S.A. President Zuma Says Mandela Paid Dearly for His Beliefs

At memorial service, South African leader speaks of Nelson Mandela's legacy of freedom and democracy.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for S.A. President Zuma Says Mandela Paid Dearly for His Beliefs
-- -- -- -- hold. Because there are content to the senate but -- dead deadline. -- three -- -- Without government gave up today. We do not call my. All. I want them what amazes. Me -- lead we'll put it that can't put correctness. Thought that have been. -- -- doing so. Because -- had me. At Fam fun days and with a felt outfit. Applaud the team. Blonde that -- -- -- -- -- -- Democrat -- and -- products. With -- because -- Steve. -- that kind of makeshift -- done. -- -- -- Able to up on them they -- not -- Oakland. -- big job. And -- -- them but they think things they've been if those feelings. Come back to you which parts. -- give up. I'm but did -- this. Say it. It was that. They don't write down. What if you -- you -- alone with the of the up but -- paid. To stand. In the way of all -- -- But the good -- -- in wealthiest people. Being a lawyer. The end that's -- the positive move. Consequence these Soviet actions. -- -- volume that you know I'm just sits there and put last what have. He said. -- to deal. ANC youth can be confident the ninth and -- -- -- and they called us. So this idea would -- a big tell one. To politics. And prisons. And even sought. That government wouldn't -- the people within deadly. In -- forward to do loans. The -- months. -- the united bonds -- -- Will it end impossible. But. This -- Of the people would cut not -- costs and did it won't fix it is to run. -- -- This argued became. -- -- -- -- You are good people for months. Of the nice of -- And day and see. And then I didn't put. Up on things the long wrong to -- don't. He became. A foot and DA and she. Stood in the difference come pay and indeed -- -- 1950. And became. The -- behind I didn't -- all -- the ANC. I'm bringing home until it -- In the head in 1960s. -- -- Did -- plays beliefs. And actions. -- -- imprisonment. -- they did in 1952. And that quotes. I was amazed by the role they seminar. Not because of weapons I get done. But because of what to ice -- -- The cause of weapons I felt. Because. Of my question. -- -- -- -- -- And send them to life imprisonment. -- ended upon them so I have -- Italian man didn't. -- -- In -- but lost. -- fight to his credit. -- -- -- -- -- -- The south African people spoke up quotes him in the hospital news out of fear in fact. If they are but state government. -- eats away. They would have been. Burned -- -- been from thinking about what people. But of the powerful name. Of nets in my dad -- Lived alone. The continuing to. To inspire our people have received today. From inside everything -- It demonstrate that you need to do this. And spying. And -- that -- negotiations. With the enemy. Lines in good. He also negotiate dead what did he. -- -- -- -- what it does business. Because. Of falling is going to be. Is that -- these. From picked -- instead -- prison. On days have been felt. What it meant denying. What blonde Hobbs though most of the market would -- -- home being moments. In the words history. -- -- -- -- -- -- What -- and this. Talk of imposing big gun walking -- into oh. He had lived. Behind. Ten to seven. -- -- -- -- Emotions and fitting. We've. On that game octave to cut looks best in human -- wins. Sit down -- then people. Who had been. Dehumanize then made you need. That but I. In the land -- -- Saad didn't just saw signs. That they don't you would get detained. In the lifetime. South Africa and it did did he done that might be able to have -- who. Eight different cuts and -- Room -- but they. -- democratic societies. -- -- -- -- -- So he's started it's free and fair elections. There -- -- time. That's it broadens our nation back. From the -- -- cut capital. The must -- job -- quite but don't. In 1990. -- And that the key lady of the popular lead down a -- -- people would goodies on the in 1990. To me. -- some. Of the locations. When our cousin to the point out in this long -- to please don't. When. With -- day due to. The hot. Of documents. It is that these time. -- And at the pebbles. And brought us back. On the roads to -- Something I've -- friends democratic elections. -- lies to his. The cause. -- -- -- -- That did display. Indeed. There is no one that -- did what he was -- -- hopes that kind. Good day. And in that much -- you meant I. We celebrate -- -- gave up the men hope peace. Today. If the trend yet an event cutting off he's -- -- why did -- did not bad news but I. On the tenth of December. The nine demanded that he. This they don't fight. At all believe they get that. The AMC. His ought to head to our own. Because. The in time to -- Of the opera that that it came. Quick to -- -- -- violence. Spending. And detentions. December put him on. What you quite -- citizen here. -- -- -- To him. Without doubt that got left in -- The arms started. What the inevitable. But. It's worth it means. -- NN. But nods and and -- -- -- But give -- example he. But also evident. In the way -- In the continent. You put -- put -- -- enjoyed peace and democracy to date because. All of these seeds of peace -- that equipment people. Following -- thought it must not elections. On the ten to seven days -- -- fall. And on this event that number -- of of state and government. And Eminem presents from. Unknown to the world send a government run ourselves. For -- did -- the nobody's seen. At the present president. Hope they need. And Democrat -- -- up. Today. -- -- Is bending his -- that -- and to pay tribute. To these -- -- his son. Of South Africa. And definite. Federal mourners. Days no one that went -- -- laden hopefully time. -- Speaks. -- lead. Ultimate diva Promos -- -- unity because aviation. And non -- everything. Judy -- residences. He had -- As -- -- stood in that time and that didn't -- -- and they quotes. The ANC. Has expanded to -- as thing to have faith in that gave the -- that. When big time. It did not change. About what it's. On -- Basra. Is -- -- of noninvasive and and they've gone through -- and duty his tenure as president. Of the republic. But not subsidize. When I took them friends. Speaking ahead yet dogs in what they -- -- just. Undated note that it probably. -- -- -- didn't and didn't fit to sit now and in the end his sixth but gave outlaw. Of the use of diet. Is sad and I quote. Let does gave back to cut medical needs in within justices of the past. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not designate John. Howard must not unity. By -- compromise the with respect and -- hope that language Jesus cuts us. And the legions of South Africa. In a lot of dead at present. That led to our veterans. For -- another blue. -- If he's put conditions. Was gives faith. Put the bat and on up. To find its place in. And -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to get inside being to let -- -- homelessness. Illiteracy. Hunger and did the on -- With the Michael -- would be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Facing the young South Africa in mind. -- give us that a -- uniting the nation. He kept would you -- needs. -- and god and for -- base in. Of booms -- -- Had to deal that's. And -- demanded console while up from one human it to. That transcended they shot from the he also my name's holds the -- head. Of the -- noted she. Ended their high expectations. And impatience. Of the majority. He told us. That -- the -- Of democracy. Would not been met -- nights and that is. Of the few. Would not yet down. To do today -- -- -- One vehicle. We ought to -- with him as much -- -- -- by that date yet to speak his mind. When it -- that says that it to do so. They got to -- so. How uncomfortable. -- May be. Noticed it yet it's. Men need. Did does some of whom. -- as the NBA. That this could end -- shop time. The analyzing the powerful. Sports. To cone got adjectives. Former president Monday that in today's tough stuff that doesn't 1995. Who would cover -- ambitions. Don indeed. Been while -- At that time. When it was -- Much in their lives. By the maternity. Of the book relates. This. Would be at holy month of his residence. Tell -- squads teams. Again pull the might be about making. That. He's been. Would put me each time they faithful make it -- opponents. Beyond grow more -- big -- affiliates in my -- also -- -- M Mondays and -- -- -- -- as well as. Vehicle and two days in. And development. You -- got vehicle and affiliation. With Donald. Transformation. And vehicles trucks and who'd -- Menendez. I'm -- that this. The new democratic. Leave it -- dead government or -- When it says things but it got didn't just -- And -- did. You own institutions. To trusted dictate. That they dinner. Profit democratic society. -- On the principles. Of non English Edison and nonsense -- Those 2800. Degrees is out but they've all acquitted. Moon and from the states -- -- In the -- -- the end of democracy. The dismantling of the day. All of that he got brave men -- up weapons. And transformation of -- this big institutions. Led. Visit would improvement. Of the -- put them at -- in of millions. Of people. -- but gave up laid -- foundation. Fled back to life for all. With salons. That I didn't -- Off his residence. -- give also laid the foundation. Put our -- please. Now text says we're Friday decades -- -- hope that they did sketches. Are -- time not -- -- had been a wise. In all fees and Judy and -- that -- time. -- -- -- Well. That was six full company and gave to my. Mandela day at the open court to exit and -- -- in people. To spend at least. Six -- seven minutes. Has been killed in the in November up. To a of them deny. The United Nations. General. Assembly. Didn't lead the eighteen. Of -- As Nelson Mandela in -- -- day. -- GA. Of the eight pin -- on July. The world it comes to get. To celebrity to Monday that day. -- organizing might give us. Selfless sacrifice. In betterment. Of -- Indeed. -- diva. Plus one hope that kind. By doing some signs uprooted them. Suggest that is that -- who will Bob with the would -- government gave -- -- -- -- -- This in time that a pool. Now mind did some -- that -- pollutants. -- -- -- -- These big -- didn't do -- bonds. -- -- Sometimes in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Alamo who told. According to a season. Typical boy and I -- how way. -- -- the get then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It added up front about it -- would keep up to their -- on. I've been up front about who -- day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Elaborate that level. That Dennehy and cold -- -- that you know about that when you know -- but doing. And so then. Why isn't saying much T -- -- blonde offered kind. We also remember that. -- believe didn't put that to do this. And that he in them but one did this to be -- -- as MSI. Well as saying. He empathize. That's wrong. His achievements. What did I -- from -- -- With the ANC collective. From him. In his own words. When men and women. Were more capable or -- lives. Dallas. Is South Africa that you see -- today. Is that if legacy and fulfillment diva. And -- Like he didn't was that group finds. That line. Quickly Mason. With -- remained slim lead they fooled me too easy yeah. What does this -- What these legend has tumbled. Government -- they money didn't have a daughter at the end it -- -- torso. And -- -- born that. Indelible marks. In the his seat of what struck. Home -- two yards and friends. To -- diva is no more. He leaves behind. In nation. That loves the game he had -- He leaves a continent. That is so deep route. Too caught him. An African. He lives. The people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Most importantly. He leaves behind. -- -- and -- It doesn't hopefully -- -- -- -- And democracy. In our country. In his or not. We call me tell us. Two continual bid team in nation. Phase two -- the democratic. Bad news. Of human dignity. Equality and plea deal. United did did not that that fifteen. We -- couldn't -- -- wed king to boot -- nation free or what but team. -- homelessness and in the project. At the African continent. Led by the -- in the -- -- -- -- -- web -- to food feed -- to the idea. Way back to Africa. And and -- just. Peaceful. And -- -- -- -- Tomorrow. I want people. Without accompaniment. Do this it's -- government. The -- -- -- didn't include Saudia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have built on them. To date. Two unknowns that is. Dealing on -- didn't -- -- he had done. Where might be but what did not put a dead as president. -- 99 people. And way he's what. -- -- With effect from two days you called the men sitting -- and -- prompted yet. This is that fitting tribute. To a man. -- tons flown to -- on building. Promus embargo places them. -- at present. To why no peace. Unity. Democracy and broken it. -- but do it culminates. And friends. We extend. Yet that day. -- -- deepest condolences. To -- -- us much. Mama we need much to give them and -- and the kids than the convention. Because they could end soon. And then tie. Extended from the -- -- but today in the barn -- Art film moment Steve. -- -- -- -- -- At the gun that would place. You -- ahead. In his own way in 199 people. He said connect quotes. -- It's something inevitable. When a man has done -- weapons. -- concede does to be eased to a deed to his people and his country. You can rest in peace. I believe. I've made that -- for -- And that is that -- Line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. About -- the -- filled -- -- not. That did not. It bluntly. Outfitted they have who lives. It has been the -- And -- let you thank you let him.

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{"id":21162479,"title":"S.A. President Zuma Says Mandela Paid Dearly for His Beliefs","duration":"3:00","description":"At memorial service, South African leader speaks of Nelson Mandela's legacy of freedom and democracy.","url":"/International/video/south-african-president-zuma-mandela-paid-dearly-beliefs-21162479","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}