Total solar eclipse over parts of Chile, Argentina

Totality occurred at 4:38pm EST.
2:53 | 07/02/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Total solar eclipse over parts of Chile, Argentina
Our act right now. You're looking live picture total solar eclipses his over northern chalet and beautiful day up more space news it's at 438. It's was the last about 21 half minutes or so it's gonna travel across the Andes before ending up in one S area is. And mainly open across open waters but it didn't make landfall in Chile and Argentina the beach city a Los Rana was expecting more Taurus. And residents Seattle. Came to get a glimpse and it's so real. Violin as wild like you sandy Garrett 200000 people NN in -- Serena and 300000 Vitter visitors are coming to see this. Is the First Solar eclipse since 2007 teens are the mood is of course in a perfect space in its orbit between the earth and the sun. And Los arena parks a chilly. Are in the chilly air are in that the darkest shadow called the umbrella. So that's solar corona will only last for a few minutes but to talent he has actually occurring right now at 438 so trying to get some pictures that. I didn't bring my glasses Lee I. If it weren't we don't want our client camera but if you or if we ordinarily when we should be looking at pleasant person directly and her absolutely if you're remember you know we did this not too long ago in our area where you have to make the special glasses are you poke a hole in nine piece of cardboard you know you can't look directly at an otherwise you can. Really do some damage your eyes only solar eclipse this year right yes Linda we get to see when do we when's the next one you know the future when I have to look up register the woman's back into those seventeen and I think it's a while me and what I think it is it's about the little seven degrees there. And las arena and it's easy disguised they're actually perfectly clear it's just look at satellite picture this is in northern Chile. Look what does the sliver left an enemy isn't that is some. It's going to be dark out. The tourists are the restaurants eleven and I'm sure with all the tourists home Mike Cox can you imagine he'd like yet the impact of the economy there he did you fantastic slowly disappearing. And less how Longley two and a half. Minutes yet just a few minutes with the actual corona of the entire us solar eclipse I think what's our of the Pacific Ocean may be an island half something like that look at the horizon while allowing the musical lingua. That is I remember what ginger is he was cover it was she was in New Orleans and we got this Patrick clouds that moved in at just the wrong time. Yeah this this guy's this pristine so let's fantastic rob Marciano standing covering for good morning America's composers and great stuff it's wonderful how about that after not. So there's the solar corona right there how magnificent eyes feeling to city. And what an magnificent thing it must be for all those folks who were there and. Buenos Aires Eden OELO but I part of the South America there ain't exactly so I get the next total solar eclipse is 20/20 four in North America. All right all right some analysts forks and you get up but they could direct attack that editors are very GAAP. That's stellar eclipses ninety Colonna I I think I drove one of those partly cloudy that it hit didn't expect speculated that the that you get.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Totality occurred at 4:38pm EST. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64095076","title":"Total solar eclipse over parts of Chile, Argentina","url":"/International/video/total-solar-eclipse-parts-chile-argentina-64095076"}