Trump says 'great unity' at G7 summit despite tensions over trade war with China

The president held a joint press conference with French President Macron after the G-7 summit.
4:16 | 08/26/19

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Transcript for Trump says 'great unity' at G7 summit despite tensions over trade war with China
Presidents come and all the heads of state and government will present that. Is pretty easy extremely important if we're plans under the very productive for discussions that the attacks since Sunday evening together you. He that was so a lot of would never said that all the assets a lot of expectations some of the I must have tensions. Andre had a rep a lot of firms that conflicts and I can save them. The matter that time again authority but really keying in on her was to conveys. A. He positives of the armed ski joint message following our discussion so. So ardently wish is for an agreement to be found it's in the United States and China is concerning trend because I think that would be something positive for everyone needed at this. I do think you want to make you feel very badly. I think that was elevated last night very late in the night I see an alert. Are you would call it breaking news. And it was that the vice chairman when it took in about somebody from China at a lower level the vice chairman of China came out that he wants to see. A deal made he wants it to be made under calm conditions using the word com I agree with them and that. And China is taking a very hard hit over the last number of months and they've lost. Three billion. There. The chain is breaking the prayer chain is breaking up like nobody's seen before and once that happens it's very hard to put it back together you'll understand. I think there were very much want to make a deal in the longer they wait potter is to put it back. If it can be put back at all so I believe they wanted to do a deal. The tariffs have hit them very hard and a fairly short period of time the United States who have collected over 100 billion dollars in tariffs. And I say it again there. Reporters failed to the media fail to. Acknowledges but if you look at the goods coming in from China with other about China not other countries if you look at the goods they have a power that others don't have. But that powers only good for so long. They leave. Manipulated that carrot seed they've devalue their currency and that put a lot of cash into the system. And because of that the prices have not gone up or they've gone up it's been very little. Because they want to keep people working at the prices go up and are going to be able to keep people working that are going to be able to compete it's a brilliant market it's a brilliant brilliant market. The world market a lot of markets are brilliant. And frankly. I think that China cannot. I don't know maybe they can maybe they can't I don't think they can do that and I think they're very Smart and I think president she is today. Great leader who happens to be a brilliant man. And he can't lose three million jobs in a very short period of time and that's going to be magnified the B times over. And it's gonna break down the Chinese system of trade and he can't do that so when you say do you think they want to maybe they want to and maybe they don't put. I think they want to make a deal I'm not sure they have a choice and I don't say that is a threat. I don't think they have a justice. Prison front meaty very clear over the summer. We never spoke on behalf of all the comforts. We just tried tested some solutions and to see if we can they find an agreement was different countries. So we took an initiative this summer to make a proposal. A technical one. I got direction from the ground school presidents zaeef he's it's on Friday and Friday morning in parts. After the execution we hats at suggested ending her on Saturday evening. I thought that it was very clear about where we can go to get a so those are they off dirt I decided to invites. Us friends. Mrs. Ari so I informed before making it I'm former president thought that it was my idea. Not to involve the United States. No to see to sit on behalf of the new government. That same France. I think it would be a good idea. To ask him to go back and tried to negotiate something super.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"The president held a joint press conference with French President Macron after the G-7 summit. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65197988","title":"Trump says 'great unity' at G7 summit despite tensions over trade war with China","url":"/International/video/trump-great-unity-summit-tensions-trade-war-china-65197988"}