Sochi's Weather Perfect For a Day at the Beach

Matt Gutman recaps the latest on the conditions at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Transcript for Sochi's Weather Perfect For a Day at the Beach
Again none -- you have an ABC news digital special report on a winter games in Sochi. The Flying Tomato didn't land on the podium and a rare gold -- -- Here's -- Sochi winter games in sixty seconds. The warm balmy temperatures in Sochi are making things tough for athletes there ABC's Matt -- joining us now from Sochi. Matt -- -- there was one picture that you -- up pretty much sums up the heat wave there an older couple take a look at this and join. A beautiful sunny day. And -- what is -- average -- right there. Right now I think it's about sixty but it's about. 6:15 in the evening so it was in the mid sixties earlier -- supposed to stay in the sixties. All week long. And right now and our Booth here it's pretty balmy probably around eighty degrees at least on this with all the lights. -- indices up you know pan out Macs -- -- -- is gonna pan out and show. The sun is so bright and so hot here that we have grant -- and our sound man. -- standing there to try to block it he's also wearing sunglasses. That's. Rough unsigned may indeed might act. It's tough it's tough Danielle -- I woke up this morning the first thing -- looked out the window. And there were sunbathers that's like that the picture there -- guys without shirts. Families coming out -- a couple of of couples and and that in bikinis they -- in the Black Sea. If -- pretty warm in the sun I don't know that would have gone swimming but. These folks came from what -- from Saint Petersburg another -- Moscow. -- -- a lot colder probably a high at about fifteen to twenty degrees today to Fred this is totally -- so great for everybody here in the coastal cluster. Not so -- for forty athletes or up in the mountains. Racing downhill. If that downhill -- that was nearly fifty degrees 49 degrees half pipe was not that much colder than that. Conditions quite difficult for this year's lot of heavy chunky snow makes it hard to navigate hard to make precise cuts. -- with this snowboarders you've seen pictures of that half -- But there's that blue line at the top of the EC have jagged it is. And at the Billy the bottom of that half pipe is really slow so it makes it very hard for the snowboarders to get back up. So pretty normally conditions as they would -- snowboard speak out there for the athletes. Very enjoyable. I was discussing you have actually no sympathy because right now I think it's about seventeen degrees in New York so frankly I have no. Apologies for -- whatsoever with temperatures like that I've got a sizable -- and the fact that -- -- putting out there in some kind of shirtless pose right like. Holding a baby seal or something -- -- waiting for that -- but -- but as far as the -- business itself but it. Haven't haven't officials at this or reducing the back -- so that they got -- from the winter past. Today for the first time they have an there's a lot of it 450000. Tons it it. About enough to fill up the murder a quarter of the superdome. Which is plenty probably for the rest of the of the games but. The forecast here is not gonna help these folks out it is going to stay in the sixties next week in the high fifties. This is not helping people out there's a lot of snow but it keeps melting and it's. It's about the quantity of -- notes about the conditions. Of course it doesn't matter for some of the big matchups are taking place behind me today and over the coming days hockey and skating. -- up in the Alpine cluster is becoming a problem is certainly what everybody's talking about. Well let's also reflect -- Shaun White he was poised to become the first American to man to win three Winter Olympic goals and an individual -- he didn't make it to the podium. Also -- -- Julia Mancuso. She didn't do so well the women's downhill she was came in -- came in eight days you guys are best these how are they both doing. -- summit but her bronze medal yesterday right. That went out to. Yet -- best these were very very close. Not really but she's a lovely person that they tactics here she said that it was also hard to navigate the course today of course she's a -- taken a bronze medal. She's got a couple of additional events coming up. You know she can may be metal and then it's not exactly clear but I think she was pretty content with her -- so far. But again the talk that everybody's having here is about the course about the race. Very hard to navigate very hard to go fast. But. Pretty interesting thing happened -- downhill there was a gold medal time for the first time Dan. Two skiers came in at the exact same time awarding two gold medals both of them it should always be that way. They're amazing little tidbit about downhill skiing. The bronze -- came in about the distance. Between me and the camera. A tenth of a second behind -- just a couple of feet so. Amazingly short -- -- close distances in the downhill. Made for pretty exciting day. Even with the wind up being great yeah I would -- say it's ours I want to -- This they would talk -- the fact -- -- the hotel rooms and security issues always kind of like. Superficial issues that everyone's had to focus on leading up to the games has the focus shifted or -- are still problems that are existing there. There are definitely still problems but I think -- now the focus has shifted to you. The athletics to sports the events the rivalries. Shaun White was was a big headline here probably the most recognizable athlete in these games. Somebody that was favored to take the gold medal in the half but -- sport that. Basically dominated for the past decade he was the face of snowboarding -- 12 golds already. Into -- and in Vancouver taking the X games every time he competes nobody thought that he wouldn't win. Probably -- included and it came in fourth so. Very difficult for him to assimilate that but you probably saw that video of him afterward. Being very magnanimous hugging the winner iPod a Swiss man. Congratulating. The other two medal winners to Japanese guys one of them as young as fifteen -- new generation. Very very Hartford in this wild -- and I think he did it with pretty. Impressive amount of magnanimity open air yet of -- Getting back to your original question. People are still complaining about the hotels in and the -- the bees and honey packets in the door -- coming off in the elevators not opening -- the shafts being open. Busting through doors. But there really are focused on sports at this point well that's -- -- as well the attention should be so what else is Bosnian Olympic village -- today. The heat -- starting -- -- quite heavily right now as we speak. In this in this -- it. Very -- this -- is gonna start dropping down now that's one of the things clearly the heat the weather is a real big topic here. The other thing there is what's going on right behind me skating. Big big big news here in Russia very important for the Russians that the men team men's team -- is the final event the gold medal match here. It is something that everybody. Is anticipating including the Russians expect Vladimir -- to be here and right. A picture what more -- ago but they look at this picture that we've got just to show how glamorous how beautiful. Of a tiger having over there -- I mean this is you working on the road. This is great I mean it's -- -- this shows the dedication to journalism that you have you know no boundaries. Clearly an example. But. After I am I -- I never stop you never stop at the Olympics no yes you know way. Cars are tight here. So it's a well ought to share and sometimes is not enough room so I you know -- -- back -- at least that in the trunk at least -- there's a lot of leg room for me to keep working so I was. -- very grateful for that. It isn't -- -- government -- tonight you thank you very much we certainly appreciate your time stay cool there at least. Not an easy thing to -- let's get a medal count -- Norway. Still in the lead with twelve total medals Canada next with -- -- by the Netherlands with and the US. And Russia. Tied at seven you know before ranking by gold medals Germany. Is leading the pack at five they have six medals in all but five goal in Switzerland sneaking into the top five as well. Well team USA -- added that gold medal count today with the finals of the women's half pipe coming up shortly so for more on that I'm joining the -- by. Jeff pass from Sochi from Yahoo! sports' Jeff expert witness he's -- that eyewitness -- but competition. -- and so we've got some American medal hopefuls in the event Kelly Clark Hannah Teter. Their toughest competitions had to be coming from -- bright who won gold in Vancouver. Yeah you know there's. There's three gold -- there and it Kelly -- one. Almost a decade ago now Hannah Teter won in. -- store -- as well and I think dozer just tentatively mystery favorites at this point. Our military and from the US. They -- from the semi finals on -- on also. She's going to be tough competition -- casting yet from Spain. And some Chinese writers as well there are definitely some interest being people in the competition. Also has a dark horse in the -- seventeen year old American aerial goal she in this is this is her debut bright. -- what -- debut. Unfortunately she is out now. An injury that was sustained earlier and cracked shoulder injury and she will not be competing tonight because. Are it would what -- things go before -- your basic we've been hearing about is -- complaints about the conditions there effect at one point Peter calling it a junk show -- -- to push the competition back. Any improvements today. You know it depends on which -- to Kelly Clark has been fairly optimistic about all -- from the start -- There's been trying to say that the pipes in better condition -- This is not Olympic quality hiked its -- And that yesterday -- -- -- pot logical won a gold medal yesterday. It is yellow slip which to -- to -- -- that. Just about impossible to -- and at the end he was talking about during his news conference. -- mid week he wanted to fire the guy who was in charge but that's -- it was and other riders. At the same thing in. It's unfortunate because the Olympics in. No matter the weather no matter the temperature. There's one job -- one job alone not get a nice smooth pipes that. -- doesn't have slushy flat bottom and that -- -- in the side and unfortunately they've not been able to. Mother nature you've been put on notice all right Jeff -- Yahoo! sports' Jeff thank you so much appreciate your time. Well the agony of Shaun white's defeat dominated social media on day four of the games we're joined now by roughly -- -- from Yahoo! News -- thanks for joining us. How noted Shaun White thank his fans for this because he had a lot of support going into that. This is interesting you know we've talked about the standard and number different segments the fact that all these different platforms are finding new uses when it comes to celebrities and public figures. Reaching out to these audiences before during or after events and Shaun White did this before the half plate -- I yesterday posting a video. On his Twitter or YouTube says one point three million followers here's what he had to say. Taking the time before competition to thank my fans and everybody that supported me along the way. -- can't do without it I mean you're the best team you support me to my decisions and -- this is the the training regiment. -- to the contests he has watched on TV and and I feel it feel this poor analyst -- think you guys. Have quite finals is tomorrow. And I'm beside myself -- wanted to do best not only for myself VS. Wish me luck and here we go out there. Now -- hasn't tweeted since but many people tweeting about him over a 170000 mentions. In the past 24 hours on Twitter regarding Shaun White and he actually met with sought his fans and so she went right. -- this was really cool before the competition literally almost about two hours before it -- did a great story on the Washington Post from from Mike wise Ben Hughes. And -- -- people who were there after the make a wish foundation they just want to see Shaun White. Live doing his thing they didn't realize that they would actually get a chance to meet white and they were up close just a few feet away from him. But why is from the Washington Post and -- -- comment to somebody from the US Olympic team about them both being have to make a wish and is suited Sean made eye contact with -- according to the story. It was over he went over to -- -- hugs and high fives and really gave them a moment that will never forget. Man that is very cool and but in -- though his loss though really blew up Twitter. It did -- that much -- over a 170000. Mentions -- peak times are really when it happened in real time. -- around 1:30 eastern and then of course when it aired on TV that was around got 1050. In the evening -- -- trending really since that time on Twitter and all all over the country. All right we'll have to. Latency as those. Wounds will be healed and lakes there's still more competition planning obviously and claim more socially opportunities out there as well -- -- verse from -- -- -- thanks so much appreciated. Of course they five in the record books but still many days ago complete coverage right here -- ABC news dot confidant Dan Cutler or ABC news -- special report the winter games. -- --

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