medal winners and surely many more to come maybe in the next hour to in fact. For all the latest results stay right here on Our live blog is up and running all you need to now about the events and the Olympics on Dan -- -- -- New York which -- ABC news digital. Olympic special.

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