Witness calls scene of Toronto van incident 'a nightmare'

A man who witnessed the incident said the driver "just started hitting everybody."
1:38 | 04/23/18

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Transcript for Witness calls scene of Toronto van incident 'a nightmare'
You know Lloyd and with with red coding on it in dollars though is that he smashed into someone over there and then. It. That and enacting them goal and I thought he had a heart attack or something's I was trying to shake it down and away almost try to catch up through it happened. All right you know this guy this crime and he's going seventy clinics he's hitting people one by one goal and down. Back the nightmare and I think I want that yard out to young and empress and I think your lady with her again. As it was the thing that's really about it. Could embody what I seen and it was. Everybody help these people on the street skating it will homebuyer want. Post office box giving crumbled up on people and one person guards dragged on and their blood is all over young an emphasis really battle. I'm so shaky I'm still dying from this like Cambodia this is happening as they unbelievable that's still unbelievable. He just went on the sidewalk you just started everybody America. He did every single person on the silent anybody in his that he was at the bus stop everything shattered there's a lady in that I saw. I just thought than they look connect when after at a generally if Jesus fumbling up. One by 11 by walked. Hold. This might. Look like he was doing it. With intent with the president because that the blocked better and it's one of those white bands they're blocked does know when there is nothing on the he's just going down its crumbling you can't catch up to them. He's gone 57 kilometers fought on the sidewalk.

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{"duration":"1:38","description":"A man who witnessed the incident said the driver \"just started hitting everybody.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"54671836","title":"Witness calls scene of Toronto van incident 'a nightmare'","url":"/International/video/witness-calls-scene-toronto-van-incident-nightmare-54671836"}