UK's Parliament locked down after gun incident

A firearms incident was reported at London's Westminster Bridge, near the United Kingdom Houses of Parliament, the Metropolitan Police said today.
4:57 | 03/22/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for UK's Parliament locked down after gun incident
This. Is an ABC news special room. Good morning I'm Tom Thomas we're following some breaking news out of London right now would there has been some type of firearm or shooting incident. Outside the house of parliament in London while my son is working this story for us right now from our London bureau Lama what are usually so far. We'll come this is breaking right now the situation is still unfolding here's what we know at this hour several reports coming in. But a man is being shot outside the house was a parliament. And according to news reports the mound appeared to be wielding. A knife some other eyewitness reports coming in to us saying that at least five people have been mowed down by a car. The entire area is on lockdown as security permits or has been put in place. Police moving in quickly to try to secure the area at least one air ambulance helicopter. Has landed it in parliament's way in the area. We understand a school in jawed as saying an incident is unfolding holding it a far arms incidents out Westminster bridge. In in this investigation this is of course quite Eileen on in the an investigation Tom. I did this comes at a height. I sensible. Terror alert in various parts of Europe including Paris and London and Brussels of course Markus Wolf for one of our ABC news producers is actually at the scene. Of where this scene is unfolding right now on the west side of the house apartment Marcus what are you seeing what are you hearing. On the good. Creatively credit. Big it would be. I just think it's great golf ball they'd daughter and but firing at our feet to go out the Allman. Bottom about real 400 yards on the left side. Houses of Parliament sold you look police some living like so called journalists. Back and over 200 ER sorry for all our site speak so we are looking backwards as we speak to wipe them out all month. Pocket Sierra frogs and Courtney golf's. Various police activity. Crumble pretty clear all. I'll make it really it extremely debacle that aren't. What a player could look this incident it's our starting. What it is clear that police are very. Active parents are what's agent's unit. Their equipment they're very Smart but exclude people. Are building it during question that doesn't know. Called towards the city. And Marcus Marcus for viewers at home who don't know London to well talk to us about this area of the city is that. Political center is also up a heavily trafficked area were seen cars right now stopped. On the bridge there and of course the area were many tourists visit every single day. Skeptical permanent and temporary hospital on Monday iconic out all look what the property. Next goal but why are analogies seal left the bridge which the student have a fallout some problem rip up. How it got busted and I believe this spot atop. All they had it's part of guy that would be insurance prosecute people. Around our our correctional my whites do. A school walking to school next Caldwell marked alternate at school. But now I did learn that they've been evacuated and all it's what people like how bitter Google bought. Out of Holloman. Army so the stock up prosecute people upgrading curriculum confusion. Still require the out knew what actually happened oh. Yet there are there if you're just here right now we're following breaking news out of London right now as you can see. A very chaotic and massive seeing their ambulances all over the house of parliament right now we understand there's been some type of shooting incident we understand we have an eyewitness to what happened on the phone right now. Right outside there by the house of parliament and you could talk to us right now and tell us what's going on. I hit some political correspondent that's very newspaper in western we would it is out there which overlook and the gold and other Big Ben. And we had a very very loud bang and lots of screaming and commotion and then all judicial interval and several gun show ban. Civility open on political and what to do and they will. Rushing across what could be the guilt that I picked band which is very much in god you're ordered. And we believe that's cryptic post Walt. He put into place is being shot at this very much heat by the technical market you know will be Egypt. But left behind amid itself. Right that I brought those big bed. Okay Tom peck a correspondent for the independent join us live now again if you're just tuning in. We're following breaking news out of London there's been a shooting incident just outside the house apartment were ST on top of this story. On later on world news tonight we now return to schedule programming for summer you we now return to Good Morning America. This has been a special. For me.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"A firearms incident was reported at London's Westminster Bridge, near the United Kingdom Houses of Parliament, the Metropolitan Police said today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"46301426","title":"UK's Parliament locked down after gun incident","url":"/International/video/uks-parliament-locked-gun-incident-46301426"}