How to make a candy cane

ABC News' Tom Kelly found out how these sweet treats are made.
4:16 | 12/17/18

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Transcript for How to make a candy cane
As everyone except tennis is aware of food is a huge part of the holidays but there's no entry that really sticks out. Our Tom Kelly is about to show us how it's made Tom this day job is a comedian who performed. But he also travels the country doing stand ups and find stories for us like this. Think anything. Just might be Christmas is simplest pleasures. Now some might tell you that candy canes are broad import. Second halves the candy cane for us pass to see him squarely squarely come close and then. I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel. They are not they're made in factories and their maiden candy shops and high and increase goes Pennsylvania pat Kelly he's pretzel factory. To experience the magic of seeing candy canes get news. Mark rise of woods and Gretchen Kelly residents. Our high school sweethearts who own a small pretzel factory and the candy shop. Two times a day every weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas marking Gretchen me candy canes by hand and wanted to get people in the pretzel shop at christmastime. To see all of the gift items we had. I doing candy canes here they would come into seeking any games than they would realize we have. He opinions with pretzels popcorn and make friends and candy canes and all kinds of Christmas that you started making hit games just to get people into pretzels are exactly. The demonstration as an attraction for tours and area residents. The kids in the front row have been coming every weekend since Thanksgiving but yeah. Does anybody here decorate with the candy canes who. The crowd gathers as the ingredients in the bullet. Mark does the heavy lifting and Gretchen does the heavy truck. The first step is to keep him extra sugar water importance or to 310. Water ports. Too many hard candy. That shouldn't work corn syrup goes onto a gas. Fire this. Denmark quarters the mixture on a marble table. And let's just take it. This mixture of sugar water and corn syrup. That's the best recipe for any hard candy Benny and red food coloring to solve the mixture for striking. Did you know that the red stripe is not where you find a waiter if anything you're flavor. Very good question there is not we always put the flavor in the billions part of the candy the bigger part. Which on this peppermint candy cane will be the white. And everybody wonders how you get the strike around the candy game. While I stretch this site also roll this on the table and by rolling out. That's we get the strike. To wraparound that candy to slice two hours at the candy came demo was filled with fun people banks and Christmas spirit. And I'm like what hot dogs people who like candy canes bootleg C. Tom tearing down Tom. And you've brought brought your kid everything and follow ups Gretchen embark on Hague is nine flavors a candy cane pole and I have seven of them here. I 82 of them in the car I think that this is root beer and then again here I had cotton candy to peanut butter was amazing I eat that peanut but then if you cluttered they make a peanut butter candy came with peanut butter inside. Okay can this in honor of your last week here. What a we call the show over. We do whatever flavor is your favorite. We're gonna called attend this can also watch. I didn't think he'd top talent that okay.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"ABC News' Tom Kelly found out how these sweet treats are made.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"59858293","title":"How to make a candy cane","url":"/Lifestyle/video/make-candy-cane-59858293"}