Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete discuss their 22-year marriage

The reality show couple talk with the co-hosts about the secrets to their marital success.
6:35 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete discuss their 22-year marriage
Our next guess is happened happily married for almost 22 years. His of the hit reality is serious for Pete's sake already know. Deb kind of sad he says please welcome Holly Robinson. And Rodney Peete. Sandra and those who do in this yeah you and I both in our little sexy bounds thanks hey this underpass. What so when you're talking about Playboy money so yeah that Playboy is going bat. But I think people forget that what. Played what actually did for our a lot of performers. You know you felt that it was the first late night jokes. They added when I see here. That had you know interracial people that were were part of it at all around amazing demand stunning might try to. That when I used to go all the time. Anybody that none out on the calories one that was free hauling you did not go when I need. Bryant are now Theo. Enough I haven't had a German past. Another clinic I'm not everywhere is remembered a senior mom's name Lee document area where she was seeing. At that at the plate limits and with Hugh Hefner and it was like tears it was amazing I mean he was extraordinary and we didn't have a lot of amazing stump and he got quite a bit on health war. You know showing. Black people look like England isn't just all hang an out so you know good on them they're still hanging around. Now you guys have been married as we just mentioned for 22 years straight acting going for about 20. And that should decade has yet let's not forget that happened at an amp a advice on how you guys keep it alive while its patent. I can't seem Angela. In other words you gotta be on the same page if you're not on the same page then you just go you veer off and you're not in the seem. You know zeitgeist. You know you Disney aren't there so that's what I think about what I you have. Think they just absolutely. Essential but you also have to compromise. And there's that held up aren't going to be a lot of compromise happened in that but you think about the bigger picture. Peoples own marriage is 5050 but it's really a hundred a hundred. You know I got Andrea. Five have a back for the second season of your show for Pete's sake is about to start and it features your entire family. What are the Pete's up to these days well he met. The Pete's are changing chain positioning we have a daughter went to college. Our son with autism who people's that would never not people of pediatricians that would never do anything. Is now driving and has a job so well. If there was lot of new. You know things for us student in this year's been really have a lot of transition Holley said our daughter's going to school here in New York now so. That are younger son is not the baby anymore Molly doesn't make him talk baby talk English. And to get our son who's arguing nineteenth now Kansas and in a lot of ways got a job with LA Dodgers and on the. You know. One of the things they and then we see more and more is GO young black man drive and you know get pulled over and stop now here's son is so special why again. Skin cell death I've now I know souls what does that tell me what you've been doing my god we're so worried about. You know we work so hard to get this kid to be independent and then now he's independent how well enough that house act. Like he does so. So especially driving if he gets pulled over you brought cops to the house and we walked him through how to comply what to do because he's a QWERTY key with autism. He has he shakes he flaps he does things you know we. Cannot China have indeed training hash tag one you know. So so what I really wanted to do what we want to do was. Talk more about law enforcement and the police community bringing autism together racks up an understanding. You know how to recognize his keys in the community do you think that that there is enough. The bid than people realize that because. And this is for black kids all Y advance because this. Yeah I sudden movement or what looks like attitude to people can't or something totally different G. Should we be gathering the autistic community together and saying this is potentially. A huge issue for all of on the State's so yeah. Heartfelt if no filter right to heal to go. He liked to have with headphones on he likes to run where's mommy where's that he likes to do think that if somebody approaches them. Be a police officer or anyone. They're shy away right away use Latin don't know and that may be you know construed earth he's attacking me roaring back. Threat Matt yeah it is it's a training issue though right in with police departments it's law enforcement has more boxes and training they know how to recognize in the community. And then less bad things happen yeah. Sock yeah it's Smart to meet the latter over with the training they think it's really important for law enforcement to be aware of what looks like yeah if you're not around it item in the next segment is to change gears and okay. You guys aren't competition again bunny and her husband Danny yeah and myself and my husband William's already. It doesn't like to lose I'm just putting that out I am a sore loser everybody knows this he's open about that aren't you guys ever competitive with each other well. Are we. Especially with what with football and sports and gave it nineteen. Winds and you know I'm I'm really a sore winner but here loader. I'm yeah that's going to be explode I'm Alison you're. UN vote on the piano you got a loan if you win I mean no public good luck ladies cook. Yeah. Well balanced not. Its second season up a keepsake premieres Saturday on own and you know what I just want to put this out. If you are aware. Police departments in your area please find out if they know anything about nazism and please try to connect folks this is really afford.

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{"duration":"6:35","description":"The reality show couple talk with the co-hosts about the secrets to their marital success.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"45487676","title":"Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete discuss their 22-year marriage","url":"/Lifestyle/video/holly-robinson-peete-rodney-peete-discuss-22-year-45487676"}