Time's Up on ISIS Ransom Demand for Japanese Hostages; What's Next?

The militant group posted a new video online saying the countdown to kill the two hostages has begun after the Japanese government missed a 72-hour deadline.
11:34 | 01/23/15

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Transcript for Time's Up on ISIS Ransom Demand for Japanese Hostages; What's Next?
Bob country on edge the 200 million dollar demand by crisis in exchange for two Japanese hostages. Expired overnight a mother now begging for her son's life. As the fate of those two men remains unknown. The militant group posting a new video online and a countdown to kill those men has started. Hot spot Japan. Local. York Japanese prime minister Shinto abbate convened his National Security Council today to discuss how to handle this crisis. If she's Karen Travers as the latest now from Washington. Ice is demanded 200 million dollars from the Japanese government in exchange for the release of two Japanese hostages. The deadline for that ransom payment has passed with no word on the hostages' fate. Or. Duluth. Call yeah. Overnight in Tokyo the mother of one of the hostages making a last minute emotional plea for a racist to spare her son I don't know how to that he come let's. Her son is a respected Japanese television reporter Kenji goto. He traveled to Syria last year his colleagues described him as careful is not a gung ho more talents. He cares about. From ninety before he went goto left behind this video saying only he was to blame if he was captured by ices the other Japanese hostages overnight you how lap. A self described adventurer. He was captured by races last year and accused to being an American spy. It vices goes through with its threats that would be seven hostages killed by the alleged executioner called G Heidi John. Because of his British accent and now certainty to our lowest. The pressure year old government and McCann and wise decision. That same masked man is believed dude in the executioner in the murders of Americans James Foley Steve socks off and Peter pass it. And brits David Haynes and Allen handing. US and British officials say they know the identity of G Heidi John but they're not making it public as they look for ways to capture or kill him. Karen Travers ABC news Washington. What a switch now and bring in our crime and terror analyst brag here in Washington DC and Brad went askew but that's how seriously as Japan taking this morning. Well I would present and quite seriously and prices has not hesitated in the past tour to execute people based on deadlines. So I. Am gonna make it some resumptions here. That in we're not really sure where in the 72 hours started so has it past does that not passed. If they are still alive I would think the follow. That the Japanese have been able to talk to ices may be they're negotiating. A way out of this maybe they're negotiating the price. There could be a number of things going on that would support. That we haven't heard from license. In and a number of hours. What are we not bright with tacos before their significance this 200 million dollar ransom what is that. Well because it's such an outrageous amount of money and it. Many terrorists organizations. In this really started going into big box. Oh with a Somali peace hijacking ships and holding ship and the career. Four a lot of money. In so who you know I think the it's whatever the traffic will bear and I you know obviously the Japanese could pay 200 million dollars on into question is will day. They have not. Formally said one way or the other like clearly United States has a policy to not play. They may negotiate stock going to be over money. So that the Japanese sound like there may be in the middle on that and we'll have to see sort of how this plays out. But. I also think crisis if in fact they have actually queue to them. Would not be bashful about tell us that. Debt which is Ben as you pointed out Brad it has been a hallmark trait of how they have been doing this before. Use that there is some uncertainty as far as when that 72 hour timeframe may actually be starting in when it may ending. If in fact the Japanese are negotiating with crisis on this what does that look like them behind the scenes. Well. It's obviously an intermediary the Japanese probably are not directly talking two to crisis they either have a contact. In Japan or in some other part of the world. Back has a link or communication devices and that person is the one basically doing the negotiating. On the behalf at the Japanese. Armed and news so this may be of you know back and forth I I guess I'd be surprised. Devices would lower the price. Only because they can basically asked whatever they want to ask and in the past. Bomb year old looking at a number of scenarios being in where in particularly the French. Have paid. A lot of money several million dollars at a time. To get hostages released. So I think crisis is look in that going we'll just keep. Going up and you're gonna pay it or or really kill your hostages. Com and you know did. It really worked for them in the past. What that from this figure that we're seeing than it is the intelligence community in Japan may be elsewhere around the world taking away from this that might possibly be different from those previous videos. Well. Every time you get a idiot and you try to first of all assess. Isn't legitimate is that shot. Where they claim it's being shot. For example let's look at this. The background behind these two most recent. The hostages from Japan. Looks like maybe the Syrian desert guess you could be the Iraqi desert. But you know the question is you know is that real. Is it a green screen. Where they are really in a studio some place they projected desert behind them. In other some argument among the experts and I'm just sort of talking here that we don't really no joke that. The lighting is such that it would be how the senate reflect off of both of them the wind is not blowing it mean if any if you spent any time the desert. There's a lot of constant wind that would affect the mikes. On Jihad John and anybody else that might be around. It's very clear it's like they are in a place where there is no other noise so. Let's presume that's true and you know it doesn't really change the scenario it's just ice is basically letting you know our rationale that. We are where it appears we are. Which would you know sort of further cloak the location of both. The executioner. As well as the hostages. We'll see you had mentioned the possibility of being in Syria and we've seen some reports of fat of these two men. Travel to Syria before their capture do we know why what was their initial purpose. Well. Based on reporting from Japan only apparently one gentleman who is eight journalist of sorts. Went to a crisis. Supposedly. Who was captured. I'm not really sure if you wanted to join them if you wanted to cover them but be that what it date they didn't believe him they've turned it into a prisoner. And then the second gentlemen. Apparently leaves Japan thinking he can come and rescue the first. And obviously that didn't work at. Now we are looking at this video and if in fact crisis does go through this. And the execution occurs this would then bring the total number of people killed. To seven by this G hi John what do we know about him I don't there's been voice analysis done. There's a lot of speculation. That. That we even know the identity Jihad China I've had some conversations with people. Who would note climbing that is the case. That they have a name they know where he's from. But they're not gonna talk about it publicly and and the reason why is the follow. If you're trying to capture somebody or figure out their location. The last thing you really want them to know. Is that you are looking for a particular person with a particular name. Because as people travel and move around. You wanted to stay in a retained because of routine will leash give you sort of common things that happen each day in their lives. Order they eat where they sleep where they live. The associating with. And so you know I'm my guess is they're really trying to draw a peek into where is this guy can we actually. Geo locate here. Om and so as a result and I guarantee you that is going on I don't know if they're successful or not. But term they will continue to do that and my guess is will not hear anything about. She how John one where the other sees debtor in custody. Brad over the last askew. In the US involvement is there any as far as providing any kind of intelligence or even. Negotiations support or any kind of even manpower behind this with Japan. Well my sense would be because you can't really doesn't have a foot trend setter speak in the Middle East. They had an embassy in Syria they pulled out when when Syria it. Started having problems are numbered years ago so. Probably what would happen if there were decent Intel where they were it was possible they could be rescued. I think the Japanese would come to us the US. And ask is because obviously were in place we've done it before. Arms. And and we might help them I don't know. The other side of that day it is that we would be feeding the Japanese intelligence. As we get it in reference to their hostages. Because in you know we have a relationship with them a diplomatic relationship and so. On clearly we would like to help them get these two guys back. It's just as we experienced in recent months. Extremely difficult to know where they are. And do you have enough time. To actually go get them as we've had in some recent. Hostage situations were try to go get them and the information was just a little too old they had been moved. ABC's crime and terror analyst Brad Garrett in Washington Bret thank you for that. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading ABC news and star in a story for exclusive updates on the go. This is the international spot spot on Dan's batchelor New York.

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{"duration":"11:34","description":"The militant group posted a new video online saying the countdown to kill the two hostages has begun after the Japanese government missed a 72-hour deadline.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"28435489","title":"Time's Up on ISIS Ransom Demand for Japanese Hostages; What's Next?","url":"/International/video/times-isis-ransom-demand-japanese-hostages-28435489"}