Barry's Bootcamp CEO shares top career lessons

Joey Gonzalez, CEO of Barry's Bootcamp, shares the best lessons he's learned throughout his career and how he went from trainer to CEO.
7:00 | 09/09/17

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Transcript for Barry's Bootcamp CEO shares top career lessons
You started working out you said early on with fairy. And you move your way up. Inside of the company to CEO which I really admire the idea of learning the whole business before you get to that top plea in the company he. What are some of the most important lessons you learned along the way. I think for me it's been about. I never really started out my career theories. One. You see. It wasn't this. It was about. It got to get it where. It is. So much how they. All. Old. It was about Natalie. We're. Hugh B will also be. I you. And else people. You. Which is essentially. Total fantasy. It's. What I hear what you love something first of all passion is so important to being an evangelist it actually and really caring about it not speaking at not being like some outside of its like oh yeah I love this thing but actually don't really. But then once you're in it and you're experiencing it you. Really understand it and you know how it works and packets to the execution part you can appreciate. If you make a change in fact of the company you can appreciate. What all of the people inside of the company working are gonna respond to that changed life. And you're expanding a lot now I read is at 39. Locations one hour 41 might be. Four one by the end of this year and you're expanding I read Stockholm in the line. Yet we we just. I'm curious internationally. Our people is nuts about working out as they are in the days to go it's hard it did and. Definitely not me. It appears like a pop star break. I'm targeting and seeking to manage it can we get influence some oh. Oh my eyes. I don't think that we had. There are until. Oh my Angel but at times do. And he can attest how fun it is time yeah. Party in the lighting gas sexy in there's definitely won't like. Performance element to it that people are connecting it. Internationally regardless. Intense exercise is. Stockholm was super massive people when I did my influences. We. 15% of the people that well when you. Wow. That's that's the term of those. That at least at twelve point zero when you're damaged twenty. It's twelve miles an hour. Wow you know that's article driving yet but they're being you know by sitting there writing and I let. So. Hands. London these symptoms. In Dubai. Pastor is. Dubai is interesting a lot of B kind of fitness brands from the US and they're and second location after new York and LA. Is due by them. It's it seems like it's a market that a lot of people want to be and why do you think that is. And there are a lot of acts that swimming. American and you walk and been to divide I have I actually have visited a friend of mine with there it's really isn't walker. The city and you see. Peak American concepts like restaurants case that two locations. In. So it's definitely a place that says. There. What would be your number one tip to people out there who want to start a workout regiment. But they're afraid. And I think about it I was deeply. I think when you can make working social. It just as fun if you running next to someone other areas are outside and having a hard time if something that. Mara choose something that you really enjoy it because then you'll want to go back but enjoyment is relative because when I am very class I'm having fun. Yeah but I feel so home good afterwards. And I feel so strong and so empowered and I see the results but that's what keeps me coming back so what ever your motivation is do something that makes you feel good that you're not like dragging yourself there and eating it. Because then you're just you're it you're not and keep it out. And for I talked a lot of people I'm like an evangelist pretty bad but I love berries and that I talked a lot of people about an I'm not ready yet and it I would before I was. When I might first there is class literally the instructor was joking. When he said take your inclined to 15% and out like this is really funny and then everywhere rallies are I was like wait they're serious about this. So I was not ready I wasn't in shape but I went and got through it kept going that's what gets you instincts and that's what I was told it was just comic the bandit. And was people always say it. Varies I didn't. That you weren't like super eight I don't worry about jobs there and me. And you. Should. Well and I very much and it's it's your instructor when they know which are there's there's started. Is it that these two. And they're just. And. The other misconception that you haven't met but because of the boot camp at some weakening the Alley you. And quietly cute lady peace is comrade faster it's not like like everybody in the same we're all struggling together and the instructors are really supportive. No it doesn't drill sergeant. By its board when it comes to you eat up that it right from the customers while employees. That. Leadership alliance use your instructors. To me and hide people that. Our or or out there was watching right now we liked commencement without high. Cardona and a lot of them think they are governed positive off them. Is inspirational and this is what people that the news that those. That's true they desperation. But I believe that you were. As a after values in place to make sure that we especially this level you and higher in people. We understand there's very it is and why. Six two decades. And a lot of have to do treat. William treatment.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"Joey Gonzalez, CEO of Barry's Bootcamp, shares the best lessons he's learned throughout his career and how he went from trainer to CEO. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"49715061","title":"Barry's Bootcamp CEO shares top career lessons","url":"/Lifestyle/video/barrys-bootcamp-ceo-shares-top-career-lessons-49715061"}