Tension in Venezuela mounts as Maduro blocks aid from the US

Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans are still in need of aid as humanitarian crisis continues.
5:35 | 02/12/19

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Transcript for Tension in Venezuela mounts as Maduro blocks aid from the US
Into Venezuela now where demonstrators are planning. A major protest today in the streets in support of opposition leader won quite know this as president Nicholas marriage hero. Is blasting the United States has a quote gang of extremists and says he will not allow aid humanitarian aid into his country. Are Bruno rover is staged in Colombia on the Colombia Venezuelan border where that aid is positioned in his been blocked. By the merger of regime from entering the company to country Bruno great to see you give us the scene there what's the situation with the aid and what's going on behind the. Well and it's an essence what this crisis is all about. Is all about as they have hobbled around where I mean Columbia everywhere on the border with Venezuela they did concede. That does hold the people walking back. And bullets this side people are coming from Venice violent coming to buy essential items and they can't buy of of that on this on paper Leverett Conning. To Venezuela and this is the thing is the crux of the issue head which is the deprivation is being experienced by hundreds of thousands of people about his mind about both sides. All of the class the battle for the data minus whenever accusing it John all politicizing humanitarian aid which is being positioned on the board of health problem hits and a sense. Both the rights really both sides are politicizing it as he said Nicholas wood Dora is that his moment and let the aid into Venezuela this is. And attempted interference led by the US and would in effect be tantamount to an invasion Femi blocking the day meanwhile the opposition leader. The interim president. One wideout is saying he's using it as a rallying cry for his supporters and has been talking and maybe make that given them will be does lead wrong today. About the idea of having a mass protests to try and bring the aid across themselves. Did to break the blockade is also daring the military to say stop and I actually as it was shoot all obstruct their own citizens. So there's a lot riding on the humanitarian effort of the moment. It hasn't moved and hasn't nothing's actually happen in this is the danger to opposition find themselves in I think is that. If they don't do something soon they have to have that in other than that Nichols would or could wait them out. And Bruno are real quickly a fascinating scene there behind you a free flowing border and sort of surprised that that. That both sides they don't seem to be controlling human movement on in either direction there. Easy gave Pitt a little bit more of a picture of have you seen any might be any any exodus of sorts of people leaving fleeing that as well. There are they pretty much for turning back out of their homes. Now I mean there's a lot of people but there are operas of three million venezuelans of actually left. The country on high living on the borders of Columbia. And in Brazil and other countries in the region best but so desperate officer tries to them that that Molly eke out some sort of life and identity concede. People selling stop along the side of the road many many of these people off. Venezuelans who are living right here. Some of them on the streets trying to eke out some sort of life an advantage here on imagine not. That I of that in Venezuela is there really desperate an offense that this is the Cole a wall states hold back to this amount is the deprivation. And that that that the starvation almost the people of Venezuela I mean salvation. But suddenly dipped. We'll see if you have really a difficult situation to say the least Grunow rover great to have you there on the border of Colombia and Venezuela terrific reporting sir thank you let's go now. To Caracas were Cody Wendell has been tracking the protests which are happening today. In support of wanting why go it's very loud they're in the streets Cody. Set the scene for us what's happening today in Caracas. Well we are seeing these protests here tens of thousands of people are marking basically that states that it does but over I felt we can't see it here but that's where we expect walk light though. What's the big once again to come out and speak to folks here and other opposition leader. And I can still see back this way they're probably couple thousand more people still marching this way. So a massive turnout your once again this anti government protests like we've been seeing. The excitement you're really kids that use they don't like change really is about to happen that's even though Greg Ellis sank. Nothing as early app but significant over the past few days that he ordered action but the military. They need warts that signals from people inside that government. That they're willing to flip over to block by the roadside but there still is a sense here. Of that changes coming. They Inco either had been so much concern early on in these protests broke out. About a potentially violent response from the Venezuelan military what presents. Does the Venezuelan military haven't these protests do you see them are they around it is there any if any concern about that. We have seen some members of the aid but that's what a national. We'll. The protest we are in Iraq mrs. east this is. A place that is virtually banned opposition territory and and other parts of rocket that bristling at that more. Pro government we've been seeing that 47 not that allowing people took to gather and marched at this place here. Though there are certainly a tactic within the government not allow people. And working class areas gather they were there will hold we allow for now here and we don't expect this marks the turn violent here. Since they're not planning to march to downtown. I Cody battle force in Caracas Venezuela terrific reporting Cody will be back with you later this week thank you sir.

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{"duration":"5:35","description":"Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans are still in need of aid as humanitarian crisis continues. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61025257","title":"Tension in Venezuela mounts as Maduro blocks aid from the US","url":"/International/video/tension-venezuela-mounts-maduro-blocks-aid-us-61025257"}