US Sends Military Group to Aid in Nigeria Kidnapping

The world rallies behind the abducted African girls through protests, sit-ins and the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls.
9:07 | 05/07/14

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Transcript for US Sends Military Group to Aid in Nigeria Kidnapping
This is a special group. The world does nothing then they get away with this and we -- this horrible precedent so I think it's extremely important something's done. Immediately. To try to find these coast to try to to bring them home and god forbid we can't we have still. Bring these men to justice. The powerful raising voices for the powerless -- rallies in Washington DC. To a sit in protest in the Nigerian capital of the world is closing ranks around the school girls kidnapped by Islamic militants vocal Barack. Hello I'm Michelle Franzen in New York the big question today as protests grow and rhetoric heats up is when and how. Those international resources will be brought to bear. The girls have been gone now for 23 days but the big push to find and bring them home only now gained steam. With the latest from Nigeria here's ABC's payments McDonald's and other Asia. It's 23 days since the mass kidnappings and now another smaller group of -- goals has been abducted two. But the world may finally be ready to act President Obama says the US will do whatever it -- to help. It's -- heartbreaking situation outrageous situation this may be. The event that helps to mobilize the entire international community. To finally do something against this -- organization. They coordination sales Centene by the US includes military and the FBI. It'll provide expertise on hostage negotiations. Communications. And intelligence. It could also include reconnaissance. And surveillance and -- at this point though it seems unlikely American forces. We'll be used in any rescue operation. The Nigerians have their own force. Again going beyond that until we get a better released I get a better interagency understanding. Requirements I just don't know. What's going to be required. Well there is an enormous security presence here in the Nigerian capital Abuja today because the World Economic Forum. It's getting under way dozens of the world's most powerful political and business -- is -- converging for the summit. The impact however will be to increase pressure on the Nigerian government to act to bring these -- time. We already have the offer of support for the United States is team is already on the ground here offering military and intelligence in coordination support. To the authorities -- also being told that the United Kingdom is considering sending in special forces troops potentially to help now. A rescue for the -- -- the night we had confirmation of a second group a smaller group. Another -- -- being abducted kidnapped by Boca around this militant Islamist group in the northeast of the country. And still wakes like we do not know exactly where these 300 -- so young -- -- goes up there were of course just starting. And sitting their final exams in high school. -- is McDonald ABC news hundreds Nigerian. With more on American efforts in the region we're joined now from the Pentagon -- ABC's Louis Martinez. Believe the Pentagon said today that while -- -- military group is being sent to Nigeria it will not at this time considered trying to rescue the girls. How dangerous an operation would that be in are we learning anymore finding now. Where they're located. Well that's right -- first -- they don't even know where they are a small team that image talked about his report is really there. To cooperate with the Nigerians try to get information is but where exactly. They might be what kind of assets of Nigerians. -- -- Because as of right now there's very little information from this remote area and so at the United States needs to do is get a good feel as to what the Nigerians -- want. There's been talk about improved communications logistics. -- intelligence information but for now. That's what you're seeing from the US team they're there to figure out what -- it is exactly the Nigerians need. And what -- we learned about the level of cooperation between the Nigerian government and military. And Washington what's the history -- at present day negotiating for that. Well that -- history is and is in close cooperation between United States and countries in western Africa. There's a historical thing they're called here Africa partnership station where American forces routinely train way. These militaries and law enforcement. Those particular countries in that region. There's been concern about piracy in the past so that's one of the things that they focused on but in terms of actual the military to military cooperation has never been. On a large scale historically you because -- Nigeria is a former British colony -- kind of -- to cooperation with the British. That's come one angle one reason why you're seeing the UK. Assessment team also going to Abuja. But of one thing to consider is that that we the United States has. Concerns about the human rights record of the -- the military inside Nigeria and so that potentially down the road that crews could -- some limitations. On the amount of assistance the United States could provide. And British prime minister David Cameron was in parliament today here's what he told -- We should be clear this is not just a Nigerian issues it is a global -- extreme -- around our world who are gates education to gauge progress against equality and we must fight them and take a moment aren't. Okay. -- it seems like he had their support what kind of aid has the British promised. Up from here on out you said that they might have more power in the situation. And Michelle it's exactly what the United States is doing they're providing an assessment team composed of what we would call here -- -- season interagency team. Of law enforcement and military advisors. They want to go there and determine what it is at the Nigerians need they've for the course the British have capabilities that they can offer. There there's a small lot military training presence there in Nigeria. But again in these are. Presents is that really can't do much in the current surge what the United States in the UK are doing right now is trying to see what they can land. Two what they bring to -- in -- and the search for. These missing -- school girls we also know that UNICEF has been tracking the situation providing updates and calling on governments to intervene what's their role now. That were seen aid starting to trickle there. Well this is truly an international effort here this is let's recall at this story happened about three weeks ago. And then Ellison has been a slow build. As that's now generated this intense interest around the world. And it's really been interest in a watch -- the level of effort. The level of attention is being Johnson as -- -- their ranging from members from the Hollywood. Actors who are calling attention -- they want that story to be. On the front page and -- -- front and center in the international news so -- international organizations like UNICEF. I'm offering what little assistance they can right now the -- remember this is a remote area of Nigeria where this occurred. There's actually concern that these girls may have already been filtered out into neighboring Cameroon and Chad. The -- -- UNICEF brings in earning an existing international network. Well in those countries so maybe they can -- is also -- in years on the ground for the Nigerian. A law enforcement and military -- -- looking for these missing girls and we're also watching video right now that video release of from -- how -- and its leader. Are do we know any terms under which they would return the girls has there been any communication between the militants. And the government. There there's really been no little other information other than what's in it was in that video which is a very defined video or. The leader -- -- back claim that he was going to sell these girls. Sex slaves basically neighboring countries. And the message again that this group is an Islamic militant group that wants to establish -- -- ally in the northern Muslim area of Nigeria. -- and they did not look kindly on the education of these. Of these girls they they want to send a message that they are a a group that is fighting for she realized. And northern Nigeria. A little bit of history here this -- has been around for about 56 years they started really the small scale advocating. -- that -- ally in the in the northern Nigeria. And then expanded -- became more and more and more militant launching attacks throughout and that just the northern part of Nigeria but southern parts of the country. And and -- the military or Nigeria has taken them on. And as -- taking them on they have become more militant more defiant which is where yet -- at this point right now. ABC's Louis Martinez from Washington thank you. This has been an ABC news digital special report keep up of course with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring this story. For exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23631851,"title":"US Sends Military Group to Aid in Nigeria Kidnapping","duration":"9:07","description":"The world rallies behind the abducted African girls through protests, sit-ins and the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls.","url":"/International/video/us-sends-military-group-aid-nigeria-kidnapping-23631851","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}