Educator takes 2nd job as a driver to ensure students have Christmas gifts

Lynhurst Baptist Church preschool director Renee Dixon picks up a second job as an Uber and Lyft driver to ensure her students and their siblings have presents for Christmas.
5:37 | 12/22/20

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Transcript for Educator takes 2nd job as a driver to ensure students have Christmas gifts
It isn't just symptom making children's Christmas wishes come true this year our preschool director in Indianapolis decided to work a second job. With the mission of buying her students' gifts Friday Dixon joins us now from war on how she is spreading joy. This holiday season Rene good morning thanks for being here. The artist Harry you've I'm great thank an even better now to be chatting with news so since you became an oh or analyst driver. To make some extra cash just a bison Christmas gives for all fifty of your students what made you decide to do this. And well for years and this year was the heart is your elder cult. And a lot of my parents. How are. Songs all of it they won't have. I was gonna have pretty much a search out. The last I bet you didn't. In air time I make a hundred dollars. Retired Bible economy fifty dollar Google I won't get so it's you start accumulating. Now until Krista Z. I want to make sure I still say yes and they said. Now I know that. First of all we should we should act we should. As your reiterate what you just said not only did you buy these gifts for your students but also to make sure their siblings also had gifts as well. And the level of thoughtful news here is and lists and I know that many of your students parents are also essential workers how amazing men struggled throughout this pandemic. At heart. He's blouse over half are asked. Because there isn't our parents and pay anymore. Well. When they told me they couldn't back for its apple Christmas. And to write edit. No it wasn't no. I was like okay. And perhaps Chris spreads this they who would be Chris. And floor you get so. Our prayers and then it parent. Present you'd expect. You know you say I gotta do what I gotta do that you didn't have to do any of this this is in that you chose to do what an amazing impact her having. How much money have you raised today. Well right now. It is the I'm really not it's who you know. This seat a big issue alone a what a duel in the big deal people make it. On dubious this is. People are knee and I've had family members died whole. Some of my shoes and their family members died called real estate it would cold reading is an eight. Horrible you from. Me. Ed and Null. And what is going on in world. Her little beetle hole in their hearts. Eight who went to. Now you're saying anyone can do this but not everybody does in UN out and you did this now rumors saying that they plan to match the money you have earned to date. And donate that to help your students as well what does it mean to you. -- know that all the work that you did is now gonna go twice as far. Good. In. All in the hope that it. I'm not scammer. This comes from my heart because that it once and me. I just how to handle passengers are. And he read about pro Alley also used it yet unduly. It filed its second quarter the lights. In its arc from there it now is here. Well I didn't know also. In an early childhood educator. We got a list wants to be I don't know. Still matters little high school in congress professors. Is always thought about. Well no one hour is about early at a news stations it's there's. We are out of front lies with the on a disk and we're here when their parents have to go to work. We are one lucky blondes senators they still open a lot of nets closed because they also mean she. Me is its name is overwhelming it is mast property crystals. This is going all this is what I'd do throughout the year. Christmas is all we okay whiskers come in the bulls in the hats big thing being eight. My children how much it will always neat me. Is so that cameras not all here whatever new year I do it by Alice and say hello hi hi hi. Let's let's supposed to do. Well I know you're talking about how that teachers and older children and even adults tend to get more appreciation but I can tell you if the mother and two year old myself I personally. Appreciate everything you're doing in your line of work including the attention are receiving shows at the whole country. Really is resonating with this not all heroes Wear capes. And you ma'am are a hero today so thank you so much. For what you're doing both for your kids and for what your story will do around the country not only for our other children as well but for teachers just like you thank you. You.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Lynhurst Baptist Church preschool director Renee Dixon picks up a second job as an Uber and Lyft driver to ensure her students and their siblings have presents for Christmas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"74864322","title":"Educator takes 2nd job as a driver to ensure students have Christmas gifts","url":"/Lifestyle/video/educator-takes-2nd-job-driver-ensure-students-christmas-74864322"}