US calls alleged chlorine attacks in Syria a 'troubling pattern'

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley says, "Our goal must be to end the use of these evil, unjustifiable weapons."
4:49 | 02/06/18

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Transcript for US calls alleged chlorine attacks in Syria a 'troubling pattern'
The news out of Syria this morning is following a troubling pattern there are reports of yet another chemical weapons attack on Sunday. Victims of what appears to be chlorine gas are pouring into hospitals. And few things have horrified my country and the world as much as the aside regime's use of chemical weapons against its people. This council has been outspoken on ending series use of chemical weapons and yet they continue. Under the chemical weapons convention and the Security Council resolution to 118 the aside regimes obligations are clear. It must immediately stop using fault chemical weapons. It must address the gaps inning consistencies. In its chemical weapons convention declaration. And it must destroy all of its remaining chemical weapons. Under the supervision. Of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. These are worthy Eagles. These are urgent goals. And yet we spent much of last year. And has counsel watching one country protect the aside regime's use of chemical weapons are refusing to hold them responsible. So what do the American people see. What do people of all countries see. They see at council that can't agree to take action even after the investigative mechanism created by this council. Found that the aside regime used chemical weapons. Now we have reports that the Asad regime has used chlorine gas against its people. Multiple times in recent weeks including fish yesterday. There is obvious evidence from dozens of victims. So we proposed a Security Council press statement condemning these attacks. So far Russia has delayed the adoption of this statement. A simple condemnation. Of Syrian children being suffocated. By a chlorine gas. I hope Russia takes the appropriate step to adopt this text showing a council is unified in condemning chemical weapons attacks. Accountability is a fundamental principle. But it's just the first step. Our goal must be to end the use of these evil unjustifiable. Weapons. When actions have consequences. When perpetrators are identified and pot punished. We come closer to reaching our goal. But if we can't even take the first step. Of establishing accountability for chemical weapons. We have to seriously ask ourselves. Why we are here. The requirements for establishing accountability for chemical weapons he's had not changed since this council voted unanimously. To create the joint investigative mechanism in 2015. They have not changed since Russia acted alone to kill that mechanism last year. Such a mechanism must be independent and impartial. It must be free of politics. It must be controlled by experts not politicians or diplomats. And it must be definitive. The latest Russian draft resolution does not meet any of these criteria. Russia's draft resolution completely ignores the findings of the gem which was an investigation that Russia ripped supported. Until the investigators found a side regime to be responsible. That should already be enough to make a skeptical. But there are other deep problems. For their new investigation. Russia wants to be able to cherry pick the investigators. It wants to insert unnecessary and arbitrary. Investigative standards. And it wants the Security Council to be able to review all of the findings of this investigation. And decide what makes it into the final report. That is not an impartial mechanism. It is a way to white wash the findings of the last investigation. That Russia desperately. Wants the fairy. No one should believe this draft resolution is a good basis for discussion. When it is designed to undermine our core principles on chemical weapons. We cannot hope to end the use of chemical weapons. If those who use them escape the consequences. Of their actions. And so while we regret the need for it's creation we applaud the efforts of France to watch the end our national partnership. Against impunity for the use of chemical weapons. This is yet another way to hold accountable. Side regime and any group who uses chemical weapons.

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{"id":52874877,"title":"US calls alleged chlorine attacks in Syria a 'troubling pattern'","duration":"4:49","description":"U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley says, \"Our goal must be to end the use of these evil, unjustifiable weapons.\"","url":"/International/video/us-calls-alleged-chlorine-attacks-syria-troubling-pattern-52874877","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}