Trapped Antarctic Researchers to Be Airlifted

Failure of ice breakers to reach stranded cruise ship create need for new approach to rescue passengers.
3:00 | 12/31/13

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Transcript for Trapped Antarctic Researchers to Be Airlifted
This is a special room. I'm -- -- New York with this ABC news digital special report passengers aboard that research ship stock in the Antarctic ice are off the ship. Someone they are -- the ice their create a makeshift helipad out there. Is there a -- Chinese helicopter is scheduled to land rescuing most of the group the 74 scientists tourists and crew aboard that Russian ship hoping. To be rescued. As soon as the weather clears out but that is a big -- and that is something that -- has been watching including one of the 41 of the 74. The guardians palace job joining us now on the phone from an -- -- cut out thank you so much real witness today -- happy new year to you I know it's. -- 2014 there are not exactly high you guys plan on ringing in the new year. -- Happy if you two along. How he plans and the effort it's threatening one of another -- I can a matches are taken to take me through what's happening -- where now we're looking at this video you guys out there on the ice stopping down. Essentially a landing pad where this rescue helicopter. Thirty what what happens in the course we've been -- seven grade nine this BI which has been growing around. Not to offer around you're nautical miles from the he had the other issues now about an -- while the icebreaker -- to get through. Is -- I -- very unfortunate. And -- situation. And say the -- is -- -- -- The Chinese on strike at Israel have a helicopter. And through -- will mark I associate. I'm on the -- that we create it I think the and -- -- that it is taken out and give them. Them down the aisle long haul that they -- This column grandmother that -- Everything we've done that -- -- -- then say the helicopter. And -- day -- You -- hear right now but it's very very windy. Project began at work eight. I'm -- -- -- great. The visitor days we've got out of it. A couple minded and will last about evacuation. Alec I gotta say you Celek you're good spirits are still excellent has not gotten upset about this entire ordeal -- haven't -- been down there. For what almost a month now -- -- we stop it from New Zealand on them to the -- And then we'll -- -- let me how whom. On they come to think I think backing New Zealand. And -- well we're an elderly couple weeks we're going to be had delayed by -- Because it was a -- to get a and that is of the Australian icebreaker is actually. On the article -- in Australia prompting the KC. And then -- that omelet. Two you are volatile area and not at -- -- -- article again and think you're talking well. Well -- on the outside option is that if the American if he Australian. Let's bring. He's been very BC EO of China the Chinese helicopter particular. We have to wait the American icebreaker polar. If you -- about ten days. And that he -- appreciate I'm should be obvious you're -- problem. OK let let me ask you this -- because you've been done -- for a month now in this being stuck there has happened now for a couple of days now. The possibility of a -- -- icebreaker coming down their ten days from now is that leaving -- a little unsettled. Well hope we will how great it does everything -- Bobby -- -- -- I was -- want to be in this situation but then. -- -- -- -- They -- -- -- -- -- a fact that you can't make any line you have any -- -- apple opened a I'm paying and we were all -- -- accused I think that they were hampered he got longer some people might. -- -- -- Dawkins currently but. He meet personally. I am I would want help. Alienated major price rule -- peace. May act as -- -- and -- you know great I would much rather be home with my family and friends are. We're never gonna come here it'll Obama come here against our long -- This -- around us that gorgeous says that he white field aren't. That China unless he paid you to put in lemont the light on them. I'm college drinking -- -- every day we get it is extra and -- -- special -- I mean yeah let that get the rescue Kerry -- that much -- -- -- every daily if not. Are slightly look at company after it really that we had is that people in -- that they -- say. Submersible thing. Absolutely and I guess admits it's a very positive outlook that you have on this. So what about provisions I mean is there any concern that there's going to be a shortage of food shortage of water and I have to also ask you this because this has been a discussion. That we've had in our newsroom here do you guys have any alcohol on board the ship there because to me it seems like if you were stuck in that kind of situation you might need some kind of diversion. We you have up volume three and -- people and we do we tax we -- -- -- And and that some -- every. -- BP all on the Avila expedition that if -- days ago the running Albania. That he did you -- he did visit the Graham principal of -- you'd like and there's. There are pretty well caught without a half billion as a nation. -- the provision marking the first provision the last another weak global. We need it we need them and I think we need an open draw well we have illustrated in -- leaking air -- sorry. I'm here traditionally the relevant that we run out -- should be dictating. Plenty right wing -- leaflet it dried fruit in this bill. I'm happy that comes because there. After he had the night through the -- company -- how to think have -- might break it fell eighteen brought in because disputed -- Do it well isn't as long as the boost supplies that even yet that you for years and years you're relatively stable there but -- -- -- -- over the things that you are missing that you think you're -- your family certainly not the -- that you -- 2014 would be ushered in. Your partner in crime done their Lawrence top of the -- ever posted a video diary a -- of the things that he misses including his girlfriend. -- and and a peanut butter milk shake. What are you missing the most. Well year old boy faced big miracle that long -- -- of various. I had a I have. I'm a -- -- -- Just that I wish upon merely common experience that theory in the landscape that we -- and he made it -- one people who aren't sure -- not stopped. It and -- working. And -- being made every day and let me -- well one thing I kind of Smart my private moment it. -- -- what people like cataract in his -- that he really is remarkable I'm very -- describe in words or even. And we've -- an -- -- videos I'm picture is very often aren't I want buddhism and I was checking it turned this summer I anticipate that if you see that he's. -- -- -- Black it is really count are lately -- -- his political. 888 the company that certain people on the ship saw a wonderful -- -- amazing. There's been great persecution acting and then knowledgeable. I'm Alan Arkin of -- -- like -- bunch of people all the if you prefer that within lately. Are you on that. You know Eagles had them just violent happens expect period is that you can share for the -- your life. -- -- -- Well and it certainly is -- in the video that you've sent back on this expedition is really just so over remarkable. So it's -- -- about this planned rescue operation that is the fifty if you would be going by helicopter what about the 24 remaining now. Yeah I think he -- the law partners -- that the public is great to be here Saturday it will be evacuated. The -- he -- he route will fail this year. It'd be -- I had. It -- change in the art -- civic 10. Eight PR fracas in your -- he become a long ago the can't. All types dictate another heartbreaking -- It Russian -- the federal. That one of -- we'll get them out and then the crew will be able to -- -- -- under the provisions up until then and then it will build. -- apparently. Crippled vessel. The worst -- possible repeated. -- out. I made it home for a prolonged and we will have been an emotional connection and it -- rest of relieving -- of the -- -- And we -- we can't allow breakfast lunch and dinner here together or art fair -- -- -- you know -- -- Well well well -- really hoping that that someone gonna get out there. Well it I can imagine that being confined in -- kind of quarterfinals as -- condition that certainly built a lot of bonds that probably wouldn't otherwise take place but. As -- is -- whole reason why you're down there is obviously to retrace. Her Douglas Boston's 1911 journey. -- -- to basically explore these huts in the scientific work that he did more than a hundred years ago in an Arctic. Does the -- still feel that this that this was this was well worth it. Our -- -- people who are actually care what that we know that the whole purpose of the -- there was to -- retrace. This 1911 journey that was taken at the bottom of the world -- is research team still feel as. As passionately and strongly about the original goal of of the of the trip. You know looked -- into basketball and he mentioned. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's an amazing scientists -- making -- and -- -- you remarkable he went through an incredible hardship. And -- he's tracking three popular mapping the area -- He talked to get the holy I wanted to -- apple reported earning capacity that energy bill that. I handled -- -- people in it we picnic. -- -- -- -- -- Well welcome not eagle practically count -- new light. And then just missed his share a year later she -- that it they. And Angela hop group are there. Circuit his patent that this area -- -- that the area is it really valuable of birdies on the global day. Plus -- written many. Woodman was to repeat -- -- to permit an experiment to see how this pop up. Along. There's -- very remote hello I'm the and -- off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How -- heat we appreciate. -- producer and oceanography eulogy every you know what they were -- It is an amazing account right there -- well let's say with the -- got a -- On the guardian website you guys have a counter -- penguins and seals you guys have spotted unfortunately. Your -- zero. -- Look I think. -- -- -- was angrily resisted -- around. Iraq -- they'd move him occupied that we be ordered we have being tarred -- -- -- finally -- -- -- prepared. Still there. Yeah un believable and unbelievable story you are real the pass along for many years to come the guardians a lot -- in an article -- thank you so much. Please pass along our best to Lawrence and everyone else that's on there as well and happy new year -- of -- not -- you guys come back. Very quickly and -- Missing the luxuries of civilization. A complete recap right here on -- -- on -- Cutler -- New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21385322,"title":"Trapped Antarctic Researchers to Be Airlifted","duration":"3:00","description":"Failure of ice breakers to reach stranded cruise ship create need for new approach to rescue passengers.","url":"/International/video/trapped-antarctic-researchers-airlifted-21385322","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}