Soldier Shot Outside Parliament in Canada

Every military base across Canada put on lockdown; Prime Minister Stephen Harper brought to secure location.
3:55 | 10/22/14

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Transcript for Soldier Shot Outside Parliament in Canada
This is an ABC news. Now reported. George Stephanopoulos. And we are coming on the air right now because we're learning about a series of shooting incidents in the capital of Canada Ottawa. Including at their parliament parliament hill you see those pictures right there. From the capital three separate shooting incidents according Canadian police went inside. The parliament didn't want parliament building one nearby. At a war memorial near the parliament and the third. At a high end shopping mall called the rideau Centre in downtown Ottawa all quite close right now want to go straight. Now to Canada where we have a senator from inside the parliament senator Percy down who's in the parliament this morning senator what can you tell us about the situation. Well mostly what occurred in the news I was on the phone. It was someone from prince ordered I'll in the region I'm from and I heard the police. Arriving on parliament hill in full force. After the phone call I look dote and I saw. Police going to the trumpet occurred kicking you served machine guns and shot guns and bulletproof vest and I knew it was a serious situation. I then heard on the news that one of the members of the Canadian forces. Who character war memorial which is very close to parliament hill had been shot. Then the rumors rumors that gunman. Or gunmen. We're running towards. I'm parliament itself and we were all walked down. In two or office and we're still here. Senior in this a year you're there in your office now safe as far as you know I've not heard any shots recently also know that the Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper's been taken. To secure location senator thank you very much want to go to Brian Ross her chief investigative correspondent. Canada had been put on a higher terror alert overnight because of an listening yesterday. That's right a person who identified himself as part of ices and according to authorities is motivated by terrorist ideology. Ran down to Canadian soldiers killing one. We don't know yet that who's behind this of the motives of the shooter or shooters right now but we do want to go to some footage some remarkable footage from inside the parliament earlier. This morning we want it is quite graphic. If you're gonna hear shots hard as you see the police moved through these core course. What would have supported hitting television reporting that. Here at thirty shots fired since then every military base across Canada has been put on lockdown as I said. The Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been brought to secure location the US embassy. Has also been put on lockdown as a precaution in Canada. And President Obama has been briefed on the situation according to a White House official almost a drinking of our chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz. And mark that so much concern now again we don't know that who's behind this shooting in particular but so much concerned now because of the rise of vice. Absolutely the rise of a crisis has every one. Nervous and precisely. These kinds of attacks whether it's crisis or not these smaller scale spread out. Different locations carrying weapons true definition of terror when you have people in the seat of power like that in Ottawa when you have soldiers guarding. And at the unknown soldier's tomb when you have people at a shopping mall exactly the kind of things that the United States certainly has been trying to prepare for. And Grayson has been heightened sense data security camera reporting on three separate shooting incidents in the capital of Canada at the parliament the Canadian war memorial and at a high end shopping center. In in Ottawa as we said the Canadian prime ministers and brought to secure location gonna continue to monitor this. All day and one you can follow a new C we'll come back as conditions warrant. This has been a special. From ABC.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Every military base across Canada put on lockdown; Prime Minister Stephen Harper brought to secure location.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"26375917","title":"Soldier Shot Outside Parliament in Canada","url":"/International/video/soldier-shot-parliament-canada-26375917"}