US set to announce 'significant' sanctions on Iran

Tensions with Iran continue to mount as the United States approved a cyberattack on Iran after the nation shot down a U.S. drone.
3:58 | 06/24/19

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Transcript for US set to announce 'significant' sanctions on Iran
And we're moving overseas. To the escalating tensions with the Ron last week we saw the trump administration pulled back from a military strike. But did but he did approve. A cyber attack after you Ron shot down a US drone and today. The US is issuing new sanctions against a country already in dire economic straits I want to bring in James Longman. On the ground in the United Arab Emirates. James that. How does Iran respond to a cyber attack instead a military attack what does that mean to them. Well Kimberly I think I think if you lost all of the more conservative elements of the trump administration. It could be a sign of weakness to not launch a military attack but to instead do us. Kind of rules this cyber attack the Iranians. How responded saying that it didn't make a difference to them that they have a robust system that nothing changed I think it's the was the impossible for us to verify. That fact but I think the the fuel and simple fact in this region is bout it doesn't really require a military strike. To kind of escalate tensions hand sanctions are doing not. O'Meara and as he say that new round of sanctions comes into force today. Distinctions and aborted in capital in place. On Iran have already caused pretty. Ins extraordinary. Damage 30% inflation in Iran its economy. Due to be hit this year by 6%. When exports down by 80% you know this is really hit Iran hard and they regard this as economic terrorism mouse that phrase. That they use sec it's tantamount to military action so most people hate in the region as a thinking themselves. How long is it before Iran reacts again and if they do then. Back over to the United States will Donald Trump be able to. Hold back once more or will not be a sign of weakness LAPD show Iran that area more red line that can cross and when to expect much more military action. We all waiting to see just what exactly it is that Iran and Dell's next. But as as far as those cyber attack Skype Iran says they haven't made much difference a tool. Yet and we know that I'm secretary of state Mike Pompeo is in the Middle East do we know what his intentions are for being there. Yes I see he's just been touched down hay in the emirates he was in. Saudi Arabia what he's trying to do is build a coalition actually just in the last few minutes of just how this email through from ABC's State Department team saying. That the idea is that they want to look something called a sentinel program. Which would be a coalition of nature nations to have all a.'s own Iranian assets in the Persian gulf say what. Secretary Pompeo is doing is is speaking to death allies here in the United Arab Emirates that the saudis. And others to try to get this surveillance. Program launched on Iran it's not clear who's going to take Pulte. But certainly I think Arab allies of the United States hub long been pushing the United States to act on Iran they wants. In US to come down hard but it's careful what you wish for they don't want things to escalate. Two body because they went away half of what could happen in just a the last few days we've seen an Iranian proxy the goofy rebels who have fighting against the Saudi coalition in Yemen. They don't just a drone attack actually on the southern Saudi apple killing one injuring or about twenty others is just a sign. All of the kind of thing it's. The kind of battlefield. Federal and can activate its allies in they also in the Palestinian territory's Islamic Jihad and Hamas in eleven on with Hezbollah sits on the Israeli border. A massive massive issue over the last few weeks and months actually building without a lot of reporting. Has been escalating tensions in Iran Iranian possibly rainy militias hitting US oil interests that the danger is all very very clear across this region. I'm Arab allies of the United States will be spending those out to Mike Pompeo and at the same time the US is saying ministry action is an off the table so we will wait and see cubic. We will definitely wait and see I'm James Longley right there in the UAE thank you so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Tensions with Iran continue to mount as the United States approved a cyberattack on Iran after the nation shot down a U.S. drone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63912666","title":"US set to announce 'significant' sanctions on Iran","url":"/International/video/us-set-announce-significant-sanctions-iran-63912666"}