Entrepreneur on the lessons she's learned from quarantine

Entrepreneur and investor Kim Perell discusses how the pandemic has given her a new perspective and some of the lessons she plans to take with her after quarantine.
4:21 | 06/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Entrepreneur on the lessons she's learned from quarantine
Dr. Jen on her Instagram @drjashton. The world is reopening and we're venturing out to tackle our new normal. Getting back to normal. There's new normal. Are we going to forget some of these lessons we learned while we have been locked down. To give us a daily inspiration, let's turn to Kim perell. Thank you so much for being here. We talked about some perspective about having a new outlook on life. Now we're reopening and getting back to what we think is normal. What are you going to make sure you take with you out of this quarantine? Yeah, thanks for having me. It's been an interesting and whirlwind couple of months. Getting back to the "New normal" not getting back to the new normal but a better place for all of us. One of the lessons that I'm going to take with me. My mom came and spent the last four months living with us, and our four children, who are under 5, every morning to get her sanity, she'd go outside and come back with pictures of the trees or rainbow or bark, I was like, is bark interesting, mom? She found the beauty in the little things. I think it was a great reminder to just step back and remember the beauty in life even when, you know, it's really hard out there. There's beauty in bark. That's a new one for me, Kim. I'm going to hold on to that one, Kim. There's beauty in bark. Now also, it's always important to be kind and may be reminded of it, the golden rule, if you will, but how is that different for you? Yeah, I think covid has really rocked our world and it's something everyone on a global level is going through. You never know what someone is going through. So it's really -- I've been impressed by the individuals, family friends, strangers, random acts of kindness. But it's important to be kind to yourself. Looking at what gives you joy. When I get overwhelmed or I'm anxious, it's just about coming back to how to make sure I'm being kind to me. Putting on my favorite song, eating my favorite food. That's really helped me. You've also prioritized your time, how you spend your time. As we reopen, it's thinking about what do you want to let back into your life, what's most important to you. Whether it be relationships or friendships, also what you don't want to let back in. That's really important. Because you have the opportunity to choose, and so looking really at your own life and deciding what do you want and what do you want stop doing. My head is spinning. Thinking about all the things that I don't want to let back into my life after all this. Exactly, exactly. You know, the uncertainty is really -- it can drive anyone crazy no matter what time of year. This idea of change and people tell you to embrace it all the time, but it's still difficult, Kim. Yeah, change is hard. And it's painful and it's scary and I can remember my first company that I worked for, I thought I was at a stable job and it went bankrupt and I was devastated. But it really gave me the opportunity to view change as opportunity and not an obstacle so as an entrepreneur I know now is a great time to create and innovate and keep pivoting until you get it right. Keep changing until you get it right. It's embracing change and seeing it as that opportunity, maybe to do something different. Last thing here quickly, one thing you'd tell folks to embrace as a part of the new normal? Yes, I think, you know, the new normal, let's make the new normal better than it was ever before. In the end, the most important things aren't things. It's relationships. And they matter the most. Making sure to spend that quality time with your friends, family and loved ones because that's something that can truly be cherished and never taken back. It's been great. Thank you so much. There's beauty in bark. Beauty in bark. Kim perell, thank you so much. Good to see you.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Entrepreneur and investor Kim Perell discusses how the pandemic has given her a new perspective and some of the lessons she plans to take with her after quarantine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"71515256","title":"Entrepreneur on the lessons she's learned from quarantine","url":"/Lifestyle/video/entrepreneur-lessons-shes-learned-quarantine-71515256"}