'Feline lonely?' Adopt one of these cats on Valentine's Day

ABC News' Lora Moftah visits the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London for some Valentine's Day playtime.
10:38 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for 'Feline lonely?' Adopt one of these cats on Valentine's Day
This is learned that pretty genius digital and how much it here in London where he. Isn't your average 1980. He's. We're here to find. Here's about it. OK we've been living here in London is so we have not Aaron rose up at the pump and she. Stand and do they get him. Amen and arm and tell them what goes into the setting up a human invaders and their kid went and what do you look for work under me. Yeah. Bad that it won't happen here say what we can days. And that's really important thing. The cash in. The happening days pack I think. Saves and some half. It's funny nameless. Their audience. Yeah okay. They might know everything comes around chosen man is an announcing they eatery. You're bound. So polluted river. Yeah we get anything in the getting any money. Yeah. Dining room. Golden. There live. Thank you learn a little but let me I don't think. So listen mostly to meet a Catholic which Hague right now if US. And it. And that it. This and making an impression you. So and most importantly. See him yesterday. Morning's. And seen. It in. Any. And difficult for us. What kind and she come from. That we can peaking and me. And me. Say. She's kind of declared by Phelan home is what you guys mean. Yeah. Yet low all the ponds that have gone in like. Everything seemed the perfect. I'm. Hanson. Can count on humans but. A think there's actually think. This is full. Ticket outlets. I. Really get. Asked us today he and a Houston's humidity okay closer reading and I think also about leaving tonight where he flew brenly. With gifts you gave me she came out. Yeah. Look. And the liberal me Ani Amy depends he can't think anybody. So should definitely eating and that he might. She's a future. We're actually feeling everyone's kind of congregating. At you know she is so friendly. Wouldn't unless. Harder to get them I'm not. It every three times it into the exactly say why me it's yes and he actually like this. That set up pretty you know that we mean. They Giuliani was. That's next and and so that's why not speak and actually yes it is just any president people looking. Cats snakes that halftime and it. OK so are we meeting next thing we can again be. Okay I'm his left its. This Ponzi turning me pending an. Subsidies and loans yeah. I. I'm not musical I'm very. They yeah. But we'll be getting. So you sprint. As he did you is between me Maine. Yes friends that I mean. None of the capital. How cats you currently happier and Latin and a half pounds since he found it. Okay to carry out capacities net written all that she and we don't deny that we've got me feel able. Source on the turned into. This funny how many. Eight. Well he's seeking who look for screening and really playing and we can offer now. We don't have to 680. Much much. Yeah. For that. Then he. And a Sunday he's coming and. It. Was he brought in recent clean or even important yet he has. It's funny. Thing. Two behind. And the kids. People people think that casting its that I don't acts. Hit the 1617 years say he's still got enough of life. You hear. He he he he bit him he's also pushing forward to having interactions and we just need and he's an evil is probably. Didn't. Find decent space. Can we see one more cat he could say that. Read. Let's let's quickly speak to someone CNN. I'm ancient eastern yeah. How isolated from I'm from Miami Atlanta OK so what are you doing in an adoption. An animal that's simply not enough UK is. It is moving its kinda you. So which of the this is still plays east. So who is Jesse and damaged. On agencies really cute yet so how does it feel to be here on Valentine's Day you know it's. Indian and on and on it. Anything. A few redeeming them use and pregnancy. Such as yeah yeah. So you've got one thing. I mean sometimes they come at night and if they do you live heat and I'm. It's straight and eleventh in night. Is that thing. She was the strength yet say. So unique feature athletes. The country come up with a name. Precious. We have. And I'll. Hire them. She's cute. Again doing. It playing hurt us harm me. For the secure this little yeah. Somehow molded it. Yeah. I. Us. Now you I. And snakes and trying to control population strain that's night will say. We didn't need keep what's intriguing pact saying. It. She is she's. All issues aren't even enough Steve Craig inducted should be getting it. Yet. It's. The and she be getting accidentally and we'll get slamming it home. Who don't. There and it. I. Thank you for lots. For ABC.

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{"duration":"10:38","description":"ABC News' Lora Moftah visits the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London for some Valentine's Day playtime. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"45488788","title":"'Feline lonely?' Adopt one of these cats on Valentine's Day ","url":"/Lifestyle/video/feline-lonely-adopt-cats-valentines-day-45488788"}