New twists in Vatican missing girl case

Forensic experts are examining sets of bones found in the Vatican cemetery.
2:28 | 07/19/19

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Transcript for New twists in Vatican missing girl case
Move to the data can another twist in an already confusing mystery case of a fifteen year old girl who went missing in 1983. Will breathe is right there in Vatican City with the latest. Will Dennis C until I'm 36 years and still no answers. Yeah I Kimberly it's a mystery that is can founded officials here in Italy for almost four decades now and I technically. And in Rome but just behind me. Is Saint Peter's Square and behind that saint Peter's basilica but the area that we're focused on. Is the pontifical to tonic college that is where the family of a Manuel or lobby is focused on. I statue of an Angel pointing to the ground that is where they got a tip. That the bones of their disappeared family member and man while it would be balanced so the Vatican allowed for an investigation and an excavation. And when they dug it up there was nothing there they were expecting perhaps. The bones of 219 century German princesses. But they weren't there either but they did find a mrs. king they did find. Bones human remains. Elsewhere so tomorrow the Vatican officials have invited your lobby family and descendants of those German princesses to join forensics experts. In unsealing. Those remains and on site the forensics experts will be able to determine. The rough age of those bones but they won't be able to do a thorough scientific analysis that'll take a few months. But they will be able to tell of those bones. Predate 1983. And of course if they do predate 1983. There's no way could be the disappeared and not well or Lonnie. And if they don't it's what do they do when they find out that that they could potentially belong to. This fifteen year old girl in 1983. Well if they do you do if by some by some waved. If they turn out to be about well or Lundy then the Vatican has some explaining to do because they've maintained the entire time in these decades that there. They had nothing to do with the disappearance sad though it was. They had nothing to do with it but this area where they are searching for bones is an area not accessed by the public so that question then would be. How did they get there why are they there and who was hiding Wyatt and the mystery would then continue. I write will re right there in the Vatican City with the updates thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Forensic experts are examining sets of bones found in the Vatican cemetery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64442793","title":"New twists in Vatican missing girl case ","url":"/International/video/twists-vatican-missing-girl-case-64442793"}