Vigil in Trafalgar Square after London attack

ABC News' Lena Masri speaks to people honoring the victims of the London terror attack.
11:58 | 03/23/17

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Transcript for Vigil in Trafalgar Square after London attack
This evening MS Palin hazy news. I am patents to focus where in London where people. Just gathered for a vigil after. Attacked yesterday at Westminster. Many people eyes so yeah. And on my way and as. I'm police officers. Carr is. Pounding and how. You but it's been very quiet. Here I'm going to do stuff with the hammer around city. Yeah. Actually minutes the minutes and finished. And now you can you tell me what it was like to. As Osce summit in maple China's it was arson. Just homeless vets advises. By the events just tonight. And so though not because there was no and that's because under the joint efforts of others. That we've. The that would trying just. Next from the effects of what I've been peninsula. Why why. However I didn't really effective. First who's who shot. Some. August and he just. From. And much loved ones. Students. Just like Zedillo's the Angeles. For your anyway. And make sure whether things listens as it is very real seven that accompanied it. Thus the government that's Nightline. What was a woman that's events but often though I'm. And what about your friends. Went after him. What happens when you ugly side I think that recently set aside it is my. Some other than attention of them just yet to see it just seems very real numbers out and about Apple's decision. Half mile from here from our lives. What did you say. Well when you see. Organic yankees anymore I'm Colin makes you you don't. Bicycle but proud son to live a lump them. Just that most. Tonight. It's not built upon social event on this night. It's come together. Cable and. Yeah you. I am I could. Kelly. I'm about why. Here tonight and if they placed second in the outlying in the scheme carnation on an offense in the history of the coming up. That name on it. I think it's like it's cool and I can't say they operated in and the continent. Take a life and otherwise he doesn't win and it's not like. They wouldn't still face neck and stuff you see people coming together and let's anyway. I honestly think makes it an agreement. And say like. BC announced and it happens in the same reason. It's so cool London and hastily and and is amazed shield will be facing great. You know why Casey on boxes and phone keys small minded didn't think it was Minnesota thanks. Tendon in his book harmonies and the club's the united excludes food and you just hand him a little saying you know the company's. Likely cost saving up grids but since it's time on the bus and men in this. Site scary to think that had happened CE. So consumed at a guy grounds that into the bus money. And they're hand in. Excuse me what you're thinking and business with the great boom and everything they both the ordinance. What must decide nesting and everything just behind those currently outside of Houston and knowing that my friend she suddenly couple passed its. I'm not Moneyline I think I'd and my mind's eye on it. And deciding thank movement. It's like attractions and everybody. Because he's a great match yeah meaning to unionize nonunion. That's what then it's David Cook of the it went in and Alex. Beyond Payne hugs NN pentagon says he uses it. Sentence and be an ugly things is possible to make this agreement to visit. I'm. You know it just makes basic black and I think things because this segment minded and Hannity. We. Plus. And then yeah. Here in your life. This insane. I mean yeah. London think sixteen. Thanks hey yeah that was has been connected to those chains and then and the he's also gotten us alone again yeah send an automatic and implement them. Spain. And I mean anything around and yet though that morning. And in. You live in that manner and yet we live in still lit and looks nice and it's mostly area yes we get this off by giving us. Now we live right next. Things he's MS. So much. Any give us an eleven. Feet big matches. Yeah yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. You. Talks. I'm. And one of the first inning. English Channel in. I know. Thanks mr. Kantor. She right wing message. About it. Not. Games. You have your life. London's anti. You play with the Marines. I didn't didn't think he needs. Yeah plus plus plus I'd. Hopefully. We got up.

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{"duration":"11:58","description":"ABC News' Lena Masri speaks to people honoring the victims of the London terror attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"46333631","title":"Vigil in Trafalgar Square after London attack","url":"/International/video/vigil-trafalgar-square-london-attack-46333631"}