Yemen on the brink of starvation

ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports on the humanitarian crisis facing Yemen and whether a new Trump administration designation could worsen problems.
5:23 | 01/19/21

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Transcript for Yemen on the brink of starvation
It is being called quote diplomatic and vandalism in many are pointing their fingers at America after moved by the trumped administration they claim will make the world's. Worst humanitarian crisis even harder to fix. Millions in Yemen are at or near the brink of starvation and now many aid groups might not be allowed to help feed the hungry in panel explains. Say no Cologne he was born into this blighted land full months ago. Cool months old and every single day his parents must fight to keep him in line to. It's difficult to watch puts Hussein needs help. So weak. He can no longer Gretzky who are so hungry news machine tools it's East Hampton endlessly. You need diapers he counts. With a one school's class. Cameramen. I Amanda and and that's. And Hussein suffered from malnutrition since he was born. And until they tell me to take into the malnutrition clinic inside NASA does I don't have any way to get in there and there's agencies has come up or person wants nothing. The family was made homeless boy yemen's war. They now live the midst of dust and fills at a camp for some of the hundreds of thousands up routed by the conflict. Until when I see him sit crisis and creeks missile. We just one food basket every three months from the World Food Program to live own. Hussein's parents must choose between feeding their family or selling it for medicine for this. There's new clinic here. But the baby boy desperately needs help sort team draw of the family to a neighboring county where there Ries a small medical center. While the world's look the other way more than half the population of Yemen staged at the close it to the brink of starvation. Yemen's being declared the world's worst humanitarian crisis by the United Nations. It almost six years of war has devastated the country. Half the population more than fifteen million people is on the brink of starvation. Two out of every three people here can't afford to buy fruit. We still this first hand when we visited Yemen with the New York based International Rescue Committee in 28 team. Yeah what were the doctors said she measuring policy circumference of the top of a rom around. What is by sat with. We can see there it's just crossed over into the red which is severely malnourished. Yemen's being gripped by a violent conflict since 2015. On one side government forces backed by Saudi Arabia and the emirates. On the other Gucci rebels backed by Iran accused of attacking the country's main airport recently. Bugs accused of war. But he style deep content jets controversially supported by American intelligence and poems that have repeatedly struck civilians. And now in one of the final acts of the trump administration. And so around all the crew she rebels will be designated as a terrorist organization. From two Mora. In his statement secretary Pompeo saying this will. Conference terrorist activity and terrorism plans are not a deadly Iran backed militia group. But the UN. And to all major aid agencies via big Kuby disasters. Forcing them to limit that would include T controlled areas where 18% of Yemen these live. All risk prosecution by the US government about this being read by pulses on condemnation of this. News and this is a death sentence is for millions of Germany's because they are over the course of the next several weeks going to run out of sued and are going to start it's that simple ally and the fact that the drug administration went slower with this designation. I'm no good that would be the consequence. Bob is absolutely. Devastate our mind below and. The International Rescue Committee has been providing vital lifesaving work on the ground in Yemen peak years. I think now fit this mood but at trump administration. Couldn't do things. He added to create barriers such that you hear him hah well are actively inefficiently him. Deliver eaten those who eat. You crisis anywhere. In the end to. Tax me. So time is running out of four month old truce saying at the clinic he's measured and weighed. He's just to put two kilograms wasn't just over four and a half pounds. The average weight to a four month old in America. These new fifteen patents the challenge for the new president couldn't be more stock. You've jubilant in reverse is this designation. He risks being accused of being soft on terrorists and Iran and upsetting Israel and allies in the gulf. But the risks of doing nothing but great so. That's. Hussein's life may depend humble hesitant polite and decides to do in Yemen. He impanel the ABC news look. My thanks to Ian for that.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports on the humanitarian crisis facing Yemen and whether a new Trump administration designation could worsen problems.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"75331982","title":"Yemen on the brink of starvation","url":"/International/video/yemen-brink-starvation-75331982"}