Junkyard Golf Opens in London

ABC News' Louise Dewast heads to a pop-up junkyard golf course in London.
10:58 | 05/13/16

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Transcript for Junkyard Golf Opens in London
Hi I'm doing so as an ABC news digital in London. And today we gonna get to this new indoor golf course cooled the junk yard gulf. And they've seen it's not say let's say it's not that it's. I was all that I'm beyond that the wave length is that people resident. Years. Ending means. Take calls. Morning I see their seat belt when it here. And a special heat. My favorite that I had no idea didn't hold anything high dive. Greg cracked eight. His line when an Angel hair thank god can't. He's so why not. And he. They want to learn. The good times won't. How difficult it accidents could be. This time. Making sure thing. Yeah I'm paying. And filming floor at ABC. How how do I believe that thing. I think you fix. Bringing. What do you think it being. On it's very bad girl you know he gave his vehicle was being so. We've received so. I have to be this. I can't say it because swear word with the I got the whole. What we're gonna get checking out these written it. I mind. At fifty and up fifteen. Hi I'm filming for AV CE. It's daunting dogs. I. Causing I think. Yeah. We're certainly hope not long ago that dogs failed. Lunch I'll feel good thing. Lucky in the our mandate that Great Lakes I've been like it. It bears down main goal. I am excited to. I didn't get it coming due to the end neither did anything can view our. Guys kind of difficult or series. That didn't eighties it. Apparently they have goal team on tying. Hi I'm running for AB CE. I've heard you hind ankle being pumped out. Heads the levees. He's your Heidi. Dean spent my time. Thanks. Great. Think being. Day 53 months. I'll bomb. I am not good right now and diet did not want in my fifth. That if things and it pulled its line. Yeah three months to come to London. And and sit out creates. Hi guys I'm has filming for anything you. I'm the gang is an activity because. We think your favorite news. Glove it its velocity and that it. Let it but it does these things thanks. In the gulf. Winona word and it seemed building excellence pain. Do everything nothing good. It's about 5 PM right now in London and that actually there about it. And people that are coming straight from wired and with that money. It's good comedy. Found. And we've gone. Attacking them. Let's advance. I wouldn't hold my one in organizing Barry here that. I can hear it actually come from night junk yards and all of them an opening night. NN. As I. Indeed the match could mean. Just not. Okay. What are you do. Thank you. This made bad I used to be. I don't even. They again groovy. It was launched painted in 15665. Really old old buildings. And on that period. I apparently. Education. Find that out and I wanna taking. Off may not be my favorite. Yeah. Okay I'm okay. Okay. Good had ever. I think anger. Raising his. I'm not no idea. CNN. Let and then it's bad we'll. I think that's the end of mental or I'm in the they're eighty. Thank you for I think.

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{"duration":"10:58","description":"ABC News' Louise Dewast heads to a pop-up junkyard golf course in London.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"39103372","title":"Junkyard Golf Opens in London","url":"/Lifestyle/video/junkyard-golf-opens-london-39103372"}