Trump and May talk tariffs

President Trump met with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday; plus, U.S. restricts travel to Cuba.
27:41 | 06/04/19

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And yeah. Every welcome to the preacher Mon Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Tuesday the president is overseas making waves getting the royal treatment. But also dissing his hosts he also made some news at a press conference with Teresa may. It will get to a second we also have coming up today an interview with twenty twin democratic presidential candidate. Congressman Eric Small well of California and we'll take a look across town here at some. Fossils and dinosaur fossils that are being shown to the public for the first time in five years they got a make over. It has something to do with climate change so much more on that. Are coming up but we start with the president's trip taking London by storm calling London's mayor a stone cold loser. Right in front of his hosts also talking up a trade deal with the brits Brack said. Initially a new warning to Mexico on the eve of stiff new tariffs that could make. Our products much more expensive for all of us here's a little bit of that announcement. Has Mexico possibly be as it has Mexico done enough. To avoid terrace which will be imposed in some six days from now we haven't started and and but the threat is out there again the threat is at the but we haven't really started yet this will take effect next week and it would 5% and what do you think Republicans who say that they may take action to block you imposing this I don't think they will do that I think if they do it's foolish. There's nothing more important than borders I've had tremendous Republican support thing and as you know Mexico call they wanna meet they're gonna meet on Wednesday. Secretary Pompeo is going to be at the meeting along with a few others that. Are the very good at this and we are going to see we can do something but I think it's more likely that the tariffs go on. And will probably be talking during the time that the tariffs are on and they going to be paid. Let's bring in our White House reporter Jordan Phelps from London she's been covering them the president's travels of of their jarred or Jordan. Great to see the president says that the tariffs are going to be paid. It's often have forgotten that it's Americans that are going to be pain must these tariffs. DeVon no doubt that these tariffs or something that will be damaging to Mexico but they also hate Americans right in their pocket books. These terrorists and met as essentially amounts to taxes on US importers who do you trade with Mexico and that was sat extract. Taxes are essentially passed on to the consumer so Americans will be feeling the price for these tariffs that the president is imposing. But that bang you know the president here he wants this leverage over Mexico right now this is just the latest in a series of threats we seen from him. I T get his way over clamping down on the border. And that we'll see if it actually sticks to happen. Yam he's facing a lot of blow back from members of his own party on this one as well Republicans today sounding off. But for a little more on how the impact of these tariffs will be felt by millions of American families are one and bringing Kyle. Palmer allow he's the chief economist at the Tax Foundation a nonpartisan leading think tank here in Washington coverage to see you've been crunching the numbers are on these tariffs. They are hitting everything from avocados to shabby Silverado is all those products from Mexico there are largest trading partner. What's the real impact on real Americans what will this be if the 5% tariffs the president talked about today actually do take effect next week yet. So it's important I think about a tariff as attacks because that's what it really is and it's going to be attacks on a lot of consumer products that Americans by. It's also going to be a big tax on what producers in the United States used to produce goods and services ultimately families are going to bear the burden. And you mentioned it Mexico's went up as our largest trading partner hundreds of billions of dollars in imports this this 5% tariff. Will on top of the other tariffs that the president has either enacted or threatened. You add up to be one of the largest tax increases in the last thirty years on on Americans. Wow that's that is staggering. I want to drill down on that and a second but to your first point on. How this will impact the prices for all of us just wanting illustrate one example sort of caught my chip poll late. The fast food chain put out a statement let's put up their statement. I'm what this 5% tariff would mean for then the company I told this is a short time ago that if the president's terror. Does going to affect it would increase their cost about fifty million dollars this year. That would cut into their profit margins were torn to thirty basis points and they're considering a price hike for food. At their restaurants they say would only be about five cents per burrito at salt sound small but if you. Sort of add up those Nickels on products all across the country. At all different sorts of stores and chains it it it does add up for people we should say though that chipotle tells us they're not considering. Find a much cheaper pre mash or process avocados they're gonna stick to the real thing. For now but Jordan. On as we look at this and the prices that Kyle is talking about chipotle is there is threatening there. On the Mexicans are are pretty optimistic they've arrived in Washington we heard from the foreign minister short time ago he says. He thinks that the imports the imposition of tariffs. Can be avoided here. Sort of some news out of out on the Mexican side we heard from the White House officials they had this big meeting tomorrow. Yet DeVon at one of the concerns obviously is that the president isn't going to be in the room for those critical meetings. And as you know a lot of deals. Don't get made unless the president had his say sell air means to be seen whether the president will be satisfied. With those talks but DeVon it sounds to me like the president wants to see these going to let fact. As as a means of leverage before heat with dries. But DeVon Mexico has seen many threats from this president so far many of which have never come to fruition. So it sounds like they're trying to take this optimistic approach trying to take a friendly diplomatic. I stance to try to dial down the temperature earnings. Logs will be closely watching the the body language tomorrow but good point as you said the president won't be here he's the ultimate. Arbiter on this turf sure sounded like they are going to going to affect at least to start next week how Parma allow. On you were just saying that this could add up to be the biggest tax increase in quite some time this could help us. Break that down what would that mean for people and I thought we all just got a big tax cut but the president tactics president's GOP tax law. Yet as it is also an important thing to understand so we. In Washington just passed a very large tax cut about one point five trillion dollars over the next decade. Called the tax cuts in jobs act to cut taxes for taxpayers of all all income levels. Now if you compare that to the terrorists. It's actually some pretty bad news for the trump administration they like to brag about how they. Put forth a big middle class tax cut. But once you. Put the tax cuts in jobs act next to the tariffs. That's no longer true you're actually under the trump administration here all these tariffs for to go into effect. Middle class would end up paying a higher tax liability than they did before trump even entered office. Mouth so that that it's just a small tariff on Mexico which is being threatened and that of course the tariffs on China and some of our other our trading partners are are adding up as the prices. Are are increased by a lot of these suppliers. And Kyle Carmel all right attend a thank you so much for your analysis of the Tax Foundation the chief economist their appreciate you in Jordan pelts are White House reporter over in London think you Jordan for that. Well even as the president is overseas house Democrats are keeping up the pressure on the president in those investigations. Issuing more subpoenas demanding more documents from White House officials the latest offer former White House communications director hope hicks. In just a short time ago the White House in a letter back to the Judiciary Committee which is conducting. The investigation said they will not comply with document requests and interview quest. For hope hicks this is the latest. In a string of denials and stone walls we caught up just a short time ago with the only Democrat on the committee who's running for president congressman Eric swallow of California. He stopped by in the briefing room just a short time ago. Congress assault welcome to the briefing room I've got to start with this video and tweak the viewers that went viral over the weekend. Take a look. I think that's the first thing campaign politics comparing. The president seemed to changing diapers between. Well youth it's a long journey Davis road to the White House and try to have a little fun. Along the way I actually showed easier child's I've got two kids two and under both are in diapers she's the easy one to change right now our son. Two year old. There that would that would have taken a lot of takes. It was indeed. A fun video and I know you're having fun out there a lot of your peers actually think that. The first step in started to clean up Washington would actually be starting impeachment proceedings immediately I know that ladies on the view just ask you about this but why do you think. Starting impeachment proceedings right now. Is not a good idea. What you think we should start impeachment proceedings against the attorney general and the secretary of the treasury because. To hold Donald Trump accountable in the way that you're gonna need to put together a case against him. We need the full Moeller report attorney general far flawlessly. Does not turn on over we need his tax returns understand this financial entanglements. Secretary Mike Nugent will not turn that over and so I wanna hold those two. Accountable I I don't think I'm not ruling out impeaching the president I just. As the only presidential candidate who would accept tried a case I want to make sure that we did it right because for only get one shot. Is it because you think it would be too divisive in two distracting for Democrats to go down that rabbit hole so close to the campaign her. Why do you think we need to its to wait and starting proceedings against the president self. That's the last thing I'm thinking about no honestly. I'm thinking about just make a shrimp all of the evidence to take to the American people and you have an attorney general as the secretary of the treasury who have buried that evidence steeply now. I just learned before I sat down at the the president has ordered hope picks and dom against assistant not. The testified to us it will get to the point here frankly Devin all right I'm trying to give the president and his team an opportunity to cooperate before calling for impeachment of the president. I feel like I'm getting backed in and many others are getting back into to where there's no other remedies and so on and it. Look at this most recent order a but I do think we're gonna end up at the road to impeachment I'm just not in a hurry to get there. But when I go there are gonna have my pencil sharpened my subpoenas right in my exhibit's on display. Because I know we only get one shot I wanna get it right. I last year of archer I campaign slogan congressman it's go big. Diebold do good to you certainly have set out innumerable proposals he said this week that your. Top priority would be to stop the mass shootings we've seen like the one another in Virginia Beach are that we can work. What's your big bold idea to do that. My idea on mass shootings because one of the common tools in most of these actions has been an assault weapon. I'm the only candidate calling to ban and buy back every single assault weapons it doesn't stop pass background checks also. Put in place investments and so many blocks in communities that are forgotten like the Southside of Chicago or Philadelphia or west Baltimore so that you can address gun violence there were so many young people have lost hope and resort to the lowest form of communication. Which is violence. So your rivals are pointing out that your not so big and not so bold as they are. On on health care for everybody used you stop short of supporting Medicare for all. Talk about that and in what would be your plan for health care. I support Medicare for anyone who wants it so if that's a planned a person wants my plan would allow them. Two did it however I think in America we really value choice. A choice is important to us to part of our freedom and so if you like your employer cap plan. Tyranny union you should be able to keep it toward you most looking forward to sharing the debate stage whip who you wanna go to toe to toe with. Well we are very close out the 65000 donor threshold I look for the B non not debate stage. But you know frankly this is. The avengers. Were not the Hunger Games we're all in this to save our country and many of these people are. People I admire and work with I've gone a three of their weddings. So it's it's actually a group of people I respect but I'm gonna distinguish myself as a candidate. Was the first in the family go to college. A father of two kids paying off student loan debt. I know why people work hard because my wife and I fight insurance companies we're gonna fight insurance companies and the White House for every family my wife and I are worried about our kids safe in our schools. We're gonna fight for every kid to be safe in their schools and I'm gonna make that case to the American people on that debates that. If you don't make the third debate which is in September that the threshold there doubled 2% in the polls. More than 100000 donors as it over freeware or are you pledged to continue fighting through the caucuses diet I intended beyond that debate stage. It in September and we will see we're when that comes. Drove at some of that your parents are Republicans or Brothers or Republican were for trump. I've ever group politics taught you anything about how to bridge that divide of learning lessons you can say came from my Fam they experienced this since this is one key. Are absolutely no before I ever reach across dial I was reaching across the dinner table breaking bread passing the desert with my Republican. I famine members and a look we don't agree on. A lot of these issues but it does give me a perspective and it also shows me that we're not the enemies of each other that this president. Wants us to be and when I worked in their congress to pass rapid DNA testing which would allow. Every police station in America to get a DNA results in under two hours so you could. Better prosecute. You know the rate cases that are unsolved and also clearly innocent I worked with a Republican in my parents and my Brothers who work a mob forced from. They supported an agreement that's there's a lot I've done already in congress. I feel comfortable using my family's experience of being Republicans to add states and add voters in the general election. In the first years to get through the democratic primary for more on that we have a political reporter Adam Kelsey here we're also joined got an F from Los Angeles by our political reporters are in charge Syrian great to see let's start with you. I you've been covering this follow up campaigns really struggled to agreed to gain traction. I'd also seeing we got a little bit of it through that interview but he is really zeroing in on trying to. Make sure he's on this first debate stage there there's a chance he might not be. Hi Devin yen and deathly is a chance that he won't be he hasn't broken out yet and still don't know why he's frequently on cable means. But even here in California and his own home state. Many people just don't know who me ends in me is expected to be on the debate stage later this month that he barely made it he still around 1% in those polls. He's desperate for donors though he's diving reach that 65000. Threshold. And that's how we've seen a lot on social Miette just asking people for one dollar. Now unlike battle and Delanie those people have resigned from congress who haven't yet he still has bad a job. Of course that Meeks at. Really art. And and it sure does and he has a he's back here in Washington a lot he's part of the Judiciary Committee as he mentioned to us in the every and Adam. You know you've been crunching the numbers for this first debate which is coming up and of the month in Miami it'll be a big test for all the candidates. We now know that 21 candidates have met the threshold swallow all among them at least by one metric. Somebody's gonna not pure and that stage yet gets a little bit complicated as you said Michael Bennett. Colorado senator got his third pole where he received at least 1% support this just this morning from CNN. That brings us to twenty once we've got a tiebreaker procedure that's going to come into play eventually what we're looking at is. First the candidates who've received at least 1% in three polls. And who have. Donations from at least 65000. Unique donors then we're gonna look at polling averages and Eric swallow is in this group of five candidates right now who's pulling average is that 1%. So we're still tied from the bear and then we're looking at. How many of them have. Everything that received 1% in a more than three polls which based on our calculations just former congressman John Delaney and then we're going to be looking at the number of donors when Eric swallow says you and your interview ads are in mentioned. Keep donating send me a dollar when he saying that as his campaign event sect beat and making the difference eventually. To get him on it to be says if you could potentially be shrunk even before that debate begins. Because they can only have twenty candidates that's fascinating Syrian. I you're on California you are discovering that California Democratic Convention out there at all on big gathering of Democrats a lot of the candidates came. I give us some color from the event over last weekend who where was most of the energy and the party at least on the left coast. IA in eleven ounce while all that's definitely that's for sure so in new we're really close to his district in San Francisco. But he didn't get a big reaction this was very progressive crowd and your number of people were chant chanting in people it's when Nancy Pelosi got up there. So why people who really did get about the reaction was Elizabeth Warren she talked about being structural change in the government. And the person got a big reaction to was Cory Booker he talked about fighting gun violence that in. Rights are in shock for for us from Los Angeles Adam Kelsey here in IDC think you both very much and we know we'll be checking in with you. Much more on the campaign trail turning now to some breaking news from the State Department today related to Cuba the trump administration has announced that it is rolling back. Ties for travel with between the United States in Cuba announcing that they are indeed people to people visits by US citizens to Cuba. Further restricting our ability to travel there including stopping some cruise ships. From visiting Cuba it's all effective tomorrow for more on what this means or want to bring in Connor Fagan from the State Department Connor. This was previewed by the national security advisor in a speech a short time ago but still. A lot of Americans trying to get their minds around what this actually means people I tickets. Book to Cuba that that their tourism industry really taken off. Yeah that's right DeVon and investor John Bolton said that this is really about. Stopping what's called veiled it tourism to Cuba in his words he wants to and Americans being able to go to Cuba on those people to people exchanges. That was one of twelve categories that Americans were allowed. To travel to the island nation under it is no longer being allowed and as he said cruise ships will be barred from traveling to Cuba as well. In everything from. Fishing vessels to private yachts. Private aircraft will all now be barred from traveling to Cuba without a license this won't affect commercial airliners which would still be able to travel. But a lot of people who had existing reservations. With various cruise lines still don't know what will happen to those reservations we've reached out to the Commerce Department to ask for them they still haven't responded. Norwegian cruise line is the only cruise line that's respond me so far and they don't know either they say that they are. Continuing to get more information from the US government on this decision but these people to people exchanges were really the way that most Americans are able to see. Cuba you go on a detailed itinerary various cultural and educational stops throughout Havana and and other cities. But it the that you trump administration says that they no longer want these exchanges that happened. Because they don't want the money to go to the Cuban government. Yeah there's been a lot of concern about that in a sea change in policy towards Cuba since the trump administration came in counterfeiting at the State Department thinks so much. Or bring in now a different perspective on this Jason Elaine is tour director for with Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York he has led. Cultural exchanges between the Cuban people and the United States has recently has torn ten Jason thanks for coming and so what did you just get your reaction. To the announcement today and your thoughts on the importance of maintaining at least some level people to people ties between Cuban units it. Right well thanks for the haven't a Sauna DeVon I actually wasn't part of the tour that went out in 2010. But that Jazz at Lincoln Center was invited by the institute of music in Cuba. Participate in a weeklong. Concerts and educational activities that was the jazz Lincoln Center orchestra with Wynton Marsalis who is our. Managing an artistic director. Along with our fifteen pieces big band. And some members of our board of directors cam at some staff and with such a fulfilling cultural exchange of ideas. That is really in line with our mission which is to grow a global community for jester performance and education. And advocacy. So we've been around for about 32 years and we've seen. Does that impact that our orchestra and musicians traveling to foreign countries. Have in terms of reaching people were kind of global ambassadors of sorts that through our music that we can kind of help how to raise that. The the kind of conversation can take place between countries that's not necessarily speak the same language but we speak the same cultural language and that sat through music. And I know that that did the announce changes at today Jason urge are just coming into effect do you have any sense. Yet whether or from the State Department or are your team that Lincoln Center whether this'll affect future travel any future plans. You know we don't know yet how that's going to affect us as an orchestra if you're invited by the right institution down there. It looks as if you can still travel but it's going to affect. People that are interest in the learning about the culture. Perhaps musicians who wanna go in exchange ideas with. Artists that are down there and similar some really important can Cuban musicians are making a name for themselves here in the states that we've collaborated with. That people might not get a chance to get turned on to and lets you can travel freely between the border so for instance deals bunny Terry a fantastic. I alto saxophonist and composer and we collaborated with many times he's now professor Harvard University that was pre at so. A fantastic drummer from Cuba won a Latin Grammy this year. A lot of these artists wouldn't necessarily be discovered percent if we start to limit. The exchange of ideas and exchange of travel so you know an embargo likenesses isn't good for raising our cultural like Gil. And some of those ties are still in place we should know Brent obviously a lot tougher. Since starting today to travel to Cuba under these new rules Jason Alain de tour director for Jazz at Lincoln Center thank you so much Jason for coming on sharing have you. By shifting gears now to an interesting story out of Washington for the first time in five years reading a close look at some of the Smithsonian's and institutions. Oldest artifacts and we're talking fifty million years older Stephanie ads are not in my room reporter is here. But to tell us about the Stephanie you were over at the museum of natural history today for this new unveiling of the hall of fossils. And they have. A heck of a lot of dinosaurs. Yes I've got 700 fossils let me doesn't like a good Diana the IT Rex but there opening this this is an F for the first time in really modernizing it. They want to show people how the study of our ancient ancient past can really inform our current. And feature in terms of climate change and that's a big difference you gotta look at that here's a little flavor. I. It's been a mad dash to get this created an open. The take home message is that the past can give us a sense of how the planet works and how the planet may change. Under. Howling winds. Were quite open about the fact that. Humans are now changing this plan it faster than almost ever been changed in its history. It's not news at the Smithsonian's acknowledging this. I think that its new four Hayley oh home for a fossil hall to talk about. This reason which has picked in paleontology. And the study apostles really a new a new reason to study. We are both causing those changes and we're also going to suffer the consequences. And our thanks to Janet Weinstein per share in producing that he's really interest in. In this is dead they said the first of its kind to weed climate change into a fossil displaying yes or relatively. Things United's exit for paleontologists. They told us like in the past when he years that they've started to really click that I hope you know these studies of periods fifty million years ago where carbon. Was drastically increased over a 5000 year period. Can actually really inform what's going on now even though the amount of carbon dioxide being released now it's happening in a much shorter timeframe then in those kinds of. Related is just got a cool to see these ahead tyrannosaurus Rex and another dinosaur fossil honest way. My favorite was a fossilized palm front that they actually found in Alaska and argued stuff you can check that out at the Smithsonian museum of natural history Stephanie else thinks I opens on Saturday great to have you here with that reporting and again to Janet Weinstein thank you for watching us today. Here in a briefing remove a preview on this on this day is the president is in London. On the 79 anniversary of a very famous speech from Winston Churchill the famous former British prime minister who of course saw that country through World War II the president today. Got a close look at Churchill's war rooms that's the complex underground. Network of rooms and offices from which Churchill directed the war in ran the British government it's a really need space from the 1940s. Comes on this 79 anniversary a very famous speech from Churchill when he declared never surrender. We leave that which you know. We could go on to the end. Because I didn't ground. Because I don't look even though couldn't. We couldn't fight but he's very confident and very great in the pictured it and whatever they cut maybe. We fight on the BP's. I on the ending ground. Troops fighting in the field. And in the street because I in the city. Because left that there Brenda and give. The guys do not for a moment believe. This are not part of it but captivated and stopping. By beyond the key. Problem and guarded by the thirty feet. Would carry on the cargo. Including Don good god. The new boat overloaded power and my step forward to the rescue and deliberate. Deal.

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