Swift Reaction to Historic Iran Nuclear Deal

President Obama hails a new chapter in U.S. relationship with Iran while House Speaker John Boehner calls the deal"'unacceptable."
5:46 | 07/14/15

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Transcript for Swift Reaction to Historic Iran Nuclear Deal
But we have to. Treat this as an ongoing. Enforcement effort which I so strongly support. And S president would be absolutely devoted. Two ensuring that the agreement is followed. And that's why the deal but we have about their in my view. From what I know all the thus far is unacceptable. It's going to be gonna hand. A dangerous regime billions of dollars in sanctions relief while paving the way of for a nuclear Iran. Reaction. Lift today from both parties on president Obama's historic Iran nuclear deal democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton throwing her support behind the agreement. House speaker John Boehner lashed out. And ABC's. Mary Bruce is in Washington now with the very latest. There is no question this is president Obama's biggest diplomatic achievement yet. After working into the early morning hours negotiators Indiana emerged with a 100 page pact and hopes of a new relationship. After seventeen straight days of rocky negotiations. And months of delicate diplomatic wrangling this morning and historic nuclear agreement with Iran. We have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region. The president hailing a new chapter in Iran's relationship with the west touting that deal as a victory for diplomacy this deal offers an opportunity to move. In a new direction. We should season. The agreement sharply limits Iran's nuclear capabilities preventing Iran from developing in nuclear weapon for at least ten years. In exchange bruising economic sanctions that have crippled Iran for years will come to an end including those aimed personally at several controversial Iran in officials. And in a compromise on a major sticking point a longstanding arms embargo on Iran will also be lifted over time. Ronnie is watching closely today praising the deal as a win win our viewers that thing they knew chopped and local. And this is on that lawmakers in Washington now have sixty days to review the deal and already Republicans are threatening to block it based on what I know. I'm highly skeptical. At that the president issuing a dire warning about the alternative put simply. No deal means a greater chance of more war in the Middle East. Congress will now decide whether to vote to Dee rail the deal but the president has already vowed to veto any legislation. That stands in the way of this agreement. Live in Washington I'm very bricks now back to you. And leaders from around the world are also reacting to this historic agreement but as the BBC's Richard galloping tells us. Well the United States and Iran celebrate. This deal is real. Is not happy. Finally after mold in the decade of on off negotiations. Agreements has now been reached between the major world powers and Iran on curbing its nuclear program. The aim to prevent Iran building atomic weapons. I believe this is a historic moment. We are reaching an agreement. That is not perfect put anybody. But it is what people would accomplish and it is an important achievement for all Lewis today. Could have been. The end of hope on this issue but now we are asserting. They knew chopped their local. Iran has always insisted its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only. Butts and to today's deal or lease facilities but to be scaled right back. With the aim of making it impossible for Tehran to build a nuclear weapon quickly if it ever decided to do said. UN inspectors will monitor these sites and if the agreements violated than any sanctions which have been lifted will be reimposed. We have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region. Because of this deal. The international community will be able to verify the Islamic Republic of Iran will not developed in nuclear weapons. In return the crippling sanctions imposed on Iran in recent years will be lifted. This would include releasing mold in the hundred billion dollars from frozen Iranian assets. To some of the west's most important allies in the Middle East. All this amounts to far too many concessions to Iran. I'm beautiful hopeful. There's. Carriers are. You won't hurt you shouldn't. Floating boom period. Collisions. And we do news. Speaking in the last few minutes the Iranian president's house sunroof honey insisted his government would abide by the terms of the deal. As long as the world powers also remains committed. He said a new era have begun. We check out pain BBC news. And you can keep up with historian real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. I'm Elizabeth her in New York.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"President Obama hails a new chapter in U.S. relationship with Iran while House Speaker John Boehner calls the deal\"'unacceptable.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"32445574","title":"Swift Reaction to Historic Iran Nuclear Deal","url":"/International/video/swift-reaction-historic-iran-nuclear-deal-32445574"}