Women rising up against ‘shadow pandemic’ of domestic violence

Nearly one-third of women around the globe have suffered from violent or sexual abuse, which the United Nations has dubbed “the shadow pandemic.”
7:22 | 04/16/21

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Transcript for Women rising up against ‘shadow pandemic’ of domestic violence
This shadow pandemic is the name the United Nations has given to the rise of violence against women over the past year and why me abusive women long predates Kobe at this time women around the globe have taken to the streets and are raising their collective voices to say in knots. ABC's Maggie ruling brings us this report. For months more broadly English ever went to physical therapy disarmament edicts Nino Farina. Eat. On a snowy day December 2017. Her then husband drove her into the woods in Russia where enraged by her threats divorce. He used an ax to chop off her hands to keep him. He's because it's French. Doctors were able to reattach her left hand although it has minimal use god god yeah. Sure let's just. But not right she's had to learn he's in for study. But Arenas says when the blame and started fighters and the marriage she did when she was supposed to do. She went to the police coroner suffering and I went to an officer I read a complaint. That our police officers didn't do anything that he said it's Russia. At least 155. Countries have passed laws criminalizing domestic violence Russia is an exception. Even weakening protections in recent years and more coming up fought hard to successfully put her ex husband behind bars for fourteen years he. That often first time offenders can walk away with a simple flying bridal store. Faxes the punishment doesn't match the crime and how can a person do such a thing. And just get three to five years. But even in countries that have domestic violence laws like the US pieces are often hard to prosecute in many incidents Goldman reported. Margaritas case Levy who wish it. She's not alone is roughly 13 of women worldwide have faced divinely endorsed sexual abuse in their lifetime. According to the UN lock downs from cope in nineteen are compounding this violence victims trapped with their abusers and cut off from support. It's triggering what the UN has dubbed. The shadow pandemic. Over the past hearing on relenting spread of violence against women has shaken the world. Calls to help clients increasingly 80% of countries provide information and you wind up. No content has been left and the collective grief let's now fueling protests across the road. In Mexico women taking their anger to the street. Australia chasing him cultural reckoning over rape accusations in parliament. I was raped inside Parliament House my colleague and a solo on that felt like good people around you and me can't because of where it happens and what it. England in the protest started with just one name cigarette ever are. The young British woman brutally murdered as she was walking home from a friend's house early night. When you first heard about what had happened what did you think. Could've been me. The sort of thought down done. It was painful. Think can help it because I walk every day. Her death sparking a social media movement. Women sharing all the things they're taught to do to protect themselves from the young needs to mend realize women share their addresses Lance I had to hide in a clash for over an hour men have had to crossroad how. We blew the the publisher and women and show what they should do what they should Wear and how big short woke. And how me made tool to protect. Themselves. To men in Orange we all had enrollment big. Activist taking dot power. Demanding that instead of blaming women we change society. That's for Maine to read it seized the chance to make a difference it's not just women in ghosts. I think men the stunning to appreciate that. This isn't the world that they want to live and Nina. As the first black leader of the UK political party WEP nor the women's equality party. She's running to become the first woman to be mayor of London. They're fleeting to have a women's voices in places of power leaders who who wouldn't like to be a woman in the world. I have been chased I have been great I have been cat cooled I've had a man exposed himself to me on the London Underground. And master based on the London on the grounds and mining experience. Isn't exceptional it doesn't stand out its Fannie ordinary. I mean to have a woman in charge that got to make a difference if there was economic significance of his not have found no Simmons just because of and you know because of being a woman that. Because she will bring to the table issues how often do to turn for the full. And change Mandy says we'll be life saving. Menu believes global violence against women he started tipping point. We've been together for about how one now and in that time six women across the world have been that it. Fact is the reality. That we are facing. Across the delay. Day in day out in January Puerto Rico's governor declared a state of emergency over display teen deaths related to gender violence and the president of South Africa pledged 75 million dollars and 2019 to help victims of gender based violence. He hit the death troll has only gotten higher. Singh who Foxit pooling rules Sarah ever are victorious Salazar who some Montel home DD one Jung grant and ending. And countless others would. Every hour worked the list keeps growing. McCain feels like this pandemic is only getting worse. We mean have been pleading dock for decades but this year as their voices rise across races countries. And continents. Is this time enough and finally announced. Do you think event. That move mint is going to continue what is revealed is that the appetites of changes that hundred descendants. But really neat if we're gonna see the type of change that will make a difference the house to translates into political momentum. And as well political leaders have a choice. They can eat us. Continue to turn a blind eye to all they can at a K series analysis showed the leadership to make a long time commitments. That would really should decide on this issue. Then Lindsay want to share give it an update on Margarita are teen film the turn Russia and 2018 incense and she's become a TV host on a popular show in Russia where she raises awareness about domestic violence she is still a fierce advocate and currently has a case pending in the European Court of Human Rights against those nine police officers who she says all ignored her complaints against her husband. And Lindsey perhaps what is most joyful we can tell you she's now moved to Saint Petersburg with her children where she has since remarried and is even expecting a baby and we are also thrilled she's doing so well. Lindsay thank you so much of that positive ending mayor Maggie we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"7:22","description":"Nearly one-third of women around the globe have suffered from violent or sexual abuse, which the United Nations has dubbed “the shadow pandemic.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77107302","title":"Women rising up against ‘shadow pandemic’ of domestic violence","url":"/International/video/women-rising-shadow-pandemic-domestic-violence-77107302"}