94-year-old woman celebrates 44 years working at McDonald's

Loraine Maurer, a great-grandmother, said she can't retire. "I would miss it."
2:00 | 03/27/17

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Transcript for 94-year-old woman celebrates 44 years working at McDonald's
It's not that often you come across a person who can truly brighten up your day. Sun sun life coming and she always smiling Phillies to their fans. Or someone who will cross the room just to give you one she is the 33 way. Three lady makes everybody feel so well that one coming 444 years missile range has been that person working under those golden arches. I just. Sound and my husband to retire a McDonald's employees since 1973. Her job has been serving friendship. When people come and they always went to meet her and what's numbers story and so did that they may never come back progress on embassy somehow affected their lives for about that few minutes. At 94 years old this way has worked at a number of McDonald's locations in Evansville over the years. Today sees it and with Green River road because it's close to home and church but it doesn't matter where she's located. Preference will cross town just to see her smile. She's being different McDonald's collapsing or at all levels just about thought I'll ask him cynical about forty years. Susan memory it's amazing to see him tell stories about me Johnson 44 years ago or five minutes ago I mean she remembers saying. And she remembers faces and make people look best when they cannot rest time. Gloria knows it. 'cause some are so well that sometimes even has their order prepared for them. Before they want through the door. Phone and I sent filed an outlet in Atlanta again. Colleagues. And I jumped out and write it over to. And today marking 44 years of someone's quiet strength of his lifted off so many she's in the race. Yeah. I have and now in Evansville Greg Parker Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"Loraine Maurer, a great-grandmother, said she can't retire. \"I would miss it.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"46396906","title":"94-year-old woman celebrates 44 years working at McDonald's","url":"/Lifestyle/video/94-year-woman-celebrates-44-years-working-mcdonalds-46396906"}