US gov't to place 200 tons of humanitarian aid near Venezuelan-Colombian border

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says he will not allow U.S. aid to enter the country.
3:03 | 02/21/19

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Transcript for US gov't to place 200 tons of humanitarian aid near Venezuelan-Colombian border
And from crisis in Syria to crisis and Venice well of the US is now promising 200 tons of humanitarian aid. Which it says it will put near Venezuela Colombia border but. Venezuelan president Nicholas the bureau says none of that aid is to enter Venezuela so are on Tommy honest is live in Caracas and Tom. Why wouldn't the bureau accept this help in what happens now that he said he won't. That's a great question would Dora says that his nature is not a nation of beggars that they will not take out these handouts. And today one of the propaganda newspapers is out with a cartoon essentially showing the US aid. Blocks we've military US military inside of it. My dual thinks this is a trap it is a trap for the Venezuelan people that the US release one intervene into Venezuela like they have in a rock he's telling his people on state run TV get that. President trump wants to turn Venezuela into a modern day Vietnam. Now president trump for his part has he'll put the rhetoric he's called the Venezuelan leader here a dictator he said he's a Cuban pulpit. And he's not a bad as when patriot of course the United States along with more than fifty other countries have recognized one why don't as the interim president the head of the National Assembly. Now there is a showdown it's gonna happen Diane on Saturday is as you mention. Hundreds of tons of aid is on the border right now it's about 530. Miles southwest of where we are in the Columbia border in a town called cool puts out. And right there there have been reports of troop movements of venezuelans and in the Dora has been very clear about this he says that it will not come and put Y Gil has called on more than a million but as well lands and more than 500000 authority signed up. To help bring that eighty and so what happens. The bridge is closed right now and so there is somewhat of a showdown happening that being said the border is very porous could be maybe sneak things in. They possibly could but again we're dual may be moving military into different installations he's thirty closed with a maritime borders with the Antilles and nobody can fly in or ship in. Eight either and this is all happening as 90% of this country Diane. He's living in poverty they are still are being we've been out in the streets speaking of people and there's a lot of confusion but one thing is very clear they are hungry. They wait two hours just to get a bag of sugar and to get that bag a shooter sugar diet it cost two weeks' worth of wages so just imagine that the average but as well and has lost 24 pounds. In that would dual regime. And people tell us here that they what would rural gone. That being said there confused. One person talk to me I said what do you think's gonna happen on Saturday he said well. When the eight isn't coming and in the American troops wolf who moving about as well I symbol there there are no American troops mobilized and he sort of looked at me sad kind of confused thinking. He thought there were troops freedom move in because of what. My dual has has convinced them that the Americans want to intervene here. Other people think that waddle will succeed in he'll bring this in and others are hoping that the military will drop their arms. And let the aid come in but Diane there are no signs it's gonna happen the military said they are standing by what do oral and Ecuador has the military. He has the power and. Kind of a lot going on there Tanya ominously the issue and the people of Venezuela. The best right now thanks Tom.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says he will not allow U.S. aid to enter the country. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61216159","title":"US gov't to place 200 tons of humanitarian aid near Venezuelan-Colombian border","url":"/International/video/us-govt-place-200-tons-humanitarian-aid-venezuela-61216159"}