In His Own Words: Pei Shen Qian Talks Art Fraud

Painter behind fake masterpieces says he was duped too.
3:58 | 07/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for In His Own Words: Pei Shen Qian Talks Art Fraud
Home for -- -- shooting -- and is now Shanghai China. A long way from the queens New York studio where he painted the forgeries that sent shockwaves through the art world. There in this high rise apartment building he still spends his days in front of the east fall -- Paul painting painting painting. Let's put off painting but Jin told -- -- about an ABC news the fake art scandal uncle passed off his creations as newly found masterpieces. Of -- traffic specialist including Mark Roscoe and Jackson Pollock still haunts him. All I saw all jump up in the middle of the night from night matters was to get by it's not something you can take easily it's scary Guillen was indicted the few months after this interview. For forging the signatures of the artists he copied and lying to federal agents -- we spoke with enough he insisted he was stunned that so many people in the art world. Would be fooled by his -- Roth goes and politics and denied knowing about the scheme. The sole witness on my intent -- -- from a fake paintings to be sold the real thing hall -- It's called it off they were just copies of the put up to her home if you like it also -- -- Honda. Says. This can end meaning these people clearly know it was a fake how -- -- -- January pulse investment. So -- at all -- office I knew nothing of this and you know -- your ass hole in the port. -- they wouldn't tell me anything double agent could. -- says the two self described art dealers from Long Island in New York -- fearless solace. Jose -- and genius ideas where the real masterminds behind the scam. And -- him only a few thousand dollars for works that they then sold the galleries for millions. But. Absolute halt at a time when I made these patients I had no idea what are present them as the building itself -- is I was just copying according to their demands call. Save it and once I saw in the newspapers and knew how serious the situation was -- very afraid. I was very -- -- -- it never occurred to me that they would do this fall come moments ago. And despite the outstanding charges against him in the US -- says he wants to be known for his own work which bears his signature. And not the forged ones of the masters. -- -- -- Unlike past time I answer -- paint paint -- all holes. This audience this -- also real I arrest is legally even my afternoon nap this for the sake of paintings and also read in order to paint. I also listen to music to paint needed some. Absolutely nothing else is that important -- for painting. Paul Paul do anything for -- is an activity done for pleasure it's the most beautiful leisure activities. The soul of pluses and on comes from my heart pouring out to express my feelings it's wrong -- Taxes. Like this this one was my first game as he shows other -- -- art exhibitions and what is who has introduced to the world -- And it doesn't fall and not years -- team that painting technique in China heightening contact. For those -- -- to the home -- -- also -- -- I'm very apologetic it's really very apologetic at all. Offenses to accidentally mess of this market -- a not a good situation. That I didn't mean for this to happen time. And -- holidays it's doing all Clemson which canceled. To book saving you don't put enough people -- -- auction aren't the have to be very careful investigative office -- debate tonight. -- will do so -- I wish for the situation the past should. -- -- -- -- -- -- China wants to be an honest painter and not copy others on. Doesn't that.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Painter behind fake masterpieces says he was duped too.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"24622538","title":"In His Own Words: Pei Shen Qian Talks Art Fraud","url":"/International/video/words-pei-shen-qian-talks-art-fraud-24622538"}