Turkish troops move into northern Syria after Trump pulls US troops

The backlash from Democrats and Republicans continues amid President Trump's decision to pull out of Syria.
5:04 | 10/09/19

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Transcript for Turkish troops move into northern Syria after Trump pulls US troops
We're going to move overseas to Siri and the president's shifting tone on his move to withdrawing US troops to allow Turkey to attack. The Kurds reminder I'm Turkey considers the Kurds to be a terror group. But the US has worked closely with the Kurds to fight ice is so it's a move that is received a lot of backlash from both Republicans. And Democrats because of its potentially dangerous consequences I want to bring in on Connor and again at the State Department. Con artist Matthew what's the latest what's happening there today. Kimberly Turkish warplanes are in the skies over northeastern Syria right now this Turkish offensive. Has begun president heir to one of Turkey announcing a short time ago on Twitter. That they were beginning to conduct airstrikes against what they consider to be terrorists again as he said. These are Kurdish forces that the US has long worked with. In the fight against places that the US does not consider terrorist. In in did the presence of US troops. On the ground with these Kurdish forces is what had kept Turkey at bay for so long. But after Sunday night's call between president trump and president aired a one. The US begin to move back some small attachments of US troops and really give a green light for Turkey to move ahead. And an end and now Turkish forces have begun those attacks. At present some importantly has threatened. Two you know destroy Turkey's economy if they conduct this attack but he said on Twitter a short time ago. That that this fighting between various groups and Middle East has been going on for years. And that the USA should never have been in the Middle East. Ending stupid. Endless wars for us he said are going to end soon. Yes O'Connor what's the impact of the president going back in port saying. You know I'm going to obliterate the Turkish economy but then also inviting the Turkish president to the White House what does it mean when he goes back and forth like this. I think is having a very strong impact on on a lot of countries and forces in the in the region they see this waffling back and forth by president trump. As really a sign that the US is not as committed to the middle these as it once was. We seen other countries take advantage of that Russia. Has moved further in to Syria Iran further into Syria. And of course is also the impact on the Kurdish allies themselves again business and these are this is a fighting force that lost. Over 111000 people in the fight against crisis. Really served as the ground forces for US air strikes. Against the terror group and they are now being abandoned by American forces that I think that it is also with strong concerned that this could actually give ice is a new opportunity. There are you know 101000 iasis fighters. In camps that are being guarded by these Kurdish forces right now and is a real risk that because of this Turkish offensive. They'll have to move guards. To fight Turkey and it could create a greater risk of jail breaks among these spices camps there's also of course the threat of displacement there are you know warnings that up to 300000. People could be displaced by this fighting. Moving in today's Turkey ordering a supreme. Larger refugee flows into Europe and really destabilizing. Those countries in the same way that we seeing for for years now. Yes so they're severe consequences one thing now and ask you just for people bombing case they don't know. Why is there at Turkish incursion happening right now what's the basis for this. This is actually something that president heir to one of Turkey has long sought he he believes that these Kurdish forces. Have connections to terror groups across the border in Turkey is a group there known as the PKK. Which the US considers to be a terrorist force along of course with Turkey and they've been battling the PKK for gears now. They see these Kurdish forces across the border in Syria has basically an extension of the PKK and their targeting these groups they say because they want to read to the world of terrorism but of again these are forces that the US has worked with that the US has armed. And that he was does not consider terrorists instead they are really been they've really been the linchpin in this fight against terrorism and against license. I read it before we go so what what actually happens next. You know there's great concern egg again about did the fighting creating mass flows of refugees. Potentially creating opportunity here for crisis I think. It not just the risk of these jail breaks. Among camps that the Kurdish forces have been guarding but also just in the chaos the political instability that comes with this offensive. We're actually watching across the border in Iraq there are mass protest this week that have killed over a hundred people that the political instability in both of these countries. Could give ice is an opportunity tumors surged in a way that the Pentagon actually warned about in August they said that crisis is taking advantage of the of the so the drawback by US forces and of the instability in that it's something that the world needs to be watching. Irate and that we are. Connor Finnegan right there at the State Department thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"The backlash from Democrats and Republicans continues amid President Trump's decision to pull out of Syria.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66166066","title":"Turkish troops move into northern Syria after Trump pulls US troops","url":"/International/video/turkish-troops-move-northern-syria-trump-pulls-us-66166066"}