Wuhan, China, thrives 1 year after pandemic began

ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports on how the original epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in China has returned to normal one year later.
4:50 | 01/06/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wuhan, China, thrives 1 year after pandemic began
It was about this time last year and an alarm bells started to go off inside Wuhan a mysterious virus claiming lives in the massive sit. Next life as we know it altered. The one year later we sent a team back to Wuhan China -- it's changed in this original epicenter and what Ian panel will show us may stunning. Could be forgiven for thinking this is old footage a reminder of what will be left behind. Happy crowds jostling it knew he would share in recent briefing this amen but this isn't an old film it was taken this New Year's Eve. Because while most of the planet few behind closed tools the city where the pandemic began policy in style. It's almost surreal how new only tool looked and Wuhan China. I'm yeah yeah and yeah. About a year after the first reported outbreak could convince nineteen China was largely able to get the country back home its feet. For the billions still in the grip of these pandemic the scenes after Abu Hamed is simply stunning Matt. So much so we sent to team to witness the citizens of who hand doing about that completely normal. Every day lives and never has the ordinary. So weeks Krugman. Today is a business woman named Wu hammer chief them what it was like going back to her and he'll face in April last year. Today the role this is packed she even has face to face meetings. Let's now in most places we basically don't need to Wear masks. Life is back to normal like before that. China achieved what saluted much of the world by flexing its authoritarian muscle to impose one of the strictest law dams ominous. Game one of their largest cities. Who had is a bustling metropolis of eleven million it was also ground zero for the first suspected and break the Kubrick nineteen. Look at this airport does the international sections of the loan airport and is basically. Almost no one here. Overnight highways and their ports turned into ghost towns pills checkpoints with sex talk. And Beijing warned bull what happened to deuce to try to pass bond with the temperature. I gold watch to gassed his people will comb flowing to their homes. Blissfully unaware that soon after but most of us would know what it was like to be locked down Milan. Is an industrial but of course not save a fashion powerhouse grounds like he's having a real problems. Which productions or whatever the medical reality of this virus the economic consequences around the world. A huge. Almost immediately exit from one point eight million lines and lost many countries continue to reel from a pandemic that just one left saw. We now have the new variant of the virus and it's being vetted frustrating. And belonging to see the speed. We reached a new variant is spreading. We're running. They probably 300%. Of our normal capacity revenue 300%. China are on the other hand now has an exhibit celebrates all the big successes against the virus but it mentions the most norm of its mistakes. Citizen journalists Jen Jen was sentenced to full years in jail last week for reporting a fall bleak a picture of the outbreak and China's official narrative would have us believe. And then there's got to leave when Yang. He was the first to raise the alarm about Kubrick nineteen. I'm was accused police of spreading false information. He later died of tube in nineteen and now appears on the memorial wall. Many accused China of hiding the threat of corona virus and the true death tolls. Just today the WHO was unable to begin investigating the origins of curbing nineteen. After Chinese officials failed to finalize commissions for the team's arrival and how all life on the ground appears launching back to normal. It's a totally in the clear China just placed a village near Beijing under lockdown after a new cost it was found that. The two bay who like many here. He's proud with the weight of the country's handled these pandemic. Our hearts and homes because I don't think there's been any country that has been able to do this for this reason I'm really proud to be Chinese and presence. But as long as this virus continues to rip through much of the world the place where ritual began in one hand will never be fully safe. He impaneled but ABC news life. Our thanks to Ian for that striking the report.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports on how the original epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in China has returned to normal one year later.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"75070138","title":"Wuhan, China, thrives 1 year after pandemic began","url":"/International/video/wuhan-china-thrives-year-pandemic-began-75070138"}