Total solar eclipse of 1999 leaves Muslims in awe

ABC's Bill Blakemore on what the teachings of Islam say about the rare occurrence in the sky.
1:57 | 07/28/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Total solar eclipse of 1999 leaves Muslims in awe
Earlier this week NASA said the best viewing a video clips would be in Iran specifically in this city of Isfahan. It's a rare view for westerners but recent bill Blakemore who shows us is an event of great meaning for the people there. The sun drenched ancient city of Isfahan. Homes centuries ago to some of the world's greatest astronomers have been preparing for weeks I think I'm. Most important this student told us. Is that the attacks will make us all feel how tiny BR in the universe. Outside Isfahan where villages are dwarfed by giant hills. These box TRE nomad holds told us on the sun which lives in the ocean that night out will be blocked out by papers from the earth. And then we'll put our families and sheep in caves to protect them. Islam teaches that a solar eclipse is a glimpse of God's immense power and presence. In response rate imam square a few said prayers of that power began he felt. Others tried all sorts of viewing method. Makeshift camera attachment some even used welders masks. The baking heat has suddenly lifted there's a cool breeze. In the mountains an entire city are bathed in a stranger un earthly light you can see how awestruck the ancient Persian astronomers must've been. The modern versions were astonished to. Nothing can prepare you for the site of that lack this streaming rays this whole life. Then as quickly as it was extinguished. Day return. But you celebrated by chanting. The create. This woman said the six that showed God's power to move people in this young student of English put it most directly of all. I'm guessing this is that are set all law. And I liked it. Bill Blakemore ABC news Isfahan Iran.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"ABC's Bill Blakemore on what the teachings of Islam say about the rare occurrence in the sky.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"48906827","title":"Total solar eclipse of 1999 leaves Muslims in awe","url":"/International/video/total-solar-eclipse-leaves-muslims-awe-48906827"}