Typhoon Neoguri Targets Tokyo, Major Damage Expected

Although it's been downgraded, the typhoon is still expected to bring 105 mph winds and heavy rain.
7:17 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for Typhoon Neoguri Targets Tokyo, Major Damage Expected
You can. Packing a -- typhoon -- -- bringing 150. Mile an hour wind -- the equivalent of a category five hurricane in the US. And heavy rain across the Japanese codes. Pacific storm forcing hundreds of thousands to evacuate. Right. -- hot spot Japan hello everyone I'm Michelle -- All know what has been downgraded from a super typhoon year old curry is still expected to cause a lot of damage. Right now the typhoon is nearly island of Okinawa where there are 25000. US troops currently stationed on various military bases. The storm now heading to major cities as it sweeps across Japan. The BBC's Rupert Winfield Hays is in Tokyo and has this report. -- fooling nobody is a real monster. These shots taken from the International Space Station showed just how big eighties. In the last few hours it's been downgraded from a super typhoon. But is still 250. Miles wide and it's packing winds of up to 150. Miles per Allah. This morning the center of the storm swept ashore on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa. These wooden building was torn from its foundations. And dumped into the middle of the road. As the storm lashed the island relentlessly. Most seem to have heeded the government's warnings to stay inside. Others sought refuge in evacuation centers the ferocity of the storm that some of them badly shaken. Pocono so we had information that the -- in this time would be big. And that we should -- speculate Leon thought been here since last night. And I'm eleven instead the winds have really strong and so scared. The 30000 US troops based -- -- -- know what -- also -- what -- -- -- download. -- -- Japanese. No tycoons like nobody else. What lockdown -- to pass off to their home aggressiveness. And -- house under any situation any circumstance. The good news is the warnings worked so far they have only been a handful of injuries reported. The typhoon is now weakening and heading north towards the Japanese mainland. -- and then we have not received any information concerning great damage or injury the prime minister has ordered the government provided information source citizens. And to prepare authority for any disaster. -- and to respond quickly if anything should happen. Here in Tokyo it's a lovely warm dry evening. -- nobody is heading in this direction when it reaches the Japanese mainland that -- amounts of moisture it is carrying will be dumped as rain. And I coming flash flooding and landslides. The danger from this huge still -- still. Republic of pace continues. -- Tokyo. And right now I want to bring in meteorologist Bernie rain -- from AccuWeather who has been tracking this monster storm. -- walk us through this storm where is it now whereas it had it. Well we're talking about -- and the storm is to the north than actually to the northwest. Of pocono -- Okinawa right now still some locally -- but -- there then over fifteen inches of rain in the last 24 hours notice BI. -- of and the glory a wallet has weakened this is not a super typhoon anymore it's not even close to that. Maximum sustained winds have been dropping it's down now to a hundred and when he -- garbage you can clearly see the guy it's still a major hurricane. Or -- but notice the movement here's 125 degrees longitude saluted paralleling that to you can clearly see that it is moving to the north. Now what we're going to be watching over the next morning for hours is the thirty degree latitude line the reason for that. Once we believe that -- the -- gets to about thirty degrees north and one point five degrees west. That it will start to encounter some west southwest winds a lot. And that should start steering the storm to the north and east and I'll show you why we think it's going to be weakening. -- just to give your perspective on where -- Gloria has. It's over -- year here's southern part to Japan so which still has a while before it gets to that latitude. Nonetheless it is going to be a pretty powerful storm as it pushes to the north end of the northeast over the next morning for hours but as I mention. Once he gets to about thirty degrees north latitude and one point five west it's going to -- in countering winds. From the west southwest around low pressure in China and it's those west southwest winds that are gonna do two things. Number one it's going to deflect it to the right and number two. It's going to be pushing in in the cooler water so we do believe the weakening is going to continue. Throughout the day on Wednesday now as far as landfall this is what we're looking at right now we're taking it across the southern part of but you -- just south of Nagasaki. That'll be about noon local time so here is key issue right here. And then it will go in this southern parts of she -- -- as we head into Thursday night local time. Now by the time the storm makes landfall. It is probably going to be just a category one American I don't -- -- see just because they're still going to be winds. Up over probably eighty miles per hour. Wind is going to be a problem across Kyushu and she -- -- but I think the main threat is going to be the locally heavy rain and as your correspondent talked about. Mudslides the storm will then we can quickly in fact by Thursday night it's probably just a tropical storm as it pushes across southern parts of -- It should move right over Tokyo or just to the south on Friday but the heaviest rain will be south and west of Tokyo as that storm continues moved to the north -- -- and another we have to watch about -- -- this tropical moisture gets drawn northward across Tokai -- There may be some locally heavy rain is well. So that things are getting better in the sense that the storm is going to be weakening and look for that turned in the north and northeast as we go through Wednesday and landfall just south of Nagasaki. -- -- around noon. Local time on Thursday in Japan. And of course has certainly Bernie weakening but still very strong a lot of US troops -- -- stationed in Okinawa area and how bad do we think the damage will be there. -- If this storm is not a historic storm it will not be one. For Japan in this is an area that gets hit. Quite a bit so I think people. Our crew that the structures are somewhere prepare for a hurricane like this again we're talking maximum sustained winds product probably in that category one between nine -- 575. Let's -- 95 miles per hour but it's going to be -- weakening storm. The wind yes that's going to be a problem but the flooding. I think is what's most concerning to me as we move forward to in the middle part of the week. AccuWeather is burning rain -- thank you for joining us and giving us an update on the keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news -- and story this story for exclusive updates on -- -- You've been watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24470340,"title":"Typhoon Neoguri Targets Tokyo, Major Damage Expected ","duration":"7:17","description":"Although it's been downgraded, the typhoon is still expected to bring 105 mph winds and heavy rain.","url":"/International/video/typhoon-neoguri-targets-tokyo-major-damage-expected-24470340","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}