Syria Puts Israel on Alert

Israel says it is ready to respond if threatened and has reinforced its missile defenses as a precaution.
1:46 | 08/28/13

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Transcript for Syria Puts Israel on Alert
Entire mideast region is on alert this morning -- military action against Syria seems more -- Let's get very latest now live from our Jerusalem bureau or ABC's Molly hunter standing by. Good morning Molly let's start with Israel what are they doing to prepare for the worst. Is watching from a distance mostly yesterday prime minister Netanyahu said they were ready for any scenario out -- ready to respond it threatens. At but I am -- watching me get in here normally Israeli -- are certainly taking precautions yesterday there was a run on gas masks. We heard that demand for gas -- -- -- All our -- Let's talk about what Syria's regime might do if we strike so much focus on what we might do what -- they do and in response. President and side gas. Hundreds thousands at his own people so there's no telling what -- nineteen next. Is hearing regime has hundreds -- tons of mustard gas they have major stock piles of Sarin and -- more than a 100000. Missiles and rocket. That -- hit many neighboring countries including hearing is -- -- there are certainly ready here. -- what are you hearing about those weapons inspectors in Syria after -- turned out to be pretty rocky first day. We spoke Clinton yesterday and he mentioned on Monday they headed to that one of its site and in question and snipers fired at their hearts. They ended up visiting -- -- act probably yesterday they've laid -- I did a security assessment to planet rest of their week. We heard that -- visited town southwest of Damascus on Monday. Activists actually -- that most of the Italians -- east of the capital so today they're expected to regroup. And head out again. All right ABC's Molly hunter reporting live from Jerusalem thank you.

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{"id":20095008,"title":"Syria Puts Israel on Alert","duration":"1:46","description":"Israel says it is ready to respond if threatened and has reinforced its missile defenses as a precaution.","url":"/International/video/syria-puts-israel-alert-20095008","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}