Trump to touch down in Vietnam today

Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un's meeting will strive to clarify what "denuclearization" would look like for both countries. ABC News' Karen Travers reports from Hanoi.
2:50 | 02/26/19

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Transcript for Trump to touch down in Vietnam today
We begin with president trump and Kim Jung soon descending on Vietnam for their second summit in less than a year. Kim arrived in Hanoi after a two day trip by armored train on a 100 mile car ride. Ready to come face to face with president Tom despite making little to no progress toward the new authorization since their last meeting. ABC is Karen Travers joins us live from Hanoi with the latest on the expectations for the second summit Karen good morning. Good morning Stephanie Tenet came Dong moon arrived here couple of hours ago after that very long journey nearly 3009 sales buying train from North Korea. President front is expected to land here in knowing in just a couple of hours and security is very tight already across the city. President trumbull and board Air Force One in route to Vietnam for his second summit with Kim Jung un. Monday at the White House the president said in his expectations. I think we'll have a very tremendous I'm that we want the nuclearization. But that's key issue for this summit what does denuclearization. Mean the US and North Korea have very different definitions. The agreement president trump and can junger and signed in Singapore last June was criticized as too they. North Korea didn't commit to giving up its nuclear weapons. There's evidence that North Korea continues to make fuel for its bombs and it's taking no steps toward dismantling its existing nuclear stockpile. But the president says North Korea pausing its missile and nuclear test is a sign of progress. I'm not in a rush I don't wanna rush anybody I just don't want testing. As long as there's no testing. Were happy. There is considerable skepticism among the president's own team. His intelligence chief said last month is unlikely team won't give up his nuclear arsenal. And over the weekend secretary of state Mike Pompeo added his voice to that chorus do you think North Korea remains a nuclear threat. Yes. This some officially gets under way on Thursday here in Hanoi but I'm staying night the president I actually meet very briefly one on one with Kim Jong noon. And they'll also have a private dinner something they did not do at their summit in Singapore last summer Stephanie. And caring we hear understand Qaeda plans when it comes to the hotel where Kim Jung in this game. Seventy we checked into our hotel last night and there was a note in our room that said there would be extra security due to the visit of the hottest hate. There had been rumors that Kim Dong was going to be staying in the same hotel as the white house press corps but that seem like something the white thousand tried very hard. To avoid today the Vietnamese government told the White House the press had to shift their operations out of that hotel. At the request of Kim Jong-un very complicated massive set up that had to be moved on a moment's notice Stephanie. Free press releases there are a caring thank you very very much live from Vietnam.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un's meeting will strive to clarify what \"denuclearization\" would look like for both countries. ABC News' Karen Travers reports from Hanoi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61324065","title":"Trump to touch down in Vietnam today","url":"/International/video/trump-touch-vietnam-today-61324065"}