California man's workout partners are parrots

Kenneth Du works his exotic birds into his exercise routine.
2:47 | 08/08/17

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Transcript for California man's workout partners are parrots
When you walk into Kenneth dues back yard your greeted by the sights and sounds of a tropical garden. You have riot squads and whether or not and from Aaron wars. If the wall to fall on the quarry on doesn't catch your attention. Maybe this will. And this is. You know one her with us that's how. For the past seven years and has been raising a variety of parents at his home in Yuba City now on the beach care and hope our cannons pride and joy about the colorful look costs are not very photogenic. And a pillow camera. Yet. But after a little sweet tock. And a quick shower. Kent is able to outfit easily eighty birds with a specially designed harness then outside the cage the girl's show their true. 08 either. Don't wanna get too close their never not a good idea now the reason Caron hope are so protective his because they have a job Tuesday. UC ten is an avid marathon runner he actually has ten races planned this year. And the bolts like colored my costs are helping him get in shape it was nice day on a flight training and exercising would trap grow. Adverse it's a term coined by can and back in 2010. Basically it's running with birth and he's been trying to promote the new exercise. On his FaceBook page so advertising. Is that something I can do well yes. You're going to run with some flashy birds you better dressed flashy yourself. That's ever sat to warm up can't and the birth of brisk walk to regency park are happy bird. Or corner. Oh pounds Mena seem like allotment exercising is all about repetition. What do we call the did. Our thoughts low. At some time that you like bird feather flock together and everything after. The bonds really pick up appease the end of the worked out there and weren't plugged. In all kittens birds cover around two miles daily as route takes him all over Yuba City. And through a number of public areas aggregate new weird looks. Three now. If I work out clothes may have attracted some of the stairs but Kent says everyone enjoys the birds and hopes. Inspire others to start exercise and leave it with and can be a good point. Four are wired. Including. The perfect even. Another hustle. In Yuba City John Martel eight. Ten news.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Kenneth Du works his exotic birds into his exercise routine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"49093641","title":"California man's workout partners are parrots","url":"/Lifestyle/video/california-mans-workout-partners-parrots-49093641"}