UK prime minister: 'We are not afraid'

Theresa May spoke in the House of Commons, saying, "Our resolve will never waver in the face of terrorism."
5:36 | 03/23/17

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Transcript for UK prime minister: 'We are not afraid'
Mr. speaker yes to see an acts of terrorism. Tries to silence all democracy. But today we meet as normal as generations have done before us and his future generations will continue to do. To deliver a simple message. We are not afraid. And our resolve will never Wayne in the face of terrorism. I'd be meet here act in the oldest of all parliaments. Because we know that democracy. And the values kitchen tiles will always prevail. Those values. Free speech liberty. Human rights and the ruler fuel. In politics he in this place. But they are Chad by free people around the world. A terrorist paying to the place where people of all nationalities and cultures. GAAP to celebrate what it means to be free. Actually took out his rage indiscriminately. Against innocent men women and children. Mr. speaker this was an attack on free people at freeway. Until the halt of the British people. I would like to thank our friends and allies around the world who have made it clear that they stand with us apps this time. At approximately 2:40 PM yesterday. A single attacker drove his vehicle act speed. Enter innocent pedestrians who were crossing Westminster bridge. Getting to people and injuring around forty more. In addition to twelve questions admitted to hospital. We knows the victims include three French children. Two Romanians. For South Koreans. One German. One whole one Irish. One Chinese. One Italian. One American. And two Greeks. And we are in close contact with the governments of the country's old that is affected. The injured also included three piece offices. Who were returning from an established to recognize that bravery. Two of those three remain in serious condition. Mr. speaker the attack then left the vehicle and approached a police officer at carriage gates attacking that's officer with a large knife. Before he was shot dead by an armed peace officer. Tragically as the house when 48 year old PC Keith Palmer who was killed. PC Palma. Had devoted his life to the service of his country. He had been a member of the parliamentary and diplomatic protection come on for fifteen years. And a soldier in the royal artillery before that. He was a husband and a Fatah. Killed doing that jolt he laughed. He was every inch I hit. And his actions will never be forgotten. I know the whole house will join me in sending our deepest condolences to his family. And to the families and friends of all those who have been killed or injured in yesterday's or awful attacks. Mr. speaker yesterday we -- the list of humanity. But we will remember the best. We will remember the extraordinary efforts to save her life with PC Keith palm including those on line right honorable friend the member of football in the east. Aren't we will remember the exceptional bravery. Of our police security and emergency services. Who once again run towards the danger even as they encouraged others to move feel the way. On the halls of the whole country. I won't pay tribute to them. For the work they have been doing to reassure the public treat the injured and bring security back to the streets of all capital city. That they have lost one of that and in in yesterday's attack. And he makes that columnists and professionalism. All the more remarkable. Mr. speaker are not just being set. Since terrorists struck London yesterday. Much more will be set in the coming days. But the greatest response lies not in the words of politicians. Did the everyday actions of ordinary people. So beyond these rules today. In scenes repeated in towns and cities across the country millions of people a caring about their days and getting old with the online it's. The streets it was busy as ever. The office is fool the coffee shops and cafes fostering. As I speak millions will be boarding trains and airplanes to travel to London and to see for themselves the greatest city on. It's in these actions. Millions of acts of normality. That we find the best response to terrorism. A response that denies all revenues that victory. Scott refuses to let them win but shows we will never give in. A response driven by that same spirit. That drove a husband and father. To put himself between us and our Taka. And to pay the ultimate price. A response that says to the men and women who propagate this hate and evil. You will not defeat us. Mr. speak I let this be the message from this house and this nation today. All classrooms will prevail and I commend his statements to the house. Us. And.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"Theresa May spoke in the House of Commons, saying, \"Our resolve will never waver in the face of terrorism.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"46321465","title":"UK prime minister: 'We are not afraid'","url":"/International/video/uk-prime-minister-afraid-46321465"}