Venezuela's Congress to hold new elections if Maduro is ousted

Country's dueling political movements both push for elections amid continuing unrest in Venezuela.
2:23 | 02/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Venezuela's Congress to hold new elections if Maduro is ousted
Are right now we're gonna change it direction we're gonna go over to Caracas in the ongoing crisis in Venezuela. Cody what do we we're speaking yesterday about the humanitarian aid that was on its way there has at a Ryans and he hasn't made it to the people. There has not arrived yet we're not sure if it will ever make it to the people what we are learning according to Reuters that the US is saying it officially has been sense. And whereas yesterday we believe that aid would be so and it's three border points around the country. A US official according to that quarter reporting saying it will actually be a map. And up to a dozen border points around then split up so that's really setting up quite the scene here as best humanitarian aid. Is a math on this country's border country that continued the suffered from this humanitarian crisis. They are gonna have a high boot high protein boot up woman's. Medicines much needed here in Venezuela ill be on the border. But it will likely be denied by the aqueduct smuggled oil magnate and I'll go to continued to dig and his ilk really both sides continued to dig in their guilt. No sign they're willing to negotiate even yesterday we heard from the Vatican Pope France does he think he's willing to us that Dallas both sides of spots or negotiation here. But so far the opposition saying they're not willing to negotiate with Maputo. Saying that in previous negotiations he exporting used those negotiations. The. I'm going with meadow road saying that he's not allowing them humanitarian aid into the country does that help the potential. To turn his population against him. I think so well wiping the population has already turned against oh we've seen that only 20% of venezuelans support and perhaps that number could go. Even lower look childhood created a base for the government here that they built new app abatement what really big question here it does bulletin make armed forces turned against them that bead laps. That's a laugh out block they need. You really. Force him from office that we'll see if perhaps the armed forces at the border will allow the humanitarian aid and in defiance that although. Thirty thank you for being there in Caracas and following all of it and in keeping us up to date on what could become a humanitarian crisis in addition to a political line.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Country's dueling political movements both push for elections amid continuing unrest in Venezuela.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"60889978","title":"Venezuela's Congress to hold new elections if Maduro is ousted","url":"/International/video/venezuelas-congress-hold-elections-maduro-ousted-60889978"}