Should Moms Drink on Playdates?

ABC News' Genevieve Brown discusses the latest 'Mom'-troversy with Lyss Stern, co-author of 'If You Give a Mom a Martini.'
12:34 | 12/22/15

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Transcript for Should Moms Drink on Playdates?
Agree. I'm glad I'm Janet he shop around my sound editor at EC usage don't. And this is not true RC we're talking today about just wreaking. I'm thinking it's the Yang are nice it Canadians than that I DF. What many experts think I'm here with the list she found even month dot com. And co author. If you can't a mom on my team. Every human three months he's got neck Jack. Hope one day and Suzanne course and evidently and went there needs to but let's start with you yeah. See you know about him straight at least. These. I think it's happened it's over the course he. Actually act. Out more old people talk about let me just look back. But among martini two with ten minutes. Tears up isn't necessarily about 38 hits about the use and its of your mother. Airline after it. Firms and its mission I think this month's end. Union is taking time out and enjoying motherhood as happy beach to whether it's. You know were on the CD are advocates are playing and opening a bottle wine. Think the last few weeks and then of course have a glass of wine a little bit why it's it's all its oak ask us. And greasing and taking time for yourself obviously with the children are not getting drop. But usually I think each has pledged big. Chip at its gathered at this. Mother could be isolated Rain Man I met Anderson at getting together getting a group that mosque together and having last line. He's really wonderful way to open up conversation laugh cry. And feel good actors out. So yeah that's one of the recurring theme keeps coming up in articles have been written out why don't clock drinking 88 is that each other stress and this is a way to unwind is there. The injured how mean. UCY. Or whenever. He's asked a stress. Reliever Eddie curry a dangerous route to cut. An alcoholic behavior I think. I see it cost her partner at why yourself and get your chill islands there. Indy you to look for something that sure it's not different exactly that's not only talking I we're talking. Lions and ends. Coming week cultures who look at France UK Europe this isn't an issue my Tanzania request. I'm not necessarily. Mean that acting as ones. That's a lot rent. So let me let us tiger so let me stop you because here's the height you know I asked my mommy friends on warehouse FaceBook of course. And what they. Are not drinking they eat this. You off the record. Up from saint. You know it a comfortable thing. To do it. When he got them. Can I pass it. And I. Anyway. So cool let's talk Tina thank you don't drink and often. Leila I have my friends logic. I read it not me feel they could answer. What made you want to laugh at many of the glances and hate me. A glass plate actually feel. Different you know my other friends drinking it hot in but I got. He liked her in. Essentially Shannon. Where you've seen. A mom honestly me. The overseer. Yes. I have and what he did its slot in that situation. You. Well you all know each other so. At a time when he. What women you know anybody. We get together we support each mostly so you can just say. Some ground he I don't mean. So often a story I was visiting with at my college and their news on the majors. When she has two kids can. And you know we went for dinner with Corey with your child advocates had. Anderson well let's pop up and you know self report college friend. And they make up care plan period. I'll still sit therefore I don't mind. What. It now. Now everything mark now find human patsy now hear it. Now a little you know look it's C thirty minutes with eighty and a I. A sell it. In with its ethnic tensions there could be yeah. These things happen now what I notice and approximately Yuma is. It's one of the ways that mom wreak its deeper each. First you don't know each other at my work and madness I her. It's always. Hot and outlined just he just takes that job who might let. It just talk to each other but. Clark. Day. And me hopefully that compensation has the easier it is asking hard time just off one another especially mom you're. It was here where we get it on exactly where what you. Well I thought it. You. For every so perhaps other women ever ops. A plea it or why it. Get. A little easier everybody just said. But such a natural thing before we act case it just me. That he had him. It wasn't. Things and it's just and a chance. You know they have veggies as a massive. Yet that's. I actually a couple out companies that are specifically. Marketing. Why teen mom and leave once actually my money I now. We think he's got going a little too far. It's. Learn that it's it's fine if I actually I've met first. When it. All it's a plan where it's at my injury obviously. You know that you just. Our ports on. And let's let's talk about we all can to different eat right. I know your kids your child is sixteen he's that she sixteens out. So is there any danger engine 116 year old but ethnic districting different. Situation recently. You know some of these acts room and that's with the company there. And she says well these are we going to cause this is not good you know until we keep. Them right. So you know. Little tricky move certain people but drinking and return them to be what you do what I do she says she's asked Harris. The hopeful. So Saturday. Wind is even acting. Yes. I. May. With glass that you not a lot of hot. Deeply she loves it she could rob. By. My last one day. Figure out. Motley and asked why. Why let me. There. Aren't really explain how one lines here. Its. So we think everything in moderation whether it's not to dinner whether it's lady. After minors so here's what's he is one step further. There are bars. At least near city that will host the sperm counts. And I. Keep children of their claim area to a bar and that's. S and and it's an MRI is not that it. Talking about fires that have a talking about pubs these are real family establishments. You Cowell and you know there is a full bar. That. Some. Name me I had. You talking much. You're not going to air at 10:11 o'clock ninety rats and talking about. Are there a good market caregivers are there is our victim now let's assume it's the mom. An audience at. Least it here let's pretend there's a place face. And there's you know and there's a full. I mean when he out local account and I. As if it. Pat and evidently. As an act as an area senate side for can. I don't know around. Him telling him it's time it's yeah this is that I. Acts and I from Brooklyn. And this. So. Does lose patent please be. That he. But when you'd beans. I mean. That was right. Out and and you know. And like a plea in the does this mean when she got. Yeah this this. Wild there's only the agencies in matters. Let's the last expert here so I don't ever may eighth yea he. Robbed a mop up. Day. It ever let's remind her all mockery. And drop trees around. That lie one and rap. Act. They. Thanks to remind me. I acted after controversy and that we'll see you next time.

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{"duration":"12:34","description":"ABC News' Genevieve Brown discusses the latest 'Mom'-troversy with Lyss Stern, co-author of 'If You Give a Mom a Martini.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"35907560","title":"Should Moms Drink on Playdates?","url":"/Lifestyle/video/moms-drink-playdates-35907560"}