Thailand cave rescue mission

Experts, correspondents discuss what's next for the mission to save 12 teens and their soccer coach from a cave in Thailand.
23:46 | 07/03/18

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Transcript for Thailand cave rescue mission
Hello here want thanks much for watching ABC news live I'm Lindsey Davis today we are talking about those twelve young boys and their soccer coach. Found alive but still trapped inside that cave in Thailand. We are now on day eleven James Longman joins us now live from Thailand with the very latest James. Hi Lindsay yes as we speak. Divers and medics are in that with those boys. On the soccer coach enough pot of the cave which is draw at something like two miles over two miles in. That's about massive cave network where they've been missing now in the going into day twelve if I'm I'm not mistaken. And so the idea now is that the Navy SEALs we understand their seven of them one of him as a medic and another in us. Administering coddled help that they'll they needs nourishment and they've been missing over the last few days. For they've hunted take within stuff which they can fit through all the gaps in the premises and they'll narrow passage ways that are in not. Tunnel tunnel way. And also stuff that they can. They can digest because they have to get united meth so long and they know anything for affiliates a rough but without some of them kind of Russians that the US military has given else. Society to say you just exactly the kinds of things have been sending in that's he's the kinds of things that soldiers. How when that the united auto emissions soon pause the wild way than have noble thing to me. And this is chocolate chip cookies this one in this one is. Chocolate covered coffee bean site he's the kinds of things of that trying to get them to eat. To build up not strength to get out of the cave but it is a real race against time because. The weather is gonna change a meaning it. It's it's Monday a teammate the rain has held off so far the last couple of days as part of the reason why they've been able to get to these boys. But we're expecting wuss rain was whether sorry say in the monsoon season but he kicking off an eight wondering. Either to get them out before the rain really kicks in Portis that keep them in six U. And and and give them the help they need and today policies but the problem about a idea is that arraigned season case in Thailand. Doesn't end until November so the idea of leaving them in this cave until then. That's a possibility it's an extraordinary moment it is a possibility. And cell rescue could be still. Days weeks in the making. That's right I mean. United. The number one priority as the Thai authorities keep reminding us amount is the safety and health of these boys. They have managed to survive because in part Kate is warm at a hundred degrees and that's why about hypothermia that access to clean water because that's been seeping down. Through the rocks and obviously there's been oxygen in Netscape. But they all week and to get out of that cave takes real strength. A tie for Thai. Navy seal officer takes about six hours to get from. It cave the mouth of the K two where they six hours. And swimming underwater climbing rocks. Through water which one Belgian diver described to us. Times is like swimming through coffee. It's it is a real issue and and for the young boys who long experience in scuba diving that the problem of you know you can if you give them a mosque to swim under some of those rocks. Connecticut how to come to that they have no experience of doing things like Robinson really terrifying thing and it's block size. It's no there are no good options for the have to choose one. Jane's Addiction to stick by windows for a moment we'll come back to but I want to bring in the ABC's doctor Jan Ashton and Jen really for two things one if you can kind of just piggyback off of what James is just talking about there as it for you you have certain several scuba scuba certification does want to get a sense for you from you. As far as how dangerous this is and what would be required of the these young boys who are don't have that the scuba certification. Well Lindsey and as we heard from James who's been you know really giving us excellent reporting since this story broke there. This is an environmentally. And logistically very challenging and precarious situation for obvious reasons all the reasons that James has brought up. Terms of food in terms of the location of this walled off trapped cave that they are in the distance that's involved. When you get to the nitty gritty about the scuba. Work that's involved. From these trained seal divers that James just told us six hours from when they get from basically we're James is standing to these boy is. That is not something that someone who is not a strong swimmer and has never donned scuba diving ten do. Without apparel and without risk and when you look at some of the statistics on scuba fatalities. A lot of them apparently tend to occur when divers are an unfamiliar. Challenging. Or unexpectedly. Stressful situations and they panic and when you are dependent on a mask for your oxygen supply. Had thinking. Can be deadly so when you talk about eleven year olds thirteen year olds fifteen year old was never done this before or already in a weekend. You know. Really stressed situation for. And this is something that is you know really really stacks the deck in terms of risk. And what I get the perspective now from a navy seal admiral Robert Harvard. You can give us really a sense additionally as we just heard from doctor action about some of the complications are what concerns you announced. Rule. Personal humble things. But Armenia over. You're wet environment. Yet blast. Ego problem where your bottom quarter any congress you know accuses our children kids of the Tuesday. Europe very well environment. Jobs. The good news on that all this as we know we're here are. We can get a lot of simple lie because what most of the darker picture in case. They get disordered and did not know where there are no more. Now. Washington. There's personal life weren't so there's a lie Lowe's. Two the caper which at all. And now we have time monarch who got supplies. Their shoes and urge. Also teach each but today and they know how they'll be exposed. To these environments where they may need to go to war. Salaam confident with the right instructors. Right people but he he is due. And it. To get out is supportable. And they have the time to try and gardeners and even chance. We're warmly welcomes all of these typical of the church's. That he may have to place to get out. But he I think. Word Curtis spaceflight now it's really works the best plan and how we execute it to get these children he or she either. And how does a mission change now would initially it was it was search and now it's rescue. Not exactly right at a place that. We know medical condition region he regions like so technologically. There hundred people. Different environment. Report we've gotten dockers. So. One they're changed a lot to be your mind right. So apologies. If we've got to pursue this course that we. We hear what you risk that we can't wait till whatever it takes a moment that you get them out. You have option and Lindsay gawker. Gonna get sorry what I want I want a XX founding upon. You know and as Jeanne said at the scene and as admiral just said they have time now to prepare and almost train these boys so you know my scuba experience doesn't hold a candle to the admirals but when I got my paddy rescue diver certification. As he mentioned training and testing we had to go through maneuvers where my mask was knocked off. My breathing hodes was pulled out from my face I was spun around I did a night diving course and certification. And they do have the capacity now. To train and teach these boys so that if the unexpected happens on their. They they at least have encountered that may be physically. You know I mean as the admiral knows and again he's very modest and he's not bringing it up when you talk about training for this type of maneuver whether it's from a medical standpoint or a scuba standpoint. These are. Extreme professionals and they have not only being in stressful situations like this before but they have trained and taught these maneuvers but. For just like when we do a resuscitation on a patient. We have been through it so many times that when we do it for the first time for real. It's almost automatic and and these divers. Are no different they they've done this and practices and they will go through with these children I'm sure that. And doctor -- and a woman do a little bit of a deeper dive on that just a moment but I think we may be about to lose James had just wanna get back to you James lastly just to get a sense if you have. Any kind of update on the state whether psychologically or emotionally or physically of the boys inside the case. Well we were told that day in some of various states. A good they've they've color code that states. Green yellow reds in various different ways to use that to kind of give us an idea of what it conditions of a broadly speaking. We think that pop about half the boys are in a pretty good stay in the Alice. A little bit weaker Adam and so we would suggest that possibly that months if they do start to bring about you might see some of the struggle once. Come out with us. And of course they will be their priority to you to try to make so those those kids who have. Really suffered most that soft and I'm ports out and get the help they need as soon as possible but. I think that's the party has to be to get us made amounts as possible and if the ones who have fitting onto it can come. Then that'll be that'll be one LD. I mean just looking at a pitches when those British divers popped up a double to that. You could see that some of them some astounding date they thanks to them. Unita and jumping up and down and have a lot of energy that they survive something pretty incredible. The last well now it's twelve days schools for the time. And so you know I think these these kids have resilience. And we'll latency. I just wanted to give you under the bit and I do also about what it's like an account because. It's one thing to witness I've I've. You know been in some press remains in my time and you're lucky if you get a coffee and a biscuit. And the Thai people have put on one of the most incredible. Facilities for everyone Hayes working around the clock on overstated in this way out of these important but the rescue is the moment is. You know we we I've been meeting some of the titled it is not man enough such lovely wolf hospitable people. They have even amazingly. Crated. Coffee area within a proper espresso machine heading out. Prop rated good high quality coffee and in its opposite incredible what more could you wishful tie the spot of Thailand Perry's. Meridian coffee so if anyone who watches coming holiday and likes coffee come to this a lot of time is in that city businesses. It's you know every time we come up to the company get mauled by. Thai people who come up and they say one what to us repeatedly. Which presuming it translates better in time they say fighting fighting. Which which I'm guessing just means and that hoping that the boys are fighting. I'm and is a brilliant thing that commodity with a big smile it's go to Salem of the international observers were quite skeptical about whether or not. These boys would be found people like us what kind of saying wow how could they be to be found after all this time is such deep. But the Thai. People why hopeful the whole time and they said neither is poison that name rights what a joy it is to be part of the story reaches. Hopefully gonna have happy and went what Whelan not out of the woods yet but it's been quite a thing to watch. Our James a thank you so much for your hard work we know we have delayed ego for world news and appreciate you so we'll get another update from you shortly but in the meantime want to bring in. And mar Mears with the national cave rescue commission want to get a sense from you. What goes into the decision about whether or not to try to evacuate them right away or supply them in place. Obviously you've got that that the divers early underground. The dive masters who would be working with the kids and training them and evaluating. Whether or not there capable of doing it. Probably the most important aspect is that if people on the surface. Trust the decision that the people underground are making. Then it things will go more smoothly one of the big prompter and it became rescues on the surface tries to make decisions. Based on information that they don't have firsthand knowledge the people underground. The other problem that you have of course is they are facing that kind of a time deadline. The worsening conditions but. One of the things that I keep coming back to is yes there are more rains coming in right now. But the reins they in the monsoon season they do common go and there will be lol periods. And even if he started training them right now which you really don't want to do until they've had a chance to get. Some more strength killing and they had proper nutrition and have been reintroduced it to eating regularly. It's is still going to be several weeks before they would be potentially ready to do any kind of dive and they do you have. There's those wells within the reins and hopefully that gives them an opportunity to make the if they decide to go with a diving option. The best possible conditions and the highest level of training. That the people underground can get. And if they decide that it simply is not a safe option. The fact that they can now have. Enough supplies in the cave to wait out even if even if they have to wait out the entire monsoon season. That is an option. And I'm sure that people on the ground are also still exploring options. Potentially trying to put in a new entrants in some way shape or form even if that may not be. As feasible as as originally thought. Do you feel like you're too far removed to give us your armchair analysis of what you're thinking the best decision might be. I write in all of the interviews that given I have not tried to tell. What the best decision would be because I do not happen that first hand knowledge. Having had been on many rescues like that where people. Are moved from were second guessing the decisions I were making. I'm not going to do that is people who are on the ground. On what I'm trying to do is to give that the public out there the background to understand why the disease may be being made that are being made. And utility it is possible that even if this wait requires. Extending into November. The boys will be able to end survive and lessen of the cave that long. I think that's entirely possible. And I also don't feel that even we say the monsoon season ends in November it doesn't just suddenly drop off it tends to taper off. And it will over time there will be increasing opportunities to increase the efficiency they're pumping operations. Reduce the amount of water coming into the cave. And there may be there's longer lol periods in between which they can actually come to came down so the the longest we're looking at is November. But it in in reality even if they decide not to go to diving option it could be much shorter than that. Based on what the weather does and at this point from that standpoint the option is entirely based on whether. Doctor Asch it would appear that the possibility that they could have several months potentially there what kind of ailments are you concerned about in the long run in the short term. So short term you know as we've started to hear from the various experts who liberty way to an honest. You know this is a situation where basically your you're assessing vital signs and you're doing the basic triage which James Longman said they've already started to do the color coded the kids in terms of there. Medical and physical condition so. You know their basics. Are they getting ins and outs how much are they taking in. How much are they you know urinating where are they going to the bathroom are they having an EG I issues like diarrhea. Vomiting things like that. Are they said browns are they have a temperature which could be a sign of infection or are they getting hypothermia these are the basics. Then their nutritional status this is it had abolish state for these kids and this coach meaning they are breaking down muscle because their physiological state of stress. Is so high. They of a massive katic Colin mean released. They're distressed or situation. And that takes its whole votes short term and long term so that has to be evaluated their nutritional demands are. One of the top three. Of primary. Issues medically that have to be addressed and then. Any parent any pediatrician any general health care professional we'll tell you when you're talking about ten or fifteen. Preteens. Are teenage boy is. That's loaded situation these are they are gonna have the same developmental issues that any kid will have at home. Nightmares and separation anxiety missing their parent when they're deprived of late. And and there comfort issues from home there can be cycle and equality that we'll have to be addressed. And and we've seen that before with people who were held hostage during aren't kind of difficult. Environmental situations. And and anything that could could occur longer charm which is what you're talking about in if they're there for weeks and months. You know communicable infections disease is something they could get from a water supply or from each other or any skin lacerations or wounds that could become. You know more severe so antibiotics. Infectious disease concerns will be being looked at by the medics divers the doctors and nurses who or giving them there but. This is going to be you know a very very. Intense situation on any number of levels medically physically psychologically environmentally. An animal we can bring you and you know a lot of people are watching it Holmes and OK all the takes an experienced diver six hours to get to them. Why not just kind of strapped the mopping kind of do like a tandem I don't know that I would call but it tandem diver you just kind of bringing the boys along with a mask. What's the dangers there and and as far as I guess the potential for the boys to panic while there in the water. We're a little personal medical relief. Did issue she could get animal lives their wrists. That are associated with we want to each that. You know there are it is we made. Load while working much dock here today actually. Bestseller list provided error and forms of lying and she's wearing all those options. But. If you're under article blockers. And I don't know that operation of the periods that they would have died supposed to apply would be well water that trees palms. So duration and distance that they after. Be under water cut costs are out of work is yet to bundle buffet and but more important salons and wonder I acted together. But they got us this morning call community who remain adequately. And it and keep her where Renault should not occur but they don't create what would be medical risks associated. And political writer training room on monarch life. Those are all options available by the court. The number one rule of these sorts she's British and where we know her whole life. We can take your goal is to do no harm. Before you what red dot situation. We want us and ensure that the results. Do not outweigh the bad actors necessary to get him out. So sure right now will partnered to boost. They are all your expertise and experience he diary. And rescue drops they're there to support this effort I'm sure there are coming through would playing like includes. Two dressed. It will want why it is that they're forced to hear about where they considered out. And and let's just do a round Robin here with with all of your final thoughts and you weave in the last 24 hours gone from this. You know relief that did the boys are alive. Two now this real strategy and and race against the clock August depending on how you look at it because if they can stay in their for months maybe it's not. So much to raise but there the strategy of what is the best answer what's the best remedy. So admiral will start with you just as far as your final thoughts here in the situation. Here well first off let's just miracle and there all day would help address those options. What we have time yeah helped me get your mind in the right. Training and and then walking through what that will be necessary to get I'll teach them viable option. The sport that colleges. Encourage everybody optimistic that this is going to be a great news. Toward the end of this journey these young boys and men were. We hope you're right in and mar your final thoughts. So the thing but that I always look at with these is that there are no. Good options here. And the people. Who are there at the scene and making decisions and accurate the admiral we have some of the best experts in the world there. They're making the best decisions with the best information they had available. I I certainly hope that we have the best possible outcome. But the real problem is because now they are under a microscope the entire world is watching them. If there isn't a positive outcome regardless they could it even if they could not have made. Any better decisions. They they will feel the blame and and that's not something that people. But their lives on hold help other people really need to have that stress as they are trying to do the work to get them out safely of course of course doctored. An Ashton were going to be the final word yet you know Lindsay my thoughts on this are not as a doctor not as scuba diver but as a mom. Of a son and a daughter and this age group if you're a parent who is familiar with this age group. They've been very stoic but there's still little boys and so. My hope and what I'm going to be watching and I'm sure it's happening is that their spirits are cared for as much as their bodies and ultimately it all falls down to being a parent and and my heart goes out to them and their parent. This is a tough time. Well thank you all so much for giving us your time and we are all certainly hoping and praying for the best outcome thank you so much for watching ABC news live is alleging get the latest developments on and of course are apt. ABC news.

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