Syrian Refugees Building Homes Away From Home

ABC News' Terry Moran tours a refugee camp in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.
4:08 | 09/10/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Syrian Refugees Building Homes Away From Home
We're in the book Kot valley in Lebanon the bread basket of Lebanon and here tens of thousands of Syrian refugees have com. And made their lives for four or five years someone. We are in the camp right now just walking through the gate here which holds I would say a couple of was Syrian refugees. We've met some of them there are conditions are. Unspeakable in some ways and they had made whole show you'll read on this can't get its life is like. First their homes themselves they're made out of stuff like this this is an island all America bill ward that you hang on the side of the building that's been announced avenues and and made into a pretty good roof. We talked to people they say it's hot of course when the sun comes but keeps the rain. Which matters a lot. They built these places themselves. Out one thing to remember the Lebanese government. Which is taken in about one point two million Syrian refugees it was 25% of the population. They don't provide much into these. Private land world right now every single person here and look at this look at how they have made. They're all porch as. They pour concrete. You going to these places it's. There's still despite years. Degradation pride in in almost every home UC despite the despair the Lebanese government. Provide aid private land each one of these families. We'll. Eight rent as refugees. In. This. I'd like to see that in a lot of places to they have been forced to make a new community a new hope. Everywhere you seen him. No schools. One of the things that parents palace and over is now. Agonizing it is up to see their children. Out of school. In that third fourth and ninth tenth grades no education. The sewage system as you can imagine. Is pretty rudimentary. And in the wind blows is certainly you can smell that this is not just. And unsanitary it's unhealthy place. Look at these pictures and it seems so far white working. And living in a place like this with. With a model's face as their wall. But people who had normal homes like like you're they had jobs in theory. They had order case the kids went to school there was health care and and this thing that has broken the spirit of some. Is that they can't we where they are. You're seeing the conditions that have now driven so many. Across. The border to Turkey across the water through grief to take him terribly risky journey because. They've given up hope of ever getting back to Syria and they don't believe that this. For their children. The right. And so as. She would die 101000. Deaths to help her job. Other who is willing to put his children into one of those votes because there is no. Is no other. Chance for a penny. For asylum. In Canada in Australia. Across the world and they get turned. And this is no life and the like for them or their children and that is this place is one. This condition are these beautiful Childress is why you are seeing all those people. Com and he Europe and trying to make new life despite the obstacles the dangers and the opposition. Terry Moran ABC news. My car about it.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"ABC News' Terry Moran tours a refugee camp in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"33666644","title":"Syrian Refugees Building Homes Away From Home","url":"/International/video/syrian-refugees-building-homes-away-from-home-33666644"}