US Considers More Airstrikes Against ISIS

ABC News' Ron Claiborne reports the latest on the Americans held by ISIS.
4:30 | 08/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US Considers More Airstrikes Against ISIS
Hello I'm Ron Claiborne and -- there's an ABC digital special report quelled the White House is signaling that it may now expand the fight against crisis. The Islamist extremist group that -- -- James Foley. Is calling Foley's be heading a terrorist act against the United States as the president weighs options to step -- the fight against the group that killed them. A US warplanes hit -- targets near Iraq's Mosul -- Again on Friday even -- -- has threatened to kill more American hostages in retaliation for those airstrikes US officials tell ABC news. At the group is holding at least. At least three Americans. Including Stephen -- law who ice has threatened to kill next. In that video that are posted earlier this week and while all US strike air -- -- -- -- this targets in Iraq the president. Is now -- to be considering hitting targets in Syria. As well as one senior official saying we're not going to be restricted by borders -- all of these developments coming. As an urgent bulletin from the FBI and Homeland Security to police forces. Across the country to be on alert to the threat here post here by -- to sympathize ABC's senior justice correspondent. Pierre Thomas joins us now on the phone from Washington DC Lapierre. Just to clarify here threats have been made but the authorities don't believe this is. Credible at this time. Again no specific threat no specific credible threat the blip and basically what designed to tell law enforcement. -- the look up any hint of any activity at home. From people that may sympathize with -- it didn't look like you're operating in Syria and Iraq. And the reason why they're concerned about that is that roughly a hundred American. They believe gone into Syria and Iraq to support who've -- But that tells them that there's -- little people here in the US. Who for whatever reason -- -- -- -- by. What geographical and so what they want -- -- -- -- if they get it took about someone who may. -- in support if they follow up -- all the -- and be prepared because these people could be a problem. -- so here are tips obviously are the key here because -- how wealth. -- law enforcement really know what's being cooked up here. -- -- conundrum in this in this the bulletin that would put yes they talked about the fact that. Groups or lone wolves that the people who call. And operate in the shadow because they might not have reached out so I think this statement and lineup and anything like that they may have note that -- -- They -- it be watching television. Reading stuff online and becoming radicalized identifying with them and then all of sudden deciding -- for the mall or some -- -- place of opportunity. And doing so. So but this bulletin again is inspired by is in reaction to the death threats of retaliation the words. Saying it will retaliate that are -- -- -- despair in the Middle East. And don't look back that they acknowledged in the bulletin that the airstrikes. Get. Them to be seen played out over -- -- in the media might spark some people would get a fight with fight the drug people. Pierre and you've been covering this beat for a long time what is your sense. Of the level of concern about the possibility of one of these long wolf attacks inside the US. Well let me leave -- that play we thought you might have been talking with the attorney general. The Homeland Security secretary in the local interviews. And -- a -- had talked about there. General concern about -- European. And US -- isn't going into all are here now some of them are affiliated with other -- -- -- -- -- But again -- general Pacific region. Being a magnate or extremists -- -- what -- had looked officials' attention away that we are seeing are likely in years. Okay thank you very much Pierre Thomas on the line with -- so be sure to stay tuned to Throughout the day for all the latest updates on this story and this evening on world news thanks for watching this ABC news digital special report. I'm Ron Claiborn enjoy your -- please.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"ABC News' Ron Claiborne reports the latest on the Americans held by ISIS.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"25097068","title":"US Considers More Airstrikes Against ISIS","url":"/International/video/us-considers-airstrikes-isis-25097068"}