Trump slams U.K. Ambassador as a 'very stupid guy'

Pres. Trump's said the U.S. will "no longer deal" with the diplomat who insulted him.
4:55 | 07/09/19

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Transcript for Trump slams U.K. Ambassador as a 'very stupid guy'
We move on. A diplomatic spat continues between the US and the UK. President trump calling Kim dairy which is the UK ambassador to the US a very stupid guy in a pompous fool and this come out comes after some diplomatic cables were leaked showing the UK ambassador criticizing president trump and his administration. Calling trump in at an incompetent so. I want to bring in Karen Travers at the White House in james' long man in our London bureau. I'm Karen. What does this do for the relations between the US and the UK. Well this certainly. In then going to make things all warm and Fuzzy between the US and the UK in this the first time we've seen a president with some really top words were you know very close ally of the United States even very critical of Teresa may. Over the past year and a half over handling a Brack say it. And now Kimberly he's essentially telling Terry that made it's got to get rid of the British ambassador to the US. I'll let James get into their side of things but it is striking to CDs leaked cables. Talk about how you know the president really needs insecurity. And that it they don't think the administration ever looked confident. And the president's response to that in Sydney Amy is really personal insults acts as search him Derek. Calling him what he and the very stupid guy found people certainly think perhaps the president's proving his point there by talking about how thin skin the president can be and that's just isn't one to let insults like this go buy it without a response. Yeah and James what was the response from the British government and how big of a problem what does it will this be for the new. Prime minister. While. Real embarrassment I think on this side and upon Kimberly night. This country really about is his relationship with the United States and side over the scramble in the foreign office to respond. But basically they came down on the side of them mound which I think probably. But Donald Trump's nose out of joint slightly they said that they didn't really agree with what they came Daryn with saying the substance of those cables but that ultimately. He has the right to say them it's his job he's paid to make an assessment of what he thinks. All of US politics I'm the sort of political climate in the United States. And so you know we are also its exercise isn't the first time we've seen this sort of thing happen in WikiLeaks a few years ago. US foreign service personnel that private cables was leaked and there were very disheartening about European politicians as well so I think most people feel in this country that. United members of all foreign Savvis have a right to say certain things privately that. Those private message shouldn't be sent further afield think there's probably something that also committee in the kind of language used. You know brits. Paul perhaps known for being able to kind of find out which he kind of phrase or not a particularly despite. Charging way of saying something. If Princeton's and not enough line calling him uniquely it will courting him Parnell the White House unique he dysfunctional or saying that. Donald Trump radiated insecurity I think those sorts of phrases really stung that wasn't just that came to came Daric. Don't think much of don't trumpets the way he said it I think many upset the president Perry's day. An investigation on an unknown going on the moment here in the United Kingdom until it's across. Departmental investigation they want to get to the vault and all of this leak. And the suggestion that perhaps it was leaked by a a pro break state civil servant who feels perhaps that. The came Barack is an anti breaks it ambassador trying to get rid of in awarding these messages since. 2017. Safe. Brick thick as always is the case it seems in this country the moment. Coloring everything that goes on and yes so write a new prime minister we'll have. In just over a week act could be Boris Johnson. Bob of course he is the preferred candidate of Donald Trump and we up to him to decide what to do next thickens coal ends in six months but he could be forced to make incumbents in in the and James look where we go how unusual is it for something like this to happen. I mean it is a very unusual in the sense that we don't only get access to the cut these kinds of cables from. Ambassadors this sort of level these messages are really only meant for handful of people. Back in London but I have to say the last few years particularly since breaks it it's really calls the low division here in the United Kingdom I'm we've seen this government. Be they set by scandals around leaks more more leaks are coming out of various different factions in government who on happy with the other side if you like those who. Voted to remain in those who voted to leave saved it has been happening more and more I think it under new prime minister Arnold of people hyping that. We take back control if you like I was on the big phrases. All the breaks to campaign that take back control site. Of all government and so yes very I'm unusual to see these sorts of messages don't foresee any recent years here in the United Kingdom not unusual for leaks to come out. Our right James Longman want to thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Pres. Trump's said the U.S. will \"no longer deal\" with the diplomat who insulted him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64219496","title":"Trump slams U.K. Ambassador as a 'very stupid guy'","url":"/International/video/trump-slams-uk-ambassador-stupid-guy-64219496"}