Venezuela tension continues as major showdown set for this weekend

Rival concerts on the Colombia-Venezuela border are planned disputing whether U.S. aid should be allowed into Venezuela.
3:52 | 02/22/19

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Transcript for Venezuela tension continues as major showdown set for this weekend
We start today in Venezuela were major showdown shaping up this weekend between president Nicholas word hero. And US backed opposition forces determined to get tons of US and international humanitarian aid. Crossed in over the border into the country are Tom yeah Thomas is live in Caracas reporting on the latest developments Tom great to see you man. I told us what you expect to play out tomorrow and is there any concern that the Venezuelan military could intervene in this. There's a major concern right now DeVon and we've already started to see clashes overnight essentially those trucks that are traveling from Caracas from different parts of the country southwest of the border with Colombia to -- top. That's where the hundreds of tons of aid a lot of that American aid. And and people men as well want that need to come into the country. Now the problem was this clash is the National Guard block some of these trucks. And so there were clashes and there's been report at least one person has been shot and killed so far so things. Are coming to a head tomorrow is going to be the big data and there are so many things happening first you have Richard Branson is hosting a conserved. Right on the bridge were the focal point of all of this right now he's hosting a concert with a lot of famous musical acts event as well in the wood door government is trying to host another concert that'll start today. All at the same time all these aid trucks trying to transport this eight and the doors made it very clear that he's not gonna let. Kenyon that American aid into his country he says his country's on a country beggars he's telling people on state run TV. At that those of medical supplies those food supplies are all rotten. And there are a trick essentially trap with the venezuelans taking that in the Americans will take their country. He's telling them as well as that. President trump wants to turn this country to a modern day Vietnam he wants to turn this into Iraq he's actually yesterday on state run TV he cited and we caged book scene that there was a passage in that book alleging president trump. Suggested going to war with them as well over its oil and he read from that passage DeVon yesterday on state run TV as proof. That president trump doesn't want to help them and as well once he wants to take their oil. Well that's incredible literal quoting the former acting FBI director that president trump fired Tom and I didn't see that that's incredible odd gimme must be your president trump heaved the vice president Mike Pence. Really leveling pressure against them under a regime we expect pence to be in Colombia. Over the weekend as well how much of an impact is is the administration's pressure having what have you seen their on the ground. Any time president from vice president Mike Pence senator rubio makes a statement. It's almost simultaneous that you'll see Nicholas when the road take to state run TV and we but anything they say. Earlier this week we saw president trump in my name in Miami talking to Cuban Americans but as well Americans he called would rural a dictator he said he was a Cuban puppet. But he wasn't about as well and patriot right after that. Nicholas wood oral went to state run TV he was with all of his general saying they were ready. For any type of military. Formation that may happen in Colombia he was warning Colombia to stay out of this not to get involved. But afterwards he did shut down the border with Brazil to make sure none of that American it comes to result is Brazil. Also wants to help the United States in the other countries is about more than fifty nations right now that are recognizing one why go. The intro Impreza right now is the true leader of Venezuela so he shut the border down with Brazil he's consideration in the Bordeaux Columbia. They're all rumors he may be shut down the airspace so there's no domestic flights because he wants to make sure. And even as well as because what it was called on a million that is wants to help to volunteer to get to cool good it's very hard it's not a twelve hour drive. Or you know a fear for our flight so it's very hard to get to Cooper tell unless you're already over there. But those truckloads those caravans ovary left from Caracas a couple of days ago and now they're they're clashing with some of the Venezuelan military. All right time down a slide forcing crock it's Tom thanks so much for coming on have a good weekend reporting down their major developments ahead and will be we will stay tuned then.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Rival concerts on the Colombia-Venezuela border are planned disputing whether U.S. aid should be allowed into Venezuela. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61241777","title":"Venezuela tension continues as major showdown set for this weekend","url":"/International/video/venezuela-border-showdown-continues-major-showdown-set-weekend-61241777"}