These couples say 'I do' at the top of the Empire State Building

ABC News' Charli James interviews two couples who got married Valentine's Day.
24:01 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for These couples say 'I do' at the top of the Empire State Building
Happy Valentine's Day on Charlie James here we're at the top of the Empire State Building one of the most iconic locations in the world. And today Valentine's Day February 14 fourteen lucky couples are getting the chance of a lifetime. To get married here. On top of the Empire State Building this couple here Crist and and now you just watch their ceremony. It today. We're at least the fourth couple to get here. They're going going to get one after another Chris is actually in and YPD officer. And so little bit of a local connection as well that many of the couples have a connection to. Either the city or especially this building in particular their parents up here they got engaged here they went on their first date here. There is connection in their lives to the Empire State Building that they're continuing now with this rare opportunity to get married here. On top of the empire state thing and we're gonna try to talk with some of the couple's. When more. Ceremony coming for you stay with us. On. He. Daylight time or at least that was not only their wedding day buys at this very special opportunity here with this beautiful you know. Of the city's. To receive family members and friends of the next couple coming out now for the next ceremony. Andrea hand. A plan what's in there from Florida man came here today. To get married on top of the Empire State Building. Andrew is. Saying. I'm of that and Afghanistan warned that man they actually started their romance while he was enlisted. And it got to know each other a lot via Skype. Before getting gates announced. He will be married on top the empire C Feldman. They said they're looking for it to tying the knot atop one of the most iconic buildings in the world's. Okay. And yeah. Yeah I mean you. Okay. I'm pregnant and okay. Yeah. Yeah. We have some family members over here awaiting the writing room coming out can you tell the audience who you're related to do. Andrea Andrea data and Andrew Reid and you're there Graham I am in various grand grand am and Omnia. How good does it feel to be up here at such an amazing place and one of the most special moments for your families and it's here how does this I don't plan on behalf and even being here so. It's your first time yet. I think it's in there you look beautiful way memories and and so when she told you that she is getting married here area this believe. I mean. Because they got in gains hearing you know and it was beautiful thing Britain parades pictures mean. And that we never if they wouldn't and then they never would have been. So that. Here. Eight. A here a lot. And a lot here too much. On managed. The and oh. And there. Are you. Very. Us air. Their family. You do. I. Parents. Things people do these these severely than an agent yeah. Goodness you know and spending again and if there. Through. And yet. You have chosen Empire State Building to celebrate your love and a big way. And ever power says that removing an affair to remember the Empire State Building to close. Haven't spent all of mayor Cindy smiling you today the official. I'm a man. Studio master mutual friend eight years ago in Miami the timing was not ideal for together and injuring dozens of in the interview. In the month that followed your chemistry there it after anti money and 300 and we break frequently. Old fashioned. Letters. Now they became face injured mostly Hillary to do an after work on peachtree you expected to see it was pleasantly surprised to see Andrea. Something very special time. London since that time and make YouTube that lasted through five years and leading to deployment to Afghanistan. We all would acknowledge and your strength and service. Andrea to deserves credit for her strength of heart in casting your land. There's nothing you can't get it together. Here's something to get married it's one of the most iconic buildings in the world but the nets can do spirit. To begin your married lives again. In the warm hello I'm here love and the support and your family and friends and a natural progression that you're sharing. Values goals and commitment. To remain conscious. Made sacred and perfect for your shared desire to become a family. So I'm drinking and and other officers. Investment. Like Rockford. We love and respect and another honestly each other and stand together whenever. Point here like. I'm very ceremonies on everything union and he Unionists towards rebounds and you'll now things. Nine and you. Take you Andrea Buchanan and in my life. My partner and my. I want you. Military history they're very full trust and respect you. Laugh and cry with you. Loving your faith belief that need it through good times that. It will help him making three. Looking. Even small it. Doesn't love you more than. I give you my hands. And my heart. And my love. Amnesty. Hi I'm. Take you into paying you to be my. My partner in life. And I and my lunch. I will cherish very. Scared me hopes customers. Thank you flat. Miami Heat and let me ask you lovingly faithfully funny thing good time. I looked healthy and making things can't help. Even small. And I love you more than an. Thinking in my hands me my heart and mind in the coming days. Rings turned ancient symbol last minute thing. Circled it and community which your clients are now joined. 100 of its which wherever you go below its returns when another link together. They mark your desire to make new wrinkle lines. Do you place ring things other standard. Thank you need to spring break and a legend Mike. I promise from the state forward. Here's a long line. We my heart yourself and and my heart is here. I needed that strength I think in this. Paying enough legs and my constant love. I promised amnesty hiring. There's a lot like. May my heart disease. Thank you Palin aren't here. Here in the states that's been done. Let all the future of the pregnant at the university. Think every blessing grace. Airlines are now found in each other's. May you always have been created healthy and happy. And prosperous union for you and for all those who. Ten years from now we look at another and be able to staying. I have lived the lifestyle respondents. Things you might become the first man always. Chris months ended June and Andrea has grown and knowledge and love one another. Because they've agreed in their desire to move forward in life together. See you name seeking an even busier deepening relationship and because they've placed. Silent enjoy it as one family I know an announcement is already asking me and in accordance a lot of the State of New York that ordinary evening. Okay. It's. Warning and review. Pinch hit. I'm. I'm hard on. Yeah. And you know how I didn't on the possibility. Me Paris how much she diet really really want. And that and there might be a guitar and it. Paid by talking for Jimmy count each of Hitler. Peace. Me. The it's a very close down everything. Sale ideally. Fueling him. Or. Higher. He. It won't. Yeah. Yeah. It. I. The and I hope you get there have been a lot of time this woman thinking yeah. And do you. Kind. Of it. Yeah. I'm really welcome news yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's opening scene and the rest of the guys at the end. How you an eyewitness. I over overwhelmingly it's. And yes and it's guys took me. He got so much of your family. And it's an all this mean us. It's great you know we got engaged in the city by the birth numbers it's very fitting and we're very lucky. Very. Angry that. He didn't want it canyon way. The big winners of the honey. It's an easy out. Did you. Any other honeymoon. Actually haven't. We kind of open on this industry. We were lucky ones in. To. Carry everything. At three weeks. Got that dress everything comes together. And your parents love story and you guys are part for a large part the beginning next life you word to play. But now are if the plan to it. Be able to be together out. I'm easily you know where you live together so. Students from. Looking gradually he's a guy isn't your family so fun to see a very active and that's why would the only. It's amazing. How many people its decision and it's. Going back then we are. And about starting. My nice thank you get anything you can write better hurry one. So no one been a lightning. News sainthood. An enemy. Theme now yeah. And your name in the RTW three. Congratulate Manny he's. I don't see he's happy even museum and the like back then why should I. The it. It I. Yeah. I yeah. My human embryo moment. It's. I don't really an. I'm yeah he's. I just snap and we have. Oh yeah. The. Hello there again next particulate from the couple are a quick agreement. John you but I've got these you're from the empire state reality trust. Talk to us a little bit about what goes. And welcome forcible to the heart of your city welcomes probably the most format to place under the impression. Immortalized in so many movie. Just think about King Kong fair ray an affair to remember. Sleepless in Seattle even oblivious. So. She will be but every great movie. Love stories and once a year here the person. Will marry. Several couples assures fourteen couples after reading the hundreds of applications. To completion super excited. And this is our winter gear. So let me the special love is in here. I'm Valentine's Day cares who tell us a little bit more about how you find these couples what's the application process or they chosen. It is it's an open application so basically looks have to anybody wants to apply for depression buildings is the only here we actually what caught some super excited to be at its facility that is. And we really it's based on originality. Being spat with demeaning actually passed for them to be married on top would you pursue building here at the heart and your city. Subject to their cars that narrative there SA we say you know these these are the ones who are deserving of being married until we're more world's most it was built. Many of the couples have a connection to the building already that you proposed here at their parents got married here. Something like that though it's. Definitely plays into their story of love as well liked the movies. How much work to go into making this happen if you are having to shut down part of the observatory there permits are kind of thing that coming towards president making them and a. You know. The reward person's work to me that workers nonexistent because it's so gratifying to view to host these events here at the impression that actually. We're open by the weighs just victory puts it we're are fully open however this corner is reserved for the ceremonies as we saw earlier she taped earlier we're thrilled. Two meals welcomed them so it's really not a lot of work from our perspective it I think it's more. For us making this happen streaming reality or fourteen couples here it's awesome it whatever effort it takes. No worse. 23 year that it hasn't been doing meant that the various. Exclusive club that these couples have become a part you know what the origin like how this originally happened like we're people asking. They really wanted to get married Gary you know the story behind. I don't but I know what the inspiration and the inspiration is behind the fact that the impartially building every day somebody's proposed. Somebody jumped someone needs as an area. So to these magic words I think its version is really should be doing something all those people become games at the question. Let's there's. Still a lot of couples left to cut at least the five. Bar but it's a great to have and everything years just as well and lucky that it is stuck no way this balmy compared to lectures this is greatest. Would throw. Well thank you so much the Tukwila experience. And who look think and program. And you know. He found the umpire Steve really. The only that few other buildings that near you aren't there that. This whole thing up a lot of work and there are guys that goes into coordinating. All fourteen of these couples went which came from China to get married here. And all the family members of the house. Very big day here you know how much work and planning a wedding you have. Gotten married or pregnant one now imagine that times fourteen. At the top. Empire state thing. Yeah. Yes OK. Yeah. Yeah is there. I'm making. This just one of the fourteen happy couples and and family they're still. A few more to go here. Very exciting day at such a beautiful occasion and the sun is certain how it. And shine like a a beautiful day. Winter day up here Valentine's Day the most romantic to you think you are still lots of couples getting engaged getting married here. In on this on the most romantic day of the ears aren't thanks much for joining us good luck. The wedding ceremony here at the top of the Empire State Building and happy announced updates everyone out there.

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