An educator who's revolutionizing classroom study amid a pandemic

How a North Carolina technology professor is taking his classes to a new level.
2:37 | 05/20/20

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Transcript for An educator who's revolutionizing classroom study amid a pandemic
We're back now with our focus on educators revolutionizing. Classroom study in the midst of pandemic. Let's meet the North Carolina technology professor taking teaching to the next virtual lawful. And Steven king. And a professor of emerging technologies. The husband school of journalism and media and Kenan flagler business school. I teach emerging technologies which is. Augmented reality and virtual reality artificial intelligence and how we leverage and use those to reach new audiences and reach people in different place. Virtual reality allows people to be transported to another time for. Did somebody change the world for us. For our students they put on the headset each week for class and they're transported into the DR classic. This 3-D space has digital light boards it has screens as all the things that are classroom is used to having but it just hasn't been a virtual. And are in person class more traditionally on campus. Students come in and out of my office and I thought to have this relationship where they can bring ideas to mean we can coach and work through them now the remote. That's a lot different we're trying to find ways to use technology to help us to continue to bring students and teachers to. When we found out that the university was going to move all of its classes online. I knew this is a time to try things out. But to do this anniversary out of it was entirely new something that I had not done until 3-D environments before but never run online learning experience. Stewart learned about alternate reality today we're going to you talk about social BR has an impassioned Tenneco's each week we gathered in my virtual classroom that I was able to build and customized specifically for class. Winds Steven decided to mail the Oscars go ahead that's our house I brag about to my family my friends because. Who else gets to go to class and virtual reality space rather than on humor something. They knew it was really relevant in the Kosovo. He's seen emerging technologies for storytelling and he got to actually try to do something to be our heads sensitive hasn't been done much for. Word I was meeting professionals and journalists we really love. For new ways to tax what our audience who tells stories and I was so excited. Learn how to use these new technologies and program. The anything about virtual reality. Is it helped this. Go from this very serious coma reality that we're living and to get all the students back into the classroom and thinking about how we're going to collaborate. Very cool art thinks deceiving king and his students and all the educators out there working so hard. To make a difference.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"How a North Carolina technology professor is taking his classes to a new level.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"70788855","title":"An educator who's revolutionizing classroom study amid a pandemic","url":"/Lifestyle/video/educator-revolutionizing-classroom-study-amid-pandemic-70788855"}